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Jannett N. Jackson, Ph.D. President

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1 Jannett N. Jackson, Ph.D. President
Welcome Back Spring 2012 Jannett N. Jackson, Ph.D. President

2 Welcome Back

3 Agenda for COA Flex Days Thursday & Friday
Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

4 WELCOME Academic Senate President Classified Council President Associated Students President

5 Vice President, Instruction (Interim)
Dr. Rebecca Kenney Vice President, Instruction (Interim)

6 Administrative- New Hire
Mary Beth Benvenutti, Business Manager Mary Beth Benvenutti began her career as an Accountant in the aerospace industry in New Orleans, LA. In 1986 she was hired as the Chief Accountant for Peralta Community College District and was promoted to Business Officer at Merritt College in 1988 where she worked for 5 years. In 1993, Mary Beth joined UC Berkeley where she worked for 2 years in the Communications Department. In 1994 Mary Beth joined Mills College Finance department working with students as the Manager of Student Accounts, the computing systems, Payroll department, the database for Human Resource/Payroll areas, implemented reporting for multiple areas, including position management, finance, human resource budgeting, all aspects of grants & contracts. In 2007, Mary Beth returned to Peralta as the Business Manager for Laney College. In February 2010 Mary Beth joined the District Office as Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor of Finance .

7 Instruction - New Hires
Randy Conner, PhD, Humanities/LGBTQ Studies Ph.D.   Humanities, CA Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco M.A.    English, Univ of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. B.A.     English, Univ of Texas at Austin, Austin,TX  Teaching Experience: 2002-Present   Instructor, English, Los Medanos CC 2005-Present   Adjunct Faculty, CA Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA 2008, 2010      Lecturer, Ethnic Studies Dept. (Chicano Studies), Univ of California, Berkeley 2001               Distinguished Visiting Professor, Public Intellectuals Program, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Florida Atlantic Univ, Boca Raton, FL    Instructor, Humanities, Religion, and English, Austin Community College, Austin, TX      Assistant Instructor, English, Univ of Texas, Austin, TX Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

8 Instruction - New Hires
Shahbaz Shahbazi, General Accounting & Business Ph.D.  International Business Mgmt, Univ of Texas, Dallas M.A.   International Business Mgmt, Univ of Texas, Dallas  & M.A.   Economics (equivalency) M.A.   Accounting, National Iranian Oil company N.I.O.C. College of Accountancy B.S.    Political Science, Univ of Tehran, School of Law & Political Science             B.S.    Accounting, N.I.O.C. College of Accountancy Has taught Economics and different business subjects for more than 30yrs. Currently, he teaches in Merritt College, Diablo Valley College, and Chabot College. He has long term work experience in managerial and policy making positions, mostly in marketing and finance areas.  He was the CFO of Iran Air for 5 yrs and Director of Marketing and Commercial Agreements for 15 years.  Dr. Shahbazi has extensive work experience in international affairs and a long background of working with international organizations such as ICC, IATA, and ICAO.  Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

9 Instruction - New Hires
William (Bill) Gravelle, Interim Director ATLAS B.S.    Marketing, CSU, Chico             MBA   Finance , St Mary’s College Extensive experience in the logistics industry working as a Terminal Manager, Western Regional Traffic Manager, Director, Supply Chain Logistics including positions with Southern Pacific Railroad, Gallo Wines, Southern Wine and Spirits, and Young Markets. He is serving his second term as President of the Northern California Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC), a Supply Chain Industry association. Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

10 full time hire at College of Marin, Dental Assisting
Instruction CONGRATS!!! Kathleen Rooney full time hire at College of Marin, Dental Assisting Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

11 Accreditation

12 Vice President, Student Services
Dr. Kerry Compton Vice President, Student Services

13 Student Services New Hires
LOIS SILVERS, DSPS College to Career Grant Lois Silvers has worked with adults with disabilities, through Oakland Unified’s Adult & Career Education Department for the past ten years—most recently with the Project SEARCH program at Children’s Hospital Oakland, where her students worked as interns in a variety of departments within the hospital, and practiced the soft skills necessary for employment. She has also worked with adults with severe and chronic mental illness at Towne House Wellness Center in Oakland, a pre-vocational program of Bay Area Community Services-where much of the curriculum focused on independent living skills- as well as the hands-on skills required for entry-level food service jobs. She is happy to participate in the inauguration of a new Project SEARCH program at the Kaiser HR Service Center through collaboration with the College to Career program Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

14 Student Services - New Hires
Vivian Virkkila, Interim Transfer Center Director Jamar Mears for the YESS-ILP Two prong process: assign an IEC Facilitator & IEC Committee

15 Student Services Update

16 MaryBeth Benvenutti Business Manager

17 Disabled Students Programs & Services
Helene Maxwell Disabled Students Programs & Services

18 Travel & Conference Administrative Procedures
Jim Grivich Travel & Conference Administrative Procedures


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