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Mission Strategy Solutions Intersistemi Group. Intersistemi Italia spa: The Group Leader, it has been working for 30 years in Information Technology Geosystems.

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1 Mission Strategy Solutions Intersistemi Group

2 Intersistemi Italia spa: The Group Leader, it has been working for 30 years in Information Technology Geosystems srl: leader in the Geographic Information systems (GIS) field CSA srl: economic and statistical research inMEDIA technologies srl: specialized in innovative technologies on multimedia devices and digital communication. Evolvo srl: production of IT systems for Health industry and telemedicine DDCOM srl: specialized in networking (wireless networks, optical fiber, wired connections),ICT infrastructures (Data Center) and in technological equipments such as photovoltaic systems, CCTV and anti-intruder systems) Companies

3 Applications ICT Health care and Telemedicine ICT Business Security Geomatics Market Research Systems Network and ICT Infrastructures Products Multimedia Systems Solutions Business Areas Project Management

4 Intersistemi has been operating in Information Technology since the 80’s and it has currently a staff of over 250 highly qualified specialists; thanks to years of well estabilished experience, it is widely recognized for its fast technological evolution and for its flexibility. BUSINESS AREAS Applications Systems Products Project Management REFERENCES Institutions Ministries (Beni e Attività Culturali, Interno, Giustizia) Chamber of Deputies ENAC Regions (Toscana, Abruzzo, Veneto, Molise) Banks, Industries and Public Utility Services (Banca d’Italia, Intesa San Paolo, Banca Fideuram, Mediocredito Centrale), IBM Italia, Renault Italia, ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni (Aspasiel), Selex-Elsag, SO.GE.I., INSIEL, Accenture, Engineering, Telecom Italia, Aprilia, Poste Italiane, e-Geos, Aim Vicenza, Cotral, Italgas, Snam ReteGas. The Group Leader

5 Intersistemi supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of an application providing system design, development and application management services for complex solutions, the group uses several technologies thanks to the partnership with leading hardware and software producers SERVICES,PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS Intersistemi Software Factory offers various service typologies: Design and development of custom computer solutions. Maintenance of information systems modules Porting to different technology platforms Websites and web portals design Downsizing services Reverse engineering services Integration between commercial software platforms and customer’s legacy systems Applications In order to manage software development processes, Intersistemi employs different approaching methodologies and tools: “Agile” models to deal with eventual Supplier-Customer disputes over Software Requirements Specification (SRS) at the beginning of the development process “Cascade” models in cases of "locked" and approved requirements at the beginning of the design and development phases

6 In 2002 Intersistemi has set up an advanced data center, able to connect through private or public communication lines or VPNs to customer’s IT infrastructure, in order to provide outsourcing services (housing / hosting of servers and applications) or ASP (Application service Provider). Disaster Recovery services can be provided at customer’s request. SERVICES,PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS Assistance services System software installation and set-up, migration from / to different operating systems, releases upgrade, IMAC services (Install Move Add or Change) for both PDL and server, performance monitoring and tuning system Outsourcing services Disaster recovery Business continuity Server virtualization and pdl Data Center services Server farm Housing Hosting TLC services VOIP traffic exchange platforms Systems

7 Intersistemi high tech widely appreciated products are the results of years of experience and skills development: eFlow, Workflow and Document Management software platform which provides a valid support for procedural processes and business organization, iCRM, control system that provides technical support managing system user’s requests for assistance and intervention Human Resources Management and Accounting Products, studied for specific needs of Public Administration processes Computerized selections, designed to handle the competitors selection using the most appropriate technologies and equipment, in relation to the volumes and the time required for the tests: from the classical optical reading system to the "multimedia" room with workstations equipped with touch screen, for activities closely related to the selections but also for all the preparatory stages (printing facilities, logistics, etc.) Phebo, platform developed by Evolvo that ease and speed up communication between patients and healthcare professionals by simplifying the exchange of information, surveillance and health monitoring in order to minimize the movement of patients Ramani, framework realized by Geosystems, it produces WebGIS applications aimed at geographic and alphanumeric data consultation Products

8 Intersistemi is an organisation strongly project oriented and could rely on the expertise of qualified resources with proven long-term international experience, now working alongside with its biggest customers. Due to significant experience in project and program management, Intersistemi can now effectively support its customers on the governance activities of complex ICT projects. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Program, Portfolio e Demand Management Centralized management of one or more portfolios of programs and projects Identification and qualifying of the demand (need), priority management, definition and management of authorization processes and proactive monitoring of the progress of projects and programs Bid Management Analysis of economic sustainability of Bid with evaluation of costs and benefits Risk analysis and evaluation of counter-measures and economic value of the risk budget Definition of specific requirements of solution at multiple level of detail,whenever required Drafting of technical and economic Bid Project Management Complete projects or specific tasks in each Knowledge Area of PMBOK (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement) Temporary Management Resource Management Operative resources management Individual and collective training and tutoring in each of the PMBOK Knowledge Area Recruitment and staff development Project Management

9 Previously already active in the information security and data protection areas, the parent company strengthens its organization in 2012 with the acquisition of a business unit that carries out specialized consulting in the design, implementation and maintenance of systems and security solutions for complex structures of networks. SERVICES,PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS Data and Application Security & Monitoring platforms Security Information & Event Management Support for compliance, by auditing services and specialized support to identify the organizational and technological gap in comparison to one or more reference standards (eg, PCI-DSS, Privacy, Workers' Statute, ISO 27001 and others) Technical consulting in engineering applications and in quality improvement plans Security Assessment services, aimed at verifying the status of real security of a system TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS HP Arcsight, Imperva, Ironport, Enterasys, McAfee, Stonesoft, Cisco REFERENCES Banca d’Italia, Inps, Telecom Italia, Terna, Wind mobile, Vodafone, Poste Italiane, Lottomatica, Enel, Enpals, H3g, CartaSi, Unipol, Zucchi, Saba. ICT Business SecurityRISK Interazione tra Sistemi Valore Dati

10 Geosystems is a leader comapny in the geomatics specialistic field, it is specialized in software development and in providing related services and products. The company is ESRI Business Partner, for which it resells customized products and provides assistance; also has the expertise to design and integrate systems using other GIS market and open-source products. SERVICES IT consulting Design and implementation of Geographic Information Systems Training courses Production and supply of cartographical data PRODUCTS GIS Basic software reseller RAMANI – cartographical mapping of heterogeneous databases GESTUTI – Geographic Information Systems for Utilities PARTNERS ESRI, Intergraph, OGC, Map.Server REFERECES Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, ANAS, Snam Rete Gas, ENI, Italgas, Regione Molise, Regione Toscana, Regione Veneto, Regione Lombardia, Comune di Firenze, Comune di Scandicci, Cotral, Corpo Forestale dello Stato, SOGEI, Istituto Geografico Militare. Geomatics

11 Evolvo creates tools and technologies for healthcare professionals and patients; expertise in health care and research, strenghtened by the collaboration with Universities and Science and Technology institutes, is company distinctive feature which enables Evolvo to achieve humanization of medical cares and cost containment. SERVICES development and provisioning of basic, applicative and advanced software for the control process study, implementation, support and development of computer and electronic systems in the field of health and patient care new technology research and development PRODUCTS PHEBO Platform, Telemonitoring and Territoriality System Track & Control Evolution Platform, RFID for identification, tracking and risk management eVo-Connect Platform, Videoconferencing, Remote Surveillance, Teleconsulting REFERENCES Università del Campus Biomedico; FBF Provincia Lombardo; Italian Hospital Group; ASUR ZONA 8; ASL Rieti; ASL RME; Roma Medicina ONLUS; Engineering; Wetech; Informat System Health care and Telemedicine

12 inMEDIA technologies works in the multimedia communications and information management solutions field Multimedia Solutions SERVICES,PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS Consulting for Transport Engineering Security services and solutions proximity Marketing services Editorial support services Integrated operating room Infomobility communication services On-Board communication Digital Signage Antifraud payment systems REFERENCES Cotral (Compagnia Trasporti Laziali S.p.A.), Atac Roma, Roma Mobilità, Aereoporto di Firenze, Aereoporto di Bologna, Aereoporto di Cagliari, Iccrea-Banca, Metoda Finance, Provincia di Bolzano, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali

13 DDCOM is born to turn to use the now twenty years experience of the founders in networking and infrastructure areas; the company has gained many references and goals in the implementation of networks for International and National customers. DDCOM is responsible for the design and realization of CED, advanced electrical systems, video surveillance systems and intrusion detection, photovoltaic systems and telecommunications networks of access and transport. SERVICES,PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS TLC installation solutions Feasibility studies Executive projects supported by surveys and field tests Analysis and adaptation of existing systems Indoor and outdoor wireless networks (WiFi, HyperLAN, WiMax) Supply and configuration of active network equipment of major suppliers Structured Cabling Systems Green Data Center Optical fiber networks with fusion splices VOIP telephony Firewall and security OTDR Certifying for fiber optics Certification of Twisted Pair (UTP, FTP, T - FTP, STP) to the F-class CCTV Systems & IP Security REFERENCES Ministero della Giustizia, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Aeroporti internazionali del Cairo in Egitto, Aeroporto dell’Isola di Sal a Capo Verde; Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri nella Repubblica d’Albania. Network and ICT Infrastructures

14 Founded in Florence in 1935 by Livio Livi, an internationally wellknown statistician, economist and sociologist, the Business Statistics Center (CSA) joined the Intersistemi Group in 2002; it operates mainly in the field of statistical information for public institutions, research institutes and companies; the offer, articulate and flexible, is related to products and services for applied statistics investigation. SERVICES DEMOGRAPHIC, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH reconstruction of the economic and / or socio-demographic reference scenario permanent monitoring of local and sectorial economies socio-economic monographies OPINION AND MARKET INVESTIGATION FOR THE DECISIONS SUPPORT territorial and sectorial marketing, geostatistics surveys market and "customer satisfaction” surveys opinion surveys and polls “focus group” and other qualitative investigations quality analisys and indicators of efficiency and effectiveness REFERENCES Unioncamere Toscana, regione Toscana, Promo PA Fondazione, Comune di Firenze, Consiag Spa, Comune di Barberino di Mugello, Comune di Pontassieve, Comune di Fiorenzuola, Provincia di Firenze, Provincia di Lucca, Provincia di Livorno, ISFOL (Istituto per lo sviluppo della formazione professionale), Invitalia, Centro Nazionale del Volontariato, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, KME Italy Spa, Parks liberi e uguali, Assoconsult Market Research

15 ICRM, control and governance integrated system, introduces highly innovative elements both in the management of technical support for the users and in the management of information systems. FEATURES support requests management integration with CTI Systems tracking management of knowledge base information reports and statistics SLA Manager asset Management System components were carried out using the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET suite, which is the current standard for the creation of similar products on Microsoft architectures. REFERENCES Ministero della Giustizia, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, ENAC, ARPA LAZIO Agenzia Generale dei Segretari Comunali, Azienda ULSS13 MIRANO-DOLO-NOALE Ospedale FatebeneFratelli - Provincia Lombardo Veneto iCRM

16 The eFlow suite is a platform of products entirely built by Intersistemi, it consists of the following modules: eFlow Framework (Basic functions and management accounting) eFlow PA Protocol (Electronic protocol Functions) eFlow Mail (Functions for the e-mail integration) eFlow BPM System (Workflow System) eFlow DCM (Document Management System) FEATURES The BPM component of eFlow allows the modeling and management of Business Processes as provided by the “Plan Do Check Act” methodological model. The DMC module is the flexible and reliable system for managing the assets of company’s documents;, allows to make always available and quickly accessible the documents whether paper or electronic. REFERENCES Al Rajhi Banking Corporation Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Al Rajhi Banking Corporation Malaysia, ARSIAL, Autorità portuale di Livorno, Autorità portuale di Venezia, Auselda, Bank Simpanan National (Malaysia), Comune di Firenze, Comune di Roma, Comune di Umbertide, Corpo Forestale dello Stato, ENPAM, Leaseplan, Rasbank, Scuola superiore di Pubblica Amministrazione, Società Bancaria Ticinese, Unipol Banca, Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza, eFlow

17 Ramani ("Map" in Swahili), framework made by Geosystems for the production of WebGIS applications to consult geographic and alphanumeric data. Ramani is based on open-source technology, is database and client’s platform independent; compatible with all major browsers, accepts and integrates data from multiple sources without the need to convert or to adapt data, provides finally to realize with a single software multiple Web or Intranet applications distributable without licensing requirements. FEATURES giving the chance to view all the informations of an institution or a public administration through variously composed maps; using proprietary data combined with other data made available on the Web by other PA, organizations, associations and companies; reading and comparing data in an integrated manner from various sources producing specialized vertical applications APPLICATION FIELDS Geology and Environment, Cultural Heritage, Land Registry, Geomarketing, Civil Defence, Technological Networks, Transportation Infrastructure, Geographical Information Systems of the central and local government, Cultural Tourism, Urban planning. Ramani

18 GestUti helps organisations in designing, modeling and managing the Register of Infrastructure, integrates and combines the knowledge of the infrastructure documentation typical of the municipalities with the planning experience owned by the Utilities operators. FEATURES optimizing costs by highlighting and enhancing the infrastructure suitable for fiber passage reducing inconvenience and disruptions caused by the implementation and the maintenance of the networks making efficient identification of new runs of the cables managing an “infrastructure market" designed to reduce the environmental impact and the overall cost of the system helping in administrative procedures for the municipalities APPLICATION FIELDS Aqueducts, Gas, Sewer, District Heating, Urban Cleaning, Public Lighting, Road Signs, Public Parks, Civil Installations, Demotic, TLC Optic Fiber. GestUti

19 PHEBO, an “e-Health Care” framework that support models of process automation with particular emphasis on services of remote monitoring; PHEBO facilitates the activities of daily living, simplifies the relationship and communication between patients and healthcare professionals by facilitating the exchange of information, surveillance and health monitoring in order to minimize the movement of patients. FEATURES eVoCore, management of the two-way flow of data, synchronization of the functions and activities to be performed, scheduling of events, management of interfaces and devices eVoDroid, resident application on Smartphone / Tablet, which manages the activities of patients. The APP allows the Smartphone to become an "Intelligent Monitoring Station" indicating the actions to be taken by the patient (eg, detection by electro-medical device, treatment, diet, questionnaires, audio, video, photo) eVoMed, web portal dedicated to health care accessible from any workstation with a web browser and connected to the network. eVoMed allows the doctor to manage the “monitoring” and “configuration” cards of patients, and the alarms eVoGate, gateway for integration with third-party systems. Thanks to evoGate you can transfer the monitoring data produced by PHEBO directly into the patient’s clinical file folder (adoption of standard SOAP - REST) REFERENCES Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù di Roma; Policlinico Campus Bio – Medico di Roma; ASL Nr.7 di Lanusei (CA); Associazione InVita LaVita (CA) Phebo ESCI INVIA Audio

20 TACE (Track&Control Evolution), application platform implemented by a suite of software services for the use of RFID in healthcare. The platform manages: traceability of instrumentation control of instrumentation maintenance retrieval of medical records, Reports, etc.. the association between patient and its therapy, avoiding the possibility of incorrect dosing TACE can help on risk management : ensuring the unique identification of the object / subject and its attributes providing a panel for the"physical" traceability of the object / subject that is being monitored managing the relationship between entities being tracked FEATURES RFID Inventary (IR), collects all the objects / subjects to monitor Tracking Objects and Patients (TOP), locates and tracks each entity previously inventoried Patient Activity Monitoring (PAM), associates to a patient all entities related to him Equipment Maintenance (EM), allows to check, plan and record the technical maintenance of the entities Tace

21 ACP Cross-Medial expert system whose central engine, called “Web Regia”, enables the user to manage the acquisition, correlation, customization and delivery of any type of content through the appropriate technological environment. FEATURES Communication systems for Bank Branches (Multimedia Information Points) “ProdottoTracciato”, to track the entire process of handling of the products “ComunicaOfferta” for promotional communication to customers in sales structures “PubblicitàTerritoriale” for the advertising content of the shopping center “RFiDFidelity” for "customer loyalty" services with an electronic card system based on RFID proximity “ComunicaPubblico” for personalized and georeferenced communication at airports, terminal and stations “ComunicaOn-Board” for the on-board communication on airplanes, cars, ships, buses, trams, trains “ComunicaMobilità” for traffic information in real time “Prodotto TIS” for the remote control of traffic lights “Soluzione SOI”, Integrated Operations Centre, it integrates the different architectures of the operating rooms through the realization of a media direction dashboard Advanced Crossmedia Platform REFERENCES Cotral (Compagnia Trasporti Laziali S.p.A.), Atac Roma, Roma Mobilità, Aeroporto di Firenze, Aeroporto di Bologna, Aeroporto di Cagliari, Iccrea-Banca, Metoda Finance, Provincia di Bolzano, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali

22 Intersistemi Italia spa: Roma, via dei Galla e Sidama 23 – tel +39 0689924900 Padova, viale dell'industria 23 – tel +39 0499814852 Geosystems srl: Firenze, via Atto Vannucci 7 – tel +39 0554627255 CSA srl: Firenze, via Atto Vannucci 7 – tel +39 0554627255 inMEDIA technologies srl: Roma, Via del forte tiburtino 120 – tel +39 0683600431 Evolvo srl: Roma, via dei Galla e Sidama 23 – tel +39 0689924900 DDCOM srl: Roma, Via del forte tiburtino 120 – tel +39 0683600431 Locations

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