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Secrets of Setting up a Quick Lube Jeffrey Liddington.

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1 Secrets of Setting up a Quick Lube Jeffrey Liddington

2 Creating PM Schedules PM schedules, are yours set up properly? Run report 3102 Set up PM schedules based on the manufactures maintenance schedule while the piece of equipment is under warranty. One PM that is not used enough is a PM set up right before the piece of equipment goes out of warranty. Set up the warranties for the piece of equipment and it too can be tracked. Refer to Getting Started With FASTER Manual

3 PM Table Listing

4 Setting Up Warranties

5 Warranty Tracking

6 Creating PM Schedules After the piece of equipment is out of warranty then you can change the PM’s to extended interval. Most extended intervals are based on cost however if PM’s are being completed under the Manufactures schedules more warranties will be found and reducing repair cost to your organization.

7 Setting Up Quick Lube Shop If you can, dedicate one or two bays in your shop for PM’s. If this can be done it would be good practice to have the bays closes to the parts storeroom. If you run multiple shifts set up your PM’s to be performed on the night shift. This reduces the downtime charged to PM’s.

8 Setting Up Quick Lube Shop One area that can help reduce the cost of PM service, hire an individual that is going to technical school for automotive repairs. You won’t be paying the higher mechanic rate and also you can train and mold these individuals to your standards and processes and you maybe able to keep this individual in your organization after they complete their education. This is a good source for hiring due to the difficulties fleets have been having hiring technicians.

9 Setting Up Quick Lube Shop In FASTER you can set up a separate shop for tracking your PM cost. Refer to Getting Started With FASTER to set up a PM Shop You can set up a task list for your PM’s This can be done by individual pieces of equipment or by year make and model or by class codes.

10 Setting Up Task List For PM

11 Setting Up Flat Rates For PM’s In FASATER you can set up flat rates to charge for your PM’s This will help you be more consistent with your cost on your PM’s This can be done by a Flat Dollar rate or by a Flat Time Rate.

12 Setting Up Flat Rates For PM’s Flat Rates will allow you to be more consistent. It allows you to charge one rate for those PM’s so that the cost of the PM is standard. You can set up your Flat Rate by PM Type as well as by the class code of the equipment or By year make and model. This will still allow you to have the technicians to log on and off the PM’s so you can still track their productivity.

13 Setting Up Flat Rates

14 Setting Up PM Parts Storeroom Another area to help control and track accurate cost is to set up a separate Parts Storeroom for your PM’s. Set up a Parts list by PM type using class codes or equipment numbers or by year, make, model and engine size. You can make these as kits and they can be issued right from the work order.

15 PM Parts List

16 Setting Up PM Parts Storeroom One area that inflates PM cost is when a technician finds a repair that needs to be completed other then the PM. They add the parts to that PM. They should create another repair code and use the reason code Repaired From PM Service. This will show quality work by your staff and give accurate PM cost as well as accurate repair cost.

17 Setting Up PM Parts Storeroom When setting up the separate storeroom for the PM’s dedicate a separate area for these parts. By creating a storeroom for the PM you can better control the parts that are being issued to PM services. Set these parts with PM as the default repair code Have this area as close to the dedicated bays as possible. This will reduce the time parts are being looked for.

18 Reports To Run 3102 Preventative Maintenance Table Listing 3103 Preventative Maintenance Due 3122 Preventative Maintenance Information 3131 Equipment Without PM 3134 Equipment warranty Report 3201 Parts Issued Report (By Repair Type) 3309 Downtime Report (By Work Order Shop) 3315 PM Labor Percentage Report 3318 Technician Efficiency Report (By Repair Type) 3321 Average Repair Time and Cost (By PM Repair Type) 3327 Work order Completion Report (By Shop) 3336 Parts & Task List.

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