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The Wind At Work.

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1 The Wind At Work

2 Story Vocabulary flickering expands propel gusty reliable
revolving doors converts currents fossil fuels economical

3 flickering As soon at the wind started blowing hard, the lights started flickering. As I sat on the back porch, I saw some fireflies flickering in the grass and air. flickering- burning or shining in an irregular way

4 expands The balloon expands as the boy blows air into it.
A rubber band expands as you stretch it. m/Muscle_RubberBand2.jpg The balloon expands as the boy blows air into it. previews/742/52337.JPG expands- becomes larger

5 propel propel- to cause to move forward
The people aim to propel the ball down the street. /item.html Each push the puppy made against the wagon would propel the wagon further across the lawn . propel- to cause to move forward

6 gusty The gusty wind blew the leaves right off the tree.
Up on deck the lady could feel the gusty breeze blowing against her face. The gusty wind blew the leaves right off the tree. gusty - blowing in strong sudden bursts

7 reliable She was shopping for a reliable car that would not break down on her. The safety patrol at our school are very reliable. They are always at their posts. ../Images/safety.gif reliable- able to be depended on

8 revolving doors He scratched his head as he watched the people get confused by the revolving doors. The store had revolving doors for the customers to come in and out of the building revolving doors- plural of revolving door; a door at the front of a building that moves in a circle around a central point

9 converts converts- changes something into something different
If the school converts to using computers for one third of its paperwork, imagine the savings it would have. When the girl converts her trash into usable material, it saves space in the landfills. converts- changes something into something different

10 currents currents- plural of current; a flow of electricity
The new energy efficient light bulbs use the same currents that the old ones use. Currents flow easily through copper wire. images/Bare_cop... currents- plural of current; a flow of electricity

11 fossil fuels The coal that is mined in Carbon, Utah is one of the nonrenewable fossil fuels. Most homes are heated with fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. dbimgs/gas%20meter3.jpg fossil fuels- plural of fossil fuel; a fuel formed from the remains of plants and animals. Coal and petroleum are fossil fuels.

12 economical It is more economical to recycle soda cans than to throw them away. He bought an economical car that wouldn’t cost a lot to run. economical- a good use of resources; not wasteful

13 Focus Questions: How did people harness the power of the wind several hundred years ago? How do people harness the power of the wind today?

14 Genre: Expository Text
Expository text tells something. It contains facts about real people, things or events. The purpose of expository text is to share information with the reader in a straightforward way. The factual information can often be checked by referring to other sources such as science articles, reference books and newspapers

15 Word Structure More renewable Most renewable heavier heaviest
These lines contain comparatives and superlatives. Comparatives are adjectives or adverbs that compare one person, thing or action to another. Superlatives are adjectives or adverbs that compare one person, thing, or action to several others.

16 More About Comparatives and Superlatives
Comparatives are formed by adding -er to most short modifiers, or using the word more for longer modifiers. Superlatives are formed by adding -est to most short modifiers, or using the word most for longer modifiers. Do not use more and most with words that end with -er or -est.

17 What are the changes? serious - more serious, most serious happy
What changes were made to the base word to form the words heavier and heaviest ? The y in heavy was changed to an I, then the ending was added. serious happy - more serious, most serious - happier, happiest How would the comparative and superlative for each of these words be formed? Can you use the words in a sentence?

18 What are the structures represented in the following words?
villagers flooded discovered trying suffix -er, plural s inflectional ending -ed prefix dis-, inflectional ending ed inflectional ending -ing village flood cover try The structure of the word villagers includes: villag - er- s which means people from a particular village. What are the words’ base words?

19 What are the definitions?
villagers flooded discovered trying people from a particular village overflowing of water into dry land to be the first to observe or find something, to reveal to attempt to do or accomplish Can you put the word in a sentence?

20 Building Background What do you know about windmills and how they work? What do you know about the history of windmills? Windmills have been used for centuries to capture wind energy and use it for many purposes. Today wind energy is used to produce electricity. What do you know about wind energy? What do you think would be some benefits and problems with using the wind as an energy source?

21 Background Information
Windmills are not harmful to the environment because they use a renewable resource - the wind - to produce energy. The energy from the windmills is used to power cities. Unlike fossil fuels wind power is not in limited in supply and it doesn’t threaten the environment by creating toxic fumes.

22 Browse the Selection What I Know What I Want To Know What I Learned

23 Big Question How does energy effect your life?

24 Writing a Persuasive Letter
Writing to persuade is different than when writing to inform or entertain. Your purpose is to change the readers mind about a way they think or feel about a topic. The writer tries to make the audience see a particular point of view or motivate them to take action. To do this the author has to grab and keep the attention of the readers. You will be writing a letter to the school principal this week to make an appeal on a school issue of your choosing.

25 Organization of a Persuasive Argument
states a viewpoint (the controlling idea) provides supporting arguments, or gives reasons in the form of facts and examples, and/or expert opinions that the reader should adopt or support a particular point of view identifies opposing argument and provide evidence that refutes it restate the opinion or goal, summarize reasons, and if appropriate requests or urges action

26 Techniques Used in Persuasive Writing
Word Choice hyperbole (extreme exaggeration) repetition emotional appeal Emotional appeals include strong statements that create a certain feeling in the audience and intend to make them sympathetic to a point of view. They often appear as part of the conclusion.

27 Your Assignment Today Choose your topic.
Research using the Internet and other tools information to support your view on the topic. Use Skills Practice p.109 to plan your letter.

28 Spelling Words Prefix re- and Words with Greek Roots
reinforce thermometer reformulate synchronize repurchase chronology regenerate centimeter chronological reapply refurnish meter diameter reorganize reintroduce revisit chronic chronicle reaffirm barometer

29 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
The car made a right turn. Then it pulled into a parking lot. To change these two sentences into a compound sentence, you would write it like this. The car made a right turn, but then it pulled into a parking lot.

30 Compound Sentences Compound sentences consist of two or more independent clauses. The clauses should be connected by a semi colon or a comma, and a conjunction such as and, or, and but.

31 Here are a couple other examples of compound sentence.
Wind powers wind turbines, and they produce electricity. Wind powers wind turbines; they produce electricity. Can you come up with a compound sentence on your own?

32 Vocabulary Quiz a good use of resources, not wasteful
changes something into something different a good use of resources, not wasteful fuels formed from the remains of plants and animals doors in front of a building that move in a circle around a central point flows of electricity revolving doors converts currents fossil fuels economical

33 Vocabulary Quiz blowing in strong sudden bursts
becomes larger blowing in strong sudden bursts able to be depended on burning or shining in an irregular way to cause to move forward flickering expands propel gusty reliable

34 Word Structure renewable revisit reconstruct replay
These words have the prefix re- which means anew or again. The word renewable literally means able to be made new again. The prefix can also mean back or backwards as in recall, meaning to call something back again.

35 What are the base words? renewable revisit reconstruct replay new
What are the definitions to the last three words? revisit - to stay with as a guest again reconstruct- to build again replay- to show a video clip again

36 These words are derivatives of the Greek root chron which means time.
something out of time, or in the wrong time period record of historical events ordered according to the time they occurred make things work at the same time - in order of time anachronism chronicle synchronize chronological Learning and being able to identify basic Greek roots will help expand your vocabulary by providing hints to the basic meanings of words and to help you define difficult and unfamiliar words. Can you define the words?

37 Use the words in sentences.
anachronism chronicle synchronize chronological

38 Comprehension Check Why do the Dutch use windmills?
They use windmills to pump water back into the sea. How did people make flour before windmills? They turned millstones using water, human, or animal power. What are windmills used for? They can be used for many things, but today they are mostly used to make electricity. How has the use of wind changed over time? When the windmill was first invented, it was used to turn millstones and water pumps. When other engines were invented, people use wind energy less. Today people are turning back to wind energy for electricity.

39 Writing- Persuasive Letter
Addressing Audience Needs Different readers have different needs. If a writer doesn’t know what their reader knows, likes, and believes, it’s hard to grab their attention. It is important to provide reasons that will appeal to the reader, which in this case the principal.

40 1. If students decide rules, students can play video games in class.
Our school rules should be partly decided by the students, not only the teacher, school or district. 1. If students decide rules, students can play video games in class. 2. Studies show that when students are given more responsibilities their school performance improves. Which of these two reasons better addresses the needs of the principal? To what audience might the other reason apply?

41 Spelling Word Sort ology meter chron re- refurnish reorganize
reintroduce revisit reaffirm reinforce reformulate repurchase reapply meter diameter barometer thermometer centimeter chronic chronicle synchronize chronology chronological chronology chronological

42 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
dog, hero dogs, heroes A singular noun can be made plural by adding s or es. Here are some examples of regular plurals. rock rocks bench benches Can you come up with some other examples?

43 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
leaf, country leaves, countries Sometimes nouns change the ending of the word before adding s or es. Change the singular noun into plural. rose roses knife knives fox foxes park parks city cities hamster hamsters blanket blankets bush bushes Write five sentences that include plurals.

44 What vocabulary word goes best in each sentence?
The light from the candle was __________. flickering A balloon ___________ when air is blown into it. expands propel Wind was used to _________ ships long before windmills were invented. There was a ______ wind blowing across the summer prairie. gusty The car was very ______ in the cold winter months. reliable

45 What vocabulary word goes best in each sentence?
revolving door The store’s _______________ got stuck. People couldn’t get out of the store. The engine _________ water power to electricity. converts The underground cables bring the electric _____________ to the homes. currents Coal is one of the _____________ used to heat homes. fossil fuels Wind is an ___________ way to generate electrical power. economical

46 Word Structure delicate more delicate, most delicate rigorous
What is the comparative an superlative form of each word? delicate rigorous simple kind more delicate, most delicate more rigorous most rigorous simpler, simplest kinder, kindest

47 Word Structure more delicately, most delicately
Can you convert the words to adverbs by adding the correct suffixes? Then name the comparative and superlative form of each new word. delicately rigorously simply kindly more delicately, most delicately more rigorously, most rigorously more simply, most simply more kindly, most kindly

48 Meet the Author Gretchen Woelfle
Why do you think the author is interested in windmills? She loves nature and wants to conserve it. Where does Woelfle live? She lives in California. Are there any wind turbines there? Yes there are many. Gretchen Woelfle Gretchen

49 Theme Connections Where is a good place to build a wind turbine?
on top a hill or mountain Why did people stop building windmills during the 1800s? More reliable energy sources were discovered. Why is wind a good energy source? Wind doesn’t produce pollution. What is one problem with using tornadoes as an energy source? A tornado is too powerful and dangerous to be controlled.

50 Writing in Formal Language
Writing in formal language is one way to meet the needs of particular audiences. Formal language should be used when writing to an adult especially one you don’t know. It should also be used when writing to get information, and much of the writing done in school such as reports. Formal language is serious, polite and carefully written. It contains no contractions, slang, or shortened words.

51 Now check your persuasive letter…
Are the readers needs being addressed in your letter? What revisions do you need to make? Is there any informal language in your letter?

52 Prefix re- and Greek Roots
meter- measure chron- time therm- heat ology- study or science of The prefix re- means again.

53 Spelling reintroduce reaffirm reorganize inflamed
What are some other words that share the same base word as these words? Examples: introduction, affirmative, disorganized

54 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
Some nouns don’t add s or es when forming plural nouns. Some change the vowel. man goose men geese moose salmon moose salmon Some nouns stays the same in singular an plural forms. child person children people Irregular plurals change altogether.

55 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
I have seen a volcano. Before Adam sleeps, he brushes his tooth. Rewrite the sentences changing the singular nouns with plural nouns. I have seen volcanoes. Before Adam sleeps, he brushes his teeth.

56 Genre- Interview… Interviews… Shows exact words of a conversation
Are labeled with speakers initials Footnotes are used to give the reader information that will help the reader understand the text or give the reader extra knowledge about a subject. Footnotes often identify the source of information given in text.

57 Think Link What is a CFL? It is a compact florescent light bulb.
What are the three main fossil fuels? Oil, coal and natural gas In additional to being renewable energy sources, solar power and wind power produce little or pollution. Can you think of a reason that they might not be good energy sources? They are not as powerful or as readily available gas and coal.

58 Editing Your Persuasive Letter
Editing is where you look for errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Make sure your letter is properly formatted. It needs a heading with date, inside address, salutation, body, closing and signature. Compound sentences can add variety to a writing. Have a classmate peer edit your letter. Make necessary changes to your letter based on editing checklist and peer advice.

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