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2006 Aviation Supply Chain Business Conference Small Business Workshop Crystal Ober & Harriett Reddrick Small Business Specialists June 6-8, 2006.

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1 2006 Aviation Supply Chain Business Conference Small Business Workshop Crystal Ober & Harriett Reddrick Small Business Specialists June 6-8, 2006


3 BSMBSM DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager BSM (Business Systems Modernization) replaces DLAs legacy material management systems with a state-of-the-art system linking the entire supply chain from customer to supplier modified from commercial systems. Effort restructured DLA systems as well as supply chain structure. In October 2004, Product centers and OEM supplier teams were restructured and renamed Integrated Supplier Teams and Integrated Customer Team. Known as the Big Bang. Completion in late 2006 when all DSCR NSNs should be migrated to BSM. List of migrated NSNs is available at: The website address for the Supplier Information Resources page of BSM is:

4 DSCC DSCP DSCR Aviation OEM NSN-166K $978M C&E NSN-90K $1,133M Release 2.2 RTSO AMMA STABILIZATION C&T Drs Cloth NSN-9 K $245M Subs PV FSE/DFS NSN-3K $56M Def WS Detachmt NSN-107K $289M Maritme NSN-269K $423M Maritme/A viation NSN145K $417M Maritme/ Land NSN-242K $630M Maritime/ Land NSN-78K $434M Med 2 ECAT Itms-770k $80M Medical 3 Pharm NSN-25K Itms-255K $1,244M Medical 4 Med/Surg NSN-38K Itms-2K $2,030M Medical 1 Capital Equipmt $250M DSCP Operational Acctg HQ – Operational Acctg. DSCR Operational AcctgDSCC Operational Acctg – Pilot & Rollout C&T Footwear NSN-7.1K $263M C&T OCIE NSN- 8K $1,017M C&E NSN159K $574M C&E NSN100K $663M C&E NSN-40K $646M Aviation Deferred NSN-75K $675M LR GO/NO-GO Checkpoint BSM Rollout Schedule From Jan 06 – Dec 06 (Current as of March 7, 2006) Jan06 Feb06 Mar06 Apr06 May06 Jun06 Jul06 Aug06 Sep06 Oct06 Nov06 Dec06 STABILIZATION

5 Major Changes DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager Solicitation, Contract and Clause numbering BSM Terms DIBBS ABVS BSM Delivery Evaluation Cascading Set-asides FAST awards AUTO IDPOs

6 Numbering Changes DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager BSM solicitations and awards begin with SPM or SPE. Legacy awards began with SP0 Clause numbering has changed to reflect BSM clause numbers. The Acquisition Reference List (aka Master Solicitation) reflects these changes. List of legacy and corresponding BSM clauses can be found at Clause numbers such as I94 or E6 are now being replaced by new clause numbers like I19A06 orE46A17 Purchase request numbers no longer begin with YPG, RPG or NPG and no longer have 14 digits. They now are 10 digit numeric (i.e )

7 BSM Terms DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager Customer Direct aka DVD (procurement request that comes directly from a vendor) DLA Direct aka Stocked Item FSC (Federal Supply Class) aka Material Group Outline Agreement aka Long Term Contract. Hub and Spoke Network: distribution network that allows vendors to ship new DLA materiel to any point in the network based on demand and supply plans. Materiel will be primarily bought to the Hubs (usually Tracy CA and Susquehanna PA) pushed to the Spokes Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): management of relationships between DLA and selected suppliers. Managers will manage these suppliers to the levels of performance and performance targets specified in their contracts Supply Planner: plans for supply requirements and creates and maintains Supply Plans. Part of Integrated Supplier Team Demand Planner Plans for customer demand and creates and maintains Demand Plans. Develops, enriches and publishes the final Demand Plan forecast. Part of Integrated Customer Team Customer Account Specialist (CAS) The customer facing point of contact on the Integrated Customer Team (ICTs)

8 DIBBSDIBBS DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager New bid board will be DLA DIBBS website Registration in Procurement Gateway DOES NOT register your company in DLA DIBBS. Info to help register and get profile set-ups can be found at

9 RFQ Searches Custom Queries for NSN, FSC, RFQ #, PR #, Nomenclature, Part Number, or Cage Show Onlys for Items with Bid Sets, Fast Award Candidates, Small Business Set-Asides or IDPOs. DIBBS SEARCH FEATURES

10 For HUBZone and Service Disabled set-aside searches: Use Text Search to bring up HUBZone and SDV set-asides. Search by entering BSM clauses numbers under Text Search as follows: Type in I19A30 for Service Disabled Type in I19A01 for HUBZone Systems Change Request has been requested to add SDV and Hub search blocks (like Small Bus Set Aside search button). DIBBS HUBZone & Service Disabled Vet Searches


12 RFP Searches More limited Can search by Solicitations with Bid Sets Cannot use HUBZone & SDV clauses for searching Use FedBizOpps for in-depth searches RFP SEARCHES


14 Exceptions to Public Posting Some RFQs are posted to restricted area of DIBBS. Only Cages to whom the buyer directs the solicitation can view the RFQ. Used only for mandatory sources of supplyJWOD and 8(A) solicitations. Exceptions to Public Posting

15 ABVSABVS DLA's Aviation Supply & Demand Chain Manager Prior to January 2006, contracts performed in BSM were not counted toward the vendors ABVS score. In December 2005, vendors were informed that BSM performance data from June 1 – December 31, 2005 would be made available through the challenge process prior to its inclusion in your ABVS score, with inclusion expected to take place in March After input from vendors, a decision was made to utilize BSM data for award issued January and forward. In addition, effective January 1, 2006, ABVS will also begin to capture performance data on awards for non-NSN items. As always, vendors are strongly urged to review their performance data often and coordinate with the appropriate ABVS Administrator to resolve any concerns. ABVS POC is Carolyn Harris or Mary Ann Hubbard

16 Exceptions to Public Posting Clause & (PACE) Delivery is critical element to BSM Attainment Plan. Delivery will only be evaluated when identified in solicitation as an evaluation factorotherwise, no preference for offers/quotes will fewer delivery days. Quoting/offering a greater number of delivery days than requested may result in less favorable evaluation. BSM DELIVERY EVALUATION

17 Combined/Cascading Set-Asides Achieving small business goals via multi-tiered competition Offers considered in hierarchical tiers All SBs can submit quotes BSM automated solicitations only (SASP T solicitations $2,500 to $100,000) Logic will not be used in manual solicitations (RFQs) Systems logic allows consideration of more than one kind of set-aside in a combined or cascading fashion, according to the order of precedence Simultaneously accommodates SDV, HUBZone and total SB set-asides (REF: DLAD ) Combined/Cascading Set-Asides

18 Combined SA Solicitation At time of solicitation, if there is a reasonable expectation of receiving offers from two or more SDV or HUB small business concerns, the BSM software will use a combined solicitation Expectation of offers is based on BSM award and quote history All SBs are encouraged to submit quotes on Cascading Set-Asides. Order of precedence will be stated in the solicitation Combined Set-Aside Solicitations

19 Types of Cascading Solicitations Three types of cascades: 1. SDV & HUBZoneexpectation of receiving offers from 2 or more SDV or HUBZone SBs (Clause or 9014) 2. SDVexpectation of receiving offers from 2 or more SDV SBs (Clause or 9016) 3. HUBZoneexpectation of receiving offers for 2 or more HUBZone SBs (Clause or 9009) Types of Combined Set-Asides

20 Combined SA Order of Precedence Service-Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business HUBZone Small Business Small Business Unrestricted Combined Set-Aside Order of Precedence

21 Sample Cascade If solicitation went out with expectation of SDV and HUBZone offers, evaluation would be performed in the following order of precedence: 1st tier: SDV Small Businesses 2nd tier: HUBZone Small Businesses 3rd: Other Small Businesses If no qualified quote is received from a small business at a fair market price, the set-aside will be withdrawn and the buy re-solicited on a unrestricted basis. Ref: DLAD (b) SAMPLE CASCADE/COMBINED SET ASIDE

22 FAST Awards On solicitations, a Fast PACE icon on the DIBBS search results screen identifies Fast PACE solicitations. These solicitations, estimated to be less than $2,500, are not set-aside for small businesses. The solicitations may be awarded prior to the solicitation return date/time. Commencing at 3:00 P.M., 3 business days after the issue date, and continuing every day thereafter at 3:00 P.M. until the return date, all quotes $2,500 or less will be evaluated by DLAs Procurement Automated Contract evaluation (PACE) program for an early award. FAST Awards

23 Auto IDPOs Creates IDPO awards for DLA stock replenishment items. Uses pricing logic & other automated filters to make fully automated and buyer assisted automated IDPO awards. Considers only qualified quotes for award. Qualified quotes are bids without exception & alternate bids. Awards do not specify a firm quantity of supplies other than a minimum quantity. Identified by a "U" in the 9th position & an "alpha" in the 10th position (i.e. "UA" "UB" etc.) of the solicitation number. If no qualified quotes are received or Auto IDPO is unable to make a price reasonableness or contractor responsibility determination, manual evaluation will be done Ref: Procurement Automated Contract Evaluation (PACE) Information (JAN 2006) – DLAD Part II AUTO IDPOs

24 Auto IDPOs No limit to number of orders issued during the contract period Contractors method of accepting the IDPO is their performance on the first delivery order. Once that order is performed, the contract is formed and contractor agrees to honor additional orders. Different from legacy where bilateral signature was acceptance Same set-aside logic as automated purchases Probably be a base and two year IDPO AUTO IDPO Important Reminders

25 Auto IDPOs DIBBS Navigation or BSM questions??? Inside Virginia Outside Virginia DIBBS & BSM HELP

26 Auto IDPOs What is a Service Disabled Veteran? –A veteran with a disability that is service connected What is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business? –A business directly owned and controlled at least 51% by one or more service disabled veterans and –Qualifies as a small business under applicable NAICS Code SDVOSB PROGRAM

27 Auto IDPOs SDVOSB SET-ASIDES Competitive – FAR and –Expectation of two SDVOSBs, SB product –Award will be made at fair market price Sole Source – FAR –Sole source awards – only one SDVOSB can satisfy the requirement SDV Program Manager Anne Mastrincola

28 Auto IDPOs Company must be located in a HUBZone – 35% of employees reside in a HUBZone Must be certified by SBA prior to submittal of proposal Company must perform 50% of manufacturing cost Dealers must provide the product manufactured by a HUBZone SB HUBZONE REQUIREMENTS

29 Auto IDPOs HUBZONE PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS Competitive – FAR and –Expectation of two HUBZone SB manufacturers –Award will be made at fair market price Sole Source – FAR –Sole source awards – only one HUBZone can satisfy the requirement Notice of price evaluation Preference– FAR and –10% price evaluation preference – only on projects not set-aside for SBs – Unrestricted/full & open type projects HUBZone Program Manager, Connie McNeill (804)

30 Auto IDPOs Less than $100K/Legacy – – Click Business Opportunities »Electronic Commerce »Open RFQ and Backorder Search Greater than $100K – – Search by Contracting Activity and type of set-aside DIBBS/BSM – –Click search categories –Submit LOCATING DSCR SET-ASIDES

31 Auto IDPOs What does it take to set-aside a procurement for small business? Dollar thresholds: –$2,500 - $25K – 2 SBs offering the product of 2 different manufacturers (small or large) –$25K - $100K – 2 SBs offering the product of any Small Business –> $100K SBs offering the product of 2 different Small Businesses SET-ASIDE GUIDELINES

32 Auto IDPOs FAR (a)(2), Notification to Unsuccessful Offerors, Preaward Notices for Small Business Programs – projects > $100K –Contracting Officer (KO) shall notify each offeror in writing prior to award & after completion of negotiations & Determination of Responsibility –Notice shall state: Name & address of apparent successful SB offeror Government will not consider revisions to offerors proposal No response is required unless basis exist to challenge the SB size status Notice is not required when KO determines in writing urgency of project or 8A SA (non-competitive) SIZE PROTESTS

33 Auto IDPOs Protest received regarding business size representation must contain the basis for the challenge with evidence supporting the claim Any KO who receives a Size Protest (timely or not) shall promptly forward protest to area SBA Timely Size Protests should be received by KO within five business days from receipt May be made orally if confirmed in writing either within the five day period or by letter post marked no later than one business day after oral protest SIZE PROTESTS (cont)

34 Auto IDPOs ELECTRONIC INVOICES SUBMISSION Wide Area Work Flow – Receipt and Acceptance Web Invoicing System American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

35 Auto IDPOs What issues do you need to be addressed Question/Answer time Did you know there is an on-line place to get your concerns addressed ? Ombudsman web site found at click on DSCR SB Office click on Ombudsman: SMALL BUSINESS ISSUES



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