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2001-05-13 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description1 User Profile Description

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1 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description1 User Profile Description

2 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description2 User Profile Description Background Working assumptions Proposal Data Description Principles

3 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description3 Phone User Profile, Terminal View UP ”MExE” Server UP Capability Negotiation Profile Update Application APIAPI Term. Manag. Server UP Terminal Management VHE UP VHE Sync UP VHE Sync SIM?? UP Moved SIM OSA Application API Back Up Restore UP

4 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description4 User Profile, Network View Service Related Data HSS Personalisation Data in terminal Personalisation Data in USIM Subscription Homepage User’s Homepage VASP HE-VASP User Profile Wireless Network

5 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description5 Same Data, Different Usages To avoid multiple descriptions In standardisation Describe the data once Try to used Generic Mapping to Formats –Transport format –Protocol –Application programming Interface, API –...

6 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description6 Describe once, Use many Data Description Capability Negotiation Terminal Management Subscription Management Terminal VHE sync Mapping

7 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description7 Working assumptions our current!!

8 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description8 Data Description Requirements (1) Re-usable description components –Equal/Similar parts where possible –Distributed responsibility between std. bodies –Some description components standardised some late defined Computer parseable Data Description Define a Default Transport Format Backward compatibly –Avoid to redo all existing data descriptions! Extendable –Start with Terminal Management data, later also other data

9 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description9 Data Description Requirements (2) Expressiveness Balance –Expressiveness to describe data –Requirement on Terminal Management complexity Fulfil Requirements from –Use Cases –Security

10 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description10 Working Assumption (1) One User Profile Is composed of User Profile Components Each User Profile Component, UPC, has –Identification –Semantic (i.e. meaning of the UPC) –Schema (i.e. vocabulary, UPC data type) –Values An User Profile Description consists of –List of User Profile Components –Set of schemas that defines the syntax and semantic of all UPC types

11 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description11 Working Assumption (2) The rules how to create User Profile Descriptions are called a Data Description Framework The Data Description Framework is standardised Some of the User Profile Components are standardised Use XML where suitable

12 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description12 Data Description Principles

13 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description13 Data Description Framework Describes the data Defines how to do the data description Data Description Data Data stored and accessed in a device ”Meta” Levels

14 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description14 Example: Device Management usage Content Data Description Framework Structure Content Management system Data Description Device Configuration Device Type Parameter values Managed device Semantic ie ”SyncML” or MExE XML-document

15 EricssonT2#13, User Profile Description15 2 ON... Anders

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