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In Partnership with Dr. James H. Naylor School Family Literacy Project Improvement Program at Naylor.

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1 In Partnership with Dr. James H. Naylor School Family Literacy Project Improvement Program at Naylor

2 We are Bosnians. After a long day at work, on Mondays and Tuesdays we come here, to the Family Literacy class at Naylor School, to learn.

3 Most of us can speak English. We are here to learn how to read and write correctly.

4 Sitting shoulder to shoulder in the class, parents inspire children while children help their parents.

5 We teach our mothers how to play educational games with us.

6 Every team gets support from a coach.

7 We have fun learning in the computer lab !

8 Take my ball, Ill take your seat. I want to learn something, too !

9 Break time for refreshment and chat with classmates.

10 When I learn to speak, read, and write in English, my backyard will be from the east to the west coast!

11 Reading is fun! Sorry guys. We will make a picture together next time! These kids make me shine even at this late time of the day!

12 It is super! Our moms and dads are great students! We are proud of them!

13 We want to have a picture with Mrs. Kaflik who makes sure that we have everything we need to be successful in this program.

14 Ziba and Adela knew each other from school, but they became close friends during the program. ZZz ZibaAdela

15 This is really the best program ever! I am so happy! Finally my parents will understand my homework and they will be able to help me! Emir

16 Mrs. LeBorious, Mr. Travaglini, Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. Banjac take every available moment to discuss how to make this program even better.

17 Ms. Susan Pierson, from the CT Department of Education, visited us during one of our sessions.

18 Everyone works hard. Which team will be the best?


20 My little finger helps me to be a better reader.

21 No, thanks, we do not need help. We can do it!


23 His music made the whole event unforgettable. Mr. Mike Kachuba is a great story teller and an amazing artist.

24 We had a wonderful and enjoyable evening with Mr. Kachuba.

25 We had a visitor who explained the importance of filling out forms for Census 2010.




29 Bosnians favorite social drink is coffee. Therefore, many adults take the opportunity to check their blood pressure.

30 Yoga is beneficial to all children. We want to be even better than we are. We learn how to relax, choose better foods to eat, concentrate and be in self-control.

31 Hartford Public Library is our favorite place in Hartford. We like to stay there till closing.

32 Hartford Public Library staff members are always kind and they offer help with library resources.

33 We explored every corner of this beautiful building. We are impressed with the attractive interior.

34 This beautiful picture will always remind us of this unforgettable visit to the Hartford Public Library.




38 Dont we look like a big Family Literacy family ?

39 Mrs. Medina Smajic, works on her homework.

40 Medina and her daughters practice reading sight words together.

41 Thanks to this program, my husband and I understand bill statements and different forms which we have to fill out. We do not need to ask someone to help us with responses. Medina

42 Thanks to the Family Literacy program, I started to read with more confidence books, newspaper and internet articles. Reading enabled me to learn about American people and culture. Mrs. Bahra Kuljancic

43 For many years I longed to read to my children books written in English. Its never too late to begin. My kids love when I read to them after dinner. Bahra

44 My son would rather read together than play with toys. Mrs. Sabina Jukic

45 I do not have to tell my son to read. He loves to read and retell a story in his own words with lot of excitement. It is such a joy for me as a parent ! Sabina

46 Dad and my little sister enjoy my reading, too. Adnan

47 I am no longer embarrassed to read to my son in English. Mrs. Behka Ademovic

48 A good book and good food in my cozy home. Emir

49 Family Reading at the Duric home.

50 This is one of my favorite books. Fatija


52 In the Osmanovic family we have so much fun reading together. While he helps me with pronunciation, I help him with comprehension. Mrs. Adisa Osmanovic

53 My daughter says that I have learned to write in English pretty well.

54 When my daughter and I work on her homework together, my son joins us always. That is good because he is engaged in learning and he also sees how education is important in our family. Adisa


56 With pride and laughter we shared our experiences and thoughts from this past year.

57 Mrs. Betsy LeBorious reminded us of some memorable moments from the program.

58 Mrs. J. Kuljancic Mrs. Meneses Ms. Karen Meneses, ESL teacher, gave certificates and awards to the students.

59 Mrs. S. Duric

60 Mrs. S. Jukic

61 Mrs. B. Kuljancic

62 Mr. Hali Ademovic

63 Mrs. A. Osmanovic

64 Mrs. Sabina Subasic

65 Mrs. Adisa Becirovic


67 Mrs. A. Osmanovic The Most Approved Award

68 Mrs. B. Kuljancic Best Attendance Award

69 Mrs. Elisabeth Kaflik Mrs. Betsy LaBorious Mrs. Wieslawa Kennedy

70 Mr. Boro Banjac thanked all who initiated, worked in, and supported the Family Literacy Program as well as the students for their commitment and enthusiasm.

71 Mr. Robert Travaglini believes that parents literacy in English has already significantly impacted the childrens education. This program improved not just the quality of family time, but unified our community.

72 Ms. Lydia Tedone from CREC Council was sincerely impressed with the Family Literacy Program at Naylor School.


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