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Size Up & Incident Command

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1 Size Up & Incident Command
A Guide for Initial Command Actions

2 Initial Command Actions
Will Often Determine the Future Course of the Incident

3 5 Step Method Arrival Report on Conditions
Declare Assuming Incident Command Action Plan Statement Resources Needed

4 “Camino, ____(your I.D.), At Scene”
1. ARRIVAL A Brief Statement That You Are At Scene “Camino, ____(your I.D.), At Scene” Confirm Address or Location of Incident “2345 ______ Road”

5 2. Report On Conditions A Brief Description of the Incident
(What do you see?… paint a picture for Dispatch & for those listening) Describe Occupancy Use, Building Type, or Construction Key Phrases Are Useful Some Typical Key Phrases for Structure Fires: “Nothing Showing” “Smoke Showing” or “Fire & Smoke Showing” “Fully Involved” or % or “Room & Contents” “Building Evacuated”

6 Report on Conditions Continued
Key Phrases for Wildland Incidents: Size: “____Acres” Rate of Spread: “Slow, Moderate, Rapid” Fuel Type: “Grass, Brush,Timber” Direction of Spread: “Topographical or N,S,E,W” Note: Indicate if Threat to Structures

7 Declare Assumption of Incident Command
ECC Assigns Incident Name and Tactical Frequency / Channel Declare Assuming Command Confirm the Incident Name, On the Air: “I Will Be _____ (Name) I.C. on Tac 9 Identify Location of ICP “ICP is Located at _______”

8 When in Charge Take Charge

9 Assuming Command vs. Passing Command
Tactical Priority Requires You Take Action Rather Than Assume Command Life Rescue Time Factors in Operations Limitations on Passing Command See District S.O.P. 201, Section IV

10 4. Action Plan An Initial Statement of Objectives
Command Texts Often Refer to “Modes” Key Action Phrases: “Inside to Investigate” “Interior Attack Line with Rescue” “Offensive” “Defensive”

11 Action Plan continued Assigning Other Units In Your Plan
“Engine __, Establish Water Supply” “Take Ventilation” “Take the Left Flank” “Protect Exposures” “Set Up Traffic Control” Note: Think of RECEO

12 RECEO Establish Priorities
Rescue Exposures Confinement Extinguishment Overhaul Salvage & Ventilation

13 5. Resources Needed Do you have Enough Resources?
If so, then transmit: “Can Handle with Units At Scene” Do you have Authority to Order: Additional Company’s ? Alarms? Remember: When in Charge, Take Charge

14 Staging Resources If You Can’t Find the Incident, Consider Staging Your Incoming Units “Have All Units Hold Present Location” Useful Technique: Staging Area Note: If You Must Create a Staging Area Assign a Staging Area Manager (STAM)

15 Canceling Resources If Not Needed, Canceling is a Valid Option
Better to Order Too Much Than Not Enough Never Too Late to Cancel Resources You Can Always Send Them Home Asserting a Cancellation is a Function of Command

16 If you know a Medic Unit will Transport:
“Camino, Medic 48 Committed”

17 All Risk Considerations
Mass Casualty Incidents Declare an MCI Haz Mat Isolate, Identify, Deny Entry & Notify (S.I.N.) Law Enforcement Traffic Control, Road Closure, Early Warning Structural Collapse Need to Evacuate from Structure, RIC

18 Other “Nuggets” F.A.T.S. L.C.E.S. (Wildland and “All Risk”)
Fireground Accountability Tracking System L.C.E.S. (Wildland and “All Risk”) Interface Fires with Threat to Structures: Immediate Threat to Life & Property

19 Use of Checklists & Guides
The 10 & the 18 D.O.T Guide F.O.G. ICS 201 and Other Forms Incident Response Pocket Guide NFES #1077, January 2004 (See page 12) Lots of Reference Resources for you!

20 Volunteer & Off Duty Response in P.O.V.
Professionalism Cell Phone with ECC’s Phone Number Radio How to I.D. Self and Pass Information What Is Appropriate vs. What Isn’t

21 SUMMARY It All Starts With Attitude Preparation Commitment
Your Sense of Professional Courtesy Seek Information The Next Incident will be “Come as you are” Practice (and opportunity to practice Are you ready?










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