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The Windermere Foundation is proud to announce…..

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1 The Windermere Foundation is proud to announce….

2 Our partnership with the YMCA: Helping build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

3 Since its formation in 1989, the Windermere Foundation has focused its resources on homelessness related causes. As we have grown larger we realized that it would benefit us all, if we collaborated with a reputable organization for our first regional partnership. Many national organizations were considered, but Windermere chose the YMCA because: Community driven- each site is unique and can adapt to the needs of the community Largest non-profit, non-governmental organization serving the needs of kids Has been a proven leader for 150 years Windermere offices have already been focusing their funds to kid- related causes, especially the YMCA

4 Help families, especially kids! Partnership Goals: Provide opportunities for offices to have interaction with families being helped by the program Reduce solicitation by organizations Turnkey program especially for newer offices who would like to be part of a larger impact giving Create a larger impact with public and agents

5 Why after school enrichment and child care? Nearly 50 % of children in YMCA Child Care come from families whose annual income is less than $25,000 a year. About 40% of children in YMCA Child Care come from single-parent homes. According to the Alliance for Education and the Afterschool Alliance, every dollar invested in out- of-school programs saves more than $3, as children are more likely to stay in school and advance to the next grade, and less likely to get into trouble.

6 Choose the YMCA for your Community Service Day project Volunteer to teach a class or help with tutoring Help plan a seasonal event or party Become a board member Choose to support financially with your Foundation funds Serve as a chaperone on local field trips Much, much more! Opportunities for additional involvement:

7 13 pilot sites have been chosen across the Windermere Network: Bellevue, Washington Las Vegas, Nevada Marysville, Washington Mukilteo, Washington Palm Springs, California Salem, Oregon San Jose, California Scottsdale, Arizona Seattle, Washington Spokane, Washington Tacoma, Washington These sites were chosen by a Windermere committee and the YMCA.

8 Program Funding Program Funding This year the program will be seeded with $250,000 of general fund dollars. We hope to expand the program into other areas each year depending on availability of dollars by both the general fund and offices interested in supporting the program with their own Foundation funds. 75% goes back to the office for allocation General Fund (comes from transaction fee revenue) 25% goes to such programs as Windermere Kids at the Y Matching pool funds Administrative costs (less than 2%) Seed new offices

9 What does this mean for me? Part of a larger impact giving Easy to educate clients and fellow agents about the Foundation and what it represents Will be promoted to the Public by Windermere and Local YMCA

10 How will the community & my clients know about this program? Coming soon- Listing Presentation Sheet for clients Coming soon The Community: Press release and local pitches will be made to regional papers and publications YMCA will include information regarding the program in their publications Signage at each site announcing Windermere involvement Your clients: Presentations sheets will be available Custom Xpress postcards will be available

11 Windermere and the YMCA look forward to providing such a great program and continuing to serve the needs of our communities. Thanks!

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