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Writing up your Dissertation Survival Guidance Jan Loughran.

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1 Writing up your Dissertation Survival Guidance Jan Loughran

2 Writing up your dissertation ► Handing in Procedure ► Quality assurance ► Dissertation Logbook ► Writing up  Format and key inclusions  Avoiding Pitfalls  Maximising Marks

3 Handing In Procedure ► Print off TWO copies ► Take to reprographics for binding and pick up receipt ► Hand in receipt; signed logbook and disc/cd to NB301 on day of handin ► Dates are in the logbook ► Electronic copies of logbook are on NB001 NBS Research Group organisation blackboard site

4 Quality Assurance ► Ensure you have complied with fonts and margins ► Put through TURNITIN for plagiarism check   Enrol as user  Put in Code 30671 and password Dissertation  You can resubmit a second time  Originality report takes 24hours

5 Dissertation Logbook ► Evidence that you have engaged in process ► Notes of meetings should be filled in in detail by you ► Supervisor should sign ► Little evidence of engagement will lead to call for working papers ► Sample will be requested anyway ► Details of working papers in survival guide ► Limited working papers will lead to interview with supervisor and possible action for plagiarism

6 Writing up – Format and Key Inclusions ► Format details all in full dissertation handbook in Organisation Blackboard site NB001 ► Abstract ► Acknowledgements ► Appendices:  Reflective Statement  Examples of Primary Research data  Examples of analysed secondary sources etc.

7 Writing up- Avoiding Pitfalls ► Write introduction last and ensure it reflects what you did ► Ensure conclusions are supported by evidence ► Ensure method describes and justifies EXACTLY what you did and why (in detail) ► Ensure that analysis of results and data gathering tool cross reference to literature ► Ensure that literature review explains the arguments that lead to your hypothesis/question ► Spell and Grammar Check ► Reference Reference Reference!

8 Writing up – Maximising Marks ► Avoid Pitfalls! ► Ensure that presentation is excellent ► Proof read and make sure that editing hasn’t lost argument ► Write good introduction that sounds interesting ► Be logical and straight forward in discussion ► Don’t waffle ► Acknowledge supervisor ► Write decent reflective statement ► Ensure logbook is filled in

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