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Leisure Step Up KNR 279.

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1 Leisure Step Up KNR 279

2 Leisure Step Up Dave Dehn, CTRS (1995) Idyll Arbor
Assessment & leisure education program 2 books Instructor Assessment, leisure plan, and activities/homework Sheets can be copied, once purchase book Participant

3 Leisure Step Up Wide variety of populations & settings
Most appropriate for psychiatric Adults & adolescents in behavior med. or substance abuse units C/B used with physical or developmental disabilities C/B used with people in LTC Built on Nash’s model of hierarchy of leisure participation (+ or -)

4 Leisure Step Up According to burlingame & Blaschko (2002)
Measuring participation patterns Quality & breadth of participation Used extensively in US & Canada with good usability No reported reliability or validity Time to administer: minutes Time to score: minutes

5 Leisure Step Up Program has 3 parts Part 1 Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: Identify problem Step 3: Understanding of healthy leisure Leisure Level Model Actual participation levels Personal attitudes toward leisure Available leisure time Available leisure resources Leisure interests

6 Leisure Step Up Part 2: Hands on experience
Step 4: Experience healthy leisure participation Step 5: Unresolved issues of past & relationship between leisure and what going on at the time Step 6: Planning the future

7 Leisure Step Up Part 2: Responsibility for own leisure under watchful eye of therapist Step 7: Opportunities to observe leisure activities Step 8: Arts, crafts, music, drama, dance & home activities Step 9: Exercise, games, sports, physical activities & health

8 Leisure Step Up Part 2: Responsibility for own leisure under watchful eye of therapist Step 10: Education, cultural, volunteering, collecting, & service to others Step 11: Therapist offers congratulations & states participant is ready to participate in activities of own choice after D/C

9 Leisure Step Up Assessment Check Leisure Step Up Out Record review
Observation Materials in workbook Can supplement with other assessments Check Leisure Step Up Out

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