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Part III: Your Government at Work!

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1 Part III: Your Government at Work!
The U.S. Constitution Part III: Your Government at Work!

2 U.S. Congress OGT Vocab! U.S. Congress is a bicameral legislature
House of Representatives & the U.S. Senate legislature consisting of 2 houses

3 House of Reps. 435 members each state represented based on population
(min. of 1) Congressmen have a 2 year term

4 Senate 100 members (2 from each state)
each state is represented equally Senators have a 6 year term

5 Congress at Work Each house works independently
House & Senate divide the work by “Committee” Debates are held & votes are taken on the floor (C-Span) Speaker of the House VP - Pres. Of Senate

6 The Presidency Executive branch = President Elected to 4 year term
Limited to 2 terms Elected by the “Electoral College”

7 President at Work President has many jobs Enforces Laws (Executive)
Head of State Commander-in-Chief Chief Diplomat Suggests Laws Cabinet: advisors

8 Federal Courts 3 levels of courts Supreme Court 9 Justices
- Serve for life Appointed by Pres. approved by Senate Original Jurisdiction & Appeals

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