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Arlington RUG Meeting 11 Oct 2014 Janis Parkison Rodriguez.

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1 Arlington RUG Meeting 11 Oct 2014 Janis Parkison Rodriguez

2 2Janis RodriguezRUG 11 Oct 2014

3 RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014 John Clark / Janis Rodriguez 3 List of most commonly used reports Access to Book Manager Link to defunct Sample Report Web Site Link to Chart Printing Service (30 Nov 2014) List of your most recently printed reports “Report” menu pad Click Menu Bar

4 RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez4 NOTE: Separate Endnotes & Bibliography Reports available in TMG v.7 & earlier are NOT available in TMG v.8 & v.9. Must generate in word processor. Bibliography Endnotes

5 Compiled history of a specific person’s descendants – TMG added an Ancestor Journal report, too Included Styles approximate publications – New England Historical and Genealogical Register – National Genealogical Society Quarterly – The American Genealogist – and Custom RUG 9 Jan 2011 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez5

6 Sample report from Sample project using the default options for RECORD style. RUG 9 Jan 2011 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark6

7 Default reports are just fine … but … You may tailor each: – Report setup: Subject(s) of the report Report (output) destination Copies, first page number, and print page range – Options: Specific to each report form (narrative, chart, list) Within interpretation of “best practices” Appearance (fonts, headings, sort order, …) RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez7

8 Controls each report Defines subject(s) Sets destination for output Specifies copies and page control Triggers report generation Access to MORE Options Save Settings RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Jan Rodriguez8

9 RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014 John Clark / Janis Rodriguez 9 Report configuration Who Where How many Page control

10 Reset Report Defaults If you changed the options, by running a report you have saved the new settings over a default report type. If you may want to get back to the original default settings TMG v7 – “Delete” the standard report definition – TMG resets report definition to default TMG v8 & v9 – “new” Reset Defaults button RUG 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Jan Rodriguez10

11 Subject(s) of the report RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez11 Be careful when choosing more than one person for Narrative Reports.

12 RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez12 If you do not specify a location, the default location for the report is in File > Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced

13 Configuration Files 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez13

14 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez14

15 Each report has Report Options tabs Most reports offer the same tabs for tailoring your report Some tabs differ in the specific options offered from report to report Allows you to specify the precise format then save as a specific configuration for future use Experiment with the options until they are to your liking RUG 9 Jan 2011John Clark15

16 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez16

17 Report Options RUG 9 Jan 2011 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark /Janis Rodriguez17 General Tab Number of Generations (default) SuretyDirection JournalX (250)XDescendants Ancestors

18 Report Options RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez18

19 Report Options RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez19

20 REGISTER - New England Historical and Genealogical Register RECORD - National Genealogical Society Quarterly TAG - The American Genealogist Custom RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez20

21 Two page Chart comparing TMG's NGSQ and NEHGR Reports to official standards NGSQ_Register_Styles_Comparison_Chart.pdf By Susan Johnston for the MdTMG Users Group (now with Tri Valley TMG Users Group ) ngsq-and-nehgr-reports.html ngsq-and-nehgr-reports.html RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez21

22 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez22

23 TITLE - Subject’s name replaces [F]. REFERENCE NUMBER – Run chapters separately without renumbering descendants SURETY – Don't forget to check "Include blank surety” and “0 Threshold” to include all un-excluded info! RESEARCHER - decide whether to include the researcher's name, prepared date, e-mail, and website at the end of the report. – That information is entered in Preferences in the General screen under Current Project Options. RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez23

24 RUG 9 Jan 2011John Clark24

25 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez25

26 Define page number style, location and text, tab indent size, and justification. Add graphic lines in the header and/or footer. If you include a page number, you can include your name and contact information on every page*, rather than at the end of the report. – set by choices on the General Options tab – If you place the page number at the top of the page, the contact information can be placed in the footer. * Broken – no email without address checked RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez26

27 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez27 COPY Font Background Font color

28 TIP - Set the font and color for "Text” first, then COPY those options to all the remaining lines by clicking this icon. Then, change format only those entries that differ. I usually change the size and style for the Exponents and Titles. TMG v. 8x and 9x allow font and background colors. – Can "Honor screen Accent color definitions.” RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez28

29 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez29

30 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez30

31 John Clark RUG 9 Jan 2011 John Clark31

32 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez32

33 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez33

34 RUG 11 Oct 2014 John Clark / Janis Rodriguez34

35 If you choose a publication style on the General tab, most of the formatting options available on the Miscellaneous tab are grayed out. If CUSTOM STYLE you can: – Include spouse events and separate BMDB into a separate paragraph – Include excluded and sensitive data – Suppress details for living people Carefully consider whether or not to suppress details for living people. Probably safer not to include details on living people! RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez35

36 RUG 9 Jan 2011 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez36

37 RUG 9 Jan 2011 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez37

38 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez38

39 Include memos not included in the sentence in either endnotes or footnotes. – Good to check for a first run to see how much information you have omitted from the narrative. Some use this option to add more narrative add it to the end of the sentence without having to modify the sentence structure to include the [M] field. – Can result in a messy report if you have not been consistent with data entry. Note you can include name and relationship memos. This is the only way to include memo from primary name and relationship tags which have no sentence. RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez39

40 RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez40

41 Chose which images, if any, to include. Photos of people are best for this kind of report. You will want to embed them but will likely need to edit their placement in the word processing program. – TMG v. 8x & v.9 allow the user to include event exhibits, citation exhibits, and source exhibits, as well as person images in these reports. – Exhibits can be resized from this screen so they do not print out too large in the report. RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez41

42 Special Journal Report Tag Types JournalIntro JournalConclusion NarrativeChildren Journal Introduction and Conclusion Customizing the “Children of” Statement RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez42

43 RUG 11 Jan 2014Janis Rodriguez43

44 Footnotes at the bottom impede flow of text Endnotes at the end never get read Possible tactics for footnotes – Suppress citation details (careful if you’re a lumper) – Exclude name sources usually on relationship source any way – Combine consecutive footnotes includes all sources for one tag in one footnote (disable ibid.) RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez44

45 What is a Unique Endnote? – When the same source is cited and CD1 and CM1 are the same, then the original endnote number is used again. Does not recognize differences in split CDs or CMs Never produces an ibid. Significantly reduces repetitive citations. BIG DRAWBACK - Unique endnotes are not true footnotes when sent to a word processor so deleting them does not revise the numbering. RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez45

46 Ibid – TMG does not use ibid. by default – Ibid. is not acceptable under Mills or the Chicago Manual of Style. – Check whether 9.04 allows user to disable ibid. Exclude or show excluded citations. – Can limit the number of citation and include to the best quality sources while still retaining the information in the project. – Can print it all when/if you want to for your own or another researcher’s benefit. RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez46

47 An alphabetical list of the sources which are referenced within the report. – Only in reports sent to a Word Processor (TMG v8 & v9) RUG 9 Jan 2011John Clark47

48 In TMG v.8 and v.9 the separate reports for Endnotes and Bibliography are gone. The Endnotes and Bibliography, if the options are selected from the Publications Tools Tab, are generated for each report, but only when sent to a word processor. In earlier versions, you could accumulate the sources for all the reports sent to the printer or to the screen and, when you were finished, you could run an Endnotes report and Bibliography that included all the sources from all the reports run, with endnotes numbered sequentially across all reports. – This never worked with reports sent a word processor anyway, so it is not be as big a loss as it sounds… RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez48

49 Report “Configurations” RUG 9 Oct 2010 / 11 Oct 2014John Clark / Janis Rodriguez49 ONCE YOU’RE HAPPY WITH A CONFIGURATION… SAVE IT Configuration = set of saved set up and report options Dropdown list sorted alphabetically Lists the “default” plus any saved definitions Each version known as a “configuration name” – CLICK ADD and choose a DESCRIPTIVE name Report type name + options or key word Versions with useful identifier naming! Default Report + variations

50 A Primer for The Master Genealogist, by Terry Reigel – Chapters 7 & 9 TMG Online Help John Clark’s Oct 2010 RUG Chapter 7 presentation John Clark’s Jan 2011 RUG Chapter 9 presentation on Narrative Reports Exploring Custom Reports with the TV-TMG User Group Exploring TMG's Report Menu RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez50

51 Producing a “Publishable” Article Producing a Book with TMG and Word - Douglas Hill (May 2008 & Apr 2010) RUG 11 Oct 2014Janis Rodriguez51

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