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An exciting new way to help Clients find properties for sale on their Smartphone Introducing A Presentation to Mr. Don Kottick & Agents.

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1 An exciting new way to help Clients find properties for sale on their Smartphone Introducing A Presentation to Mr. Don Kottick & Agents

2 Real Estate Meets Technology

3 Introducing

4 About HomeRoamer HomeRoamer is a mobile application that helps users find properties for sale on their smartphone All-in-one property search application that utilizes the latest smartphone technology User-friendly and easy to navigate Available for the BlackBerry, iPhone & Android

5 Find Properties Near Me Uses GPS technology to find properties for sale in a 3km radius from your location If devices do not have GPS capabilities, HomeRoamer can also use cell-tower data to find your location as well Conveniently displays the property results on a map Displays the property image and information on a pin in the map

6 Find Properties Near Me A map is fully integrated within the application Zoom control: Zoom in for more detail or zoom out to get a general idea of the location Pan Control: Move the map from side to side or up and down to see the surrounding areas

7 Find Properties Near Me With one click, get instant access to: 1. View Property Listing: View all the details about the selected property 2. View Property Photos: Take a look at the photos for the selected property 3. Contact Realtor: Call; email or access the listing agents web site from your phone instantly

8 View Property Listings Get a complete overview of the property information –MLS Number –Sale Price –Address –Number of bedrooms –Number of bathrooms –Building type –Amenities Scroll through preview images of the property or click to view full-sized images Save the listing for future reference More information can be accessed by clicking the navigation buttons on the bottom. These buttons are: –View the property on a map –Listing Agent –Data Sheet –Mortgage Calculator

9 Listing Agent View the Listing Agent for the property Call, email or visit the website for the agent or brokerage View more properties listed by the agent Add the agent to your contact list Save the Agent as My Agent

10 Data Sheet Get all the detailed information for the property Simple and straightforward layout makes it very easy to read

11 Mortgage Calculator Built-in Mortgage Calculator for convenience The fully customizable calculator allows you to input your: –Down Payment (amount or percent) –Interest Rate –Term –Amortization Monthly or biweekly payments can be calculated

12 View Photos Navigate through photos for each property HomeRoamer offers quick and easy picture browsing with high resolution, full- screen images

13 Open Houses If a property has an Open House, a option to view that information will be shown All Open House dates will be as relevant as possible. Any dates that have passed will automatically be removed Add the Open House Event to your phones Calendar

14 Search In addition to the Near Me search, HomeRoamer also has the ability to perform manual searches using common methods Search by: –MLS # –Address –GPS location Easy to use Straightforward design and layout

15 Search Options Filter search results for desirable Amenities, Building Type, Building Style and View –Amenities: Garage, Fireplace, Air Conditioning, Pool, Lake –Building Type: House, Apartment, Duplex, Townhouse, Mobile Home, etc. –Building Style: Attached, Detached, Link, Number of Storeys, etc. –View: City View, Water View, Lake View, Ocean View, River View, Ravine View, etc.

16 Search Options Find Properties with Open Houses only Simply check the Open House option and specify the dates All results will be properties with Open Houses within the specified dates

17 Search Results A list of search results are displayed with property image and information Sort properties in a variety of ways: –Distance (closest to farthest) –Price (high to low or low to high) –Open Houses only View all properties on a map Open House icon indicates that the property currently has an Open House Click a property to view the listing

18 For Agents Lets Agents stay directly connected with their customers Expands the reach of your Brand, Agents and listings Utility for sellers in deducing the appropriate value of their current property reduces conflict with Agent over pricing Users can research Agents who are actively selling in a neighbourhood of interest A valuable marketing tool and customer relationship builder Adds value to Agents listing presentation

19 But CREA Has Developed an App Any tool/method that expands the Right At Home Brand in a positive way, and widens distribution of Agents listings, is good for RAH, Agents, and your Clients. Room for many good new marketing tools. You dont restrict Broker or Agent ads to one daily newspaper - no reason not to distribute your listings on more than one mobile app. Likewise, many Agents have their own websites, but that does not negate the value of the RAH corporate site. Customer will decide. We offer the posting of all your listings on our app. at no charge. At some point in 2011, having built a more critical mass of listings and Agents, we will offer the opportunity (but no obligation) to sponsor 'Featured Listings', at a price extremely competitive to either features in the print press, or banner ads on web sites. Eg: $21 for 21 Days

20 FastFacts Beta launch at Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board Realtor Show in April 2010, and the Toronto 'RealtorQuest' Show in May 2010 Since September 10, weve been signing Brokers in Toronto > GTA & Kitchener-Waterloo Obtain listings through TREB automatically, so no lag, and our database is as fresh as the Brokers We have 7000+ Agents; 8000+ active users, increasing daily, as we add Brokers and listings, and they provide the app to their Clients. BlackBerry; iPhone; Android platforms deployed

21 Metrics HomeRoamer also tracks useful statistics within the application. The following is a list of what we track daily: 1.Total users, broken down by Blackberry, iOS, Android 2.Total Agents 3.Total Listings 4.Number of people who have an agent saved as 'My Agent 5.Number of views per listing 6.Number of views for a featured property 7.Number of clicks on the mortgage calculator banner 8.Daily usage - number of unique connections each day 9.Daily usage - number of unique connections by device (Android, BB, iOS)

22 To learn more, please visit us at:

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