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Experiencing an Occultation The Sky is Your Laboratory – 2007 – in search for exoplanets Chapter two Occultations Lunar Occultations Grazing.

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2 Experiencing an Occultation The Sky is Your Laboratory – 2007 – in search for exoplanets Chapter two Occultations Lunar Occultations Grazing Occultations Asteroid Occultations 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 2

3 Experiencing an Occultation, cont. 2008 – Apple Valley – IOTA – Metis Sharing a wifi Assembling small telescopes – chasing shadows Dropping a scope for Steve Preston Chasing between sites Meeting the boys – and girls A virtual conference Dedicated – to a fault - Exceptional groups of high self-directed learners 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 3

4 Experiencing a Lunar Graze First with Hal and Kate Povenmire and Degenhart Georgia to Alabama looking for clear skies Leading a few graze efforts in Florida No travel – done within the city Two in one night Looking for the next one within easy driving distance 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 4

5 Focusing on Faint Stars 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 5

6 Global Imperative Knowledge and Skill Acquisition Driven by an absolute need for our species to survive Improve quality of live Self-manage our learning and our population Who creates new knowledge High Self-Directed Learners We need to foster the development of high self- directed learners 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 6

7 Questions 12/16/2014 7 OLT Research Institute

8 Shifting Gears: Lunar Occultation Monthly column portrays and discusses events beyond the reach of my fellow local astronomers The plan is to go back and focus on lunar occultation timing Easy to do, builds enthusiasm and observers gain experience Still looking for ways to achieve Ah ha moments and First Moments of Lasting Excitment 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 8

9 Brief History of my Space Contacts Sputnik – October 1957 Monitoring AMSAT - 1974 1983 Space Shuttle 1985 MIR, digital and voice 1991 SAREX Russian Plasma Plume Experiment 2012 – ARISS – October 30, 2012 12/16/2014 9 OLT Research Institute

10 Sputnik – October 1957 Start of the space race Transmitted for 22 days Visible to observers on the ground Front yard with the family First moment of lasting excitement Rockets Astronomy Radio 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 10

11 AMSAT AO-7 1974 Return from Vietnam WN5LMJ – after sponsoring five MARS Stations QST item during code practice – monitor Sat Strung 10 meter dipole Copied the signal Submitted QSL card to NASA Received a reply 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 11

12 STS-9 November 1983 Return from Germany WB5LMJ – Visiting a fellow ham in Arkansas Heard the Space Shuttle – planned pass 2 meter 5/8 mobile Returned to Lawton, OK Prepared to work the Shuttle Worked the Shuttle three times QSL card – and Response In the movie 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 12

13 STS-37 Atlantis 1991 Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment - SAREX Doctoral Studies OU Educational Advisor to the ARRL Research in High Self-Directed Learning Graduate Research project First Moment of Lasting Excitement 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 13

14 Plasma Plume 2011 Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TSNIIMASH) in Russia To evaluate the shape of previously observed “dead” zone Master Station – W6LMJ Monitoring stations footprint UISS software ISS 2 meter station 12/16/2014 OLT Research Institute 14

15 SFSM and WPBARC ARISS Proposal - 2011 Planning Phase SFSM, WPBARC and School District “buy in” WPBARC and area clubs become school resource Contest Phase Each school invited to participate Essay contest online with winner by class, grade and school Live Contact Phase Reporting Phase 12/16/2014 15 OLT Research Institute

16 ARISS Plan - 2012 Planning Phase Establish Space Communications in SFSM WPBARC and area clubs become school resource Invite school participation - SFSM Give Talks, demonstrations – Area hams Various modes of communications – recruit new hams Run sat and ISS demonstrations in SFSM Involve the media Build enthusiasm – will build naturally List available resources on website Post ISS fly over schedule – frequency - visual 12/16/2014 16 OLT Research Institute

17 ARISS Contest - 2012 Contest Phase Principals choose to participate Classroom teachers choose to participate Invite area hams to speak and run demonstrations Conduct essay contest in each class Online essay and survey Select winner by classroom, grade and for each school Winners are announced by school and finalists Involve the media – video of demo/SFSM Station SFSM selects winners – 10 students 12/16/2014 17 OLT Research Institute

18 ARISS Live Contact SFSM announces winners WPBARC sets up to conduct ARISS in theater SFSM plans one hour program leading up to the live contact Transportation and inclement weather plan Multimedia coverage – TV – Internet streaming Students with written questions lined up to speak live on the microphone to the astronauts 12/16/2014 18 OLT Research Institute

19 ARISS Live Contact cont. Museum Director Welcome Dignitaries speak - Short movie on preparation for the event – News Clips Short movie on ARISS and current ISS crew Break - maybe Students line up – call to the ISS – several before contact is established Students speak live on the microphone to the astronauts 12/16/2014 19 OLT Research Institute

20 ARISS Live Video 12/16/2014 20 OLT Research Institute

21 ARISS Report Phase News coverage – TV - Students complete NASA ARISS reports Educators complete reports QST Article is written and submitted Follow-up news coverage on did the ARISS make a difference Is there greater interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics 12/16/2014 21 OLT Research Institute

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