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Information Technology People © Tefko Saracevic1 Keeping up & up & up & up & up & up Key to you professional success & even longevity.

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1 Information Technology People © Tefko Saracevic1 Keeping up & up & up & up & up & up Key to you professional success & even longevity

2 Principles of Searching © Tefko Saracevic 2 Why to keep up? n Imperative for professional performance –essential part of being a professional n Advancing in your job –even keeping the job n While principles of searching remain the same, everything else is changing rapidly –constantly new sources, ways of searching … n remember about seven dog years? Web is the opposite: in one of your years web jumped seven years ahead of you & you are risking of being seven years behind

3 Principles of Searching © Tefko Saracevic 3 Where to find stuff to keep up? n In many places, but web is a goldmine n We have already covered a number of them in other lectures n Some are repeated here to put them all together & a few more are added n Browse & get familiar!

4 Principles of Searching © Tefko Saracevic 4 Who is responsible? n Primarily you n But also very much your employer –providing opportunities to keep up –making sure that all keep up n If not part of employer’s policy, you should explain & pressure to make it a policy – so you can do expected job n Also part of professional associations job on local, regional, national levels

5 Principles of Searching © Tefko Saracevic 5 How to keep up? n Great many ways – should become a habit & part of regular job every day –following relevant literature, news –attending professional meetings –being active in professional societies –taking workshops, tutorials –talking to colleagues, keeping contacts –visiting places to pick up best practices –being creative in ways & means to do it

6 Principles of Searching © Tefko Saracevic 6 Keeping up??? They did it too! This is a Sumerian tablet 2600 BC, considered among the oldest known “books”. It provides commandments … Can you find the text?

7 © Tefko Saracevic 7 Information industry Searcher: Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals articles on current issues, news, opinions Information Today Information Today information industry news Freepint newsletter, articles, links; nice & sometimes quirky Ex Libris Ex Libris a private weekly ezine for librarians Ariadne Ariadne “targeted principally at information science professionals in academia”

8 © Tefko Saracevic 8 Internet Resource Shelf bloger about internet (and some other stuff) with archive; it has really good and really bad exchanges & threads Internet Resources Newsletter UK based; monthly newsletter for “academics, students, engineers, scientists and social scientists ” ResearchBuzz daily updates; many aspects; “Collection of items on search engines, online databases, and other information resources” Web Search tools, Web Search Forum

9 © Tefko Saracevic 9 Searching SiteLines a blog, written by Rita Vine, a professional librarian, & web search trainer; many evaluations in archive ResourceShelf “Resources and News for Information Professionals,” edited by Gary Price, a librarian & author of Invisible Web – has extensive archive WebsearchAbout not evaluative, but provides news, capabilities, sources, articles about web searching

10 © Tefko Saracevic 10 Search engines & internet news Search Engine Watch ratings, news, statistics, charts, explanations, tutorials Search Engine Showdown “The users’ guide to web searching” - run by a librarian, news links, ratings Search engine guide Search engine guide “the definitive guide to search engine information on the Internet.” Oh, well… Phil Bradley's website Phil Bradley's website “Information on search engines, searching the internet, keeping up to date on internet events…”

11 © Tefko Saracevic 11 Web resources The invisible web directory The invisible web directory Chris Sherman & Gary Price companion to The Invisible Web: Finding Hidden Internet Resources Search Engines Can't See by Extreme Searcher Extreme Searcher Randolph Hock update of a popular book; links by chapter topics The web libraryThe web library Nicholas G. Tomaiuolo spotlights free resources, links by chapter and new topics –done by a librarian Internet resources for library science Internet resources for library science U Delaware many links to guides, associations, schools, tools, including to list at other institutions

12 © Tefko Saracevic 12 Digital libraries University of California, Berkeley a most elaborate effort with many guides, tutorials, lists; done together with Sun Corporation LibWeb LibWeb U California, Berkeley “lists currently over 7200 pages from libraries in over 125 countries” D-Lib Magazine “focus on digital library research and development…” Digital libraries: Resources and projects IFLANET, considerable resources & links

13 © Tefko Saracevic 13 Evaluation criteria Virtual Chase a site about “Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research;,” this section has very good tips and links for consideration of quality on the web MLA user guide MLA user guide for finding & evaluating health information on the web Evaluating web pages Evaluating web pages UC Berkeley tutorial and guide Evaluating web sites Evaluating web sites Cornell U criteria & tools

14 © Tefko Saracevic 14 No, you do not want to keep up with some of these, but others are OK UFO's, Aliens & Abductions Dark side of the net Find a grave The skeptic's dictionary Cliché finder How things work explaining the physics of everyday lifeHow things work The why files science behind the news, includes searchingThe why filessearching Political information search engine for politics, policy & political newsPolitical information

15 © Tefko Saracevic 15 Welcome to the profession!

16 © Tefko Saracevic 16 From other lectures …

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