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Logging In & Editing Your Profile Web Site Basics Training.

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1 Logging In & Editing Your Profile Web Site Basics Training

2 LOGO System Requirements  Recent changes to Internet Explorer (version 10 or higher) have caused issues when navigating in Commercial REsource.  These have to do with settings within IE and they are not Commercial REsource based issues. Your IT professional may be able to change your IE settings to resolve the issues for you, but we suggest that the easiest solution is to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser.  As a reminder, Commercial REsource has been tested and is only supported on the following browsers:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 8-9  Safari 4 & 5 for Mac  Firefox 4+ for Mac & Windows  Google Chrome (most recent versions).  We always recommend that users keep their browsers as up to date as possible, except for the above described IE 10 issues.  The most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari would make for the best browsing experiences.  Other requirements:  JavaScript Enabled  Cookies Enabled

3 LOGO Logging In  Access to Commercial REsource is only available to those sales professionals who have been given the role of “Commercial REsource User” by their company’s Roster Manager.  Access Commercial REsource by logging into the web site with your username &  Contact your Roster Manager or use the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” links if you are unsure of your credentials

4 LOGO Single Sign On  Once you’ve successfully logged into the REsource Center, there are no other usernames or passwords necessary to access Commercial REsource.  As long as your Roster Manager has assigned you the role of “Commercial REsource User”, clicking on the Commercial REsource link will take you right to your Commercial REsource Dashboard.  If you do not have the correct user role, the system will give you a message telling you so and directing you to contact your Roster Manager.

5 LOGO Logging In To Commercial REsource  Once you’ve logged into the REsource Center. Click on the “Commercial REsource” Link.

6 LOGO Edit/Update Your User Profile It is important to keep your User Profile up to date and as professional as possible. This is what the public will see about you on the public web site as well as what other sales professionals in the network will use to determine whether or not they’ll want to refer commercial business to you. Though impressive, this is not the place to highlight your residential designations, accomplishments and accolades. These will only serve to demonstrate to viewers of your bio that you are not focused on commercial real estate brokerage. Keep your bio professional (not cute or folksy). Keep it focused on commercial real estate. Make certain that you have a professionally taken photo. Black or Navy Suite, white shirt, tie with some red in it. Update your bio at least once per quarter Update your photo every couple of years.

7 LOGO Edit My Profile (Dashboard View) Click on “Edit My Profile” which is found in the upper area of any screen.

8 LOGO Important Notes When entering info, DO NOT use all capital letters anywhere - except when entering the two letter abbreviation for a state name Please – 1 st letter Capital, balance of letters lower case for everything including, but not limited to: Names Street Names Property Names City Names Agent Bios Property Descriptions

9 LOGO You Can’t Edit...  The Roster Management process controls the first 7 data fields of your profile.  The system generates a Username for you, but you will never need it.  Your Company, Branch and Permission Group are fed into your profile by the Roster Management system.  Your first, Middle and Last names are also fed into your profile by the Roster Management system.  If there is an error in your name, contact your Roster Manager and they can correct it for you.

10 LOGO You Can Edit... Specialty Pick one from the dropdown. If you do not specialize, pick “Generalist” Specialty 2 Not necessary, but pick one from the dropdown if you have further narrowed your CRE focus. Professional Designations Pick one or more (by holding down the “Control” key) from the list. Activity Sales/Leasing/Both or none – pick one from the list. Note: An Activity of “None” will result in your profile NOT appearing on any of the public web sites.

11 LOGO A Note About Your “Specialty” By definition, “specialization” is a narrow focus on one aspect of the commercial real estate brokerage industry. If you ‘specialize’, choose one (1) specialty group from the dropdown provided. Otherwise, leave this field at the default setting which is “None”, or choose the “Generalist” category. Use the Specialty 2 field to let the viewer know that you have further narrowed your field of expertise For example, if your “Specialty” is Investment CRE and you focus on selling “Office Properties” you might pick “Investment” in the 1 st Specialty field and then “Office” in the 2 nd Specialty field. Avoid picking two disparate “specialties” (i.e. Office & Multi- Family). That’s not really “specialization” and only serves to confuse anyone reading your bio.

12 LOGO A Note About Professional Designations  If you have achieved a Commercial Real Estate Professional Designation, choose it here.  Hold the “Control” button on your keyboard to select more than one designation.  If there is a Commercial Real Estate oriented Professional Designation that we have missed, we are sorry. Please send it to us and we will work to include it in our next update. (

13 LOGO Click the “Personal Info Tab”

14 LOGO Personal Information This Information is supplied by the Roster Management system and can only be changed by your Roster Manager. Home Phone: If it pleases you, you may enter your home phone number in this field. Office Phone: While your office phone # is supplied by the Roster Management process, you may enter an extension # here if you have one and it will appear on your public view page. Hometown: Where you grew up, where you live now. It doesn’t matter. This field is intended to allow you to let people know where you think “Home” is for you.

15 LOGO Agent Bio, Birthday, Hire Date, Display Public Agent Bio: Add a detailed outline of your CRE experience and expertise. Not the place to tout your residential skills Make it interesting, but not ‘folksy”. Keep it professional Typing directly is best. But if you want to copy and paste it from MS Word, we recommend that you copy it to NotePad and then copy and paste it from there. Birthdate: For display on your company Dashboard. No one will know your age. Enter the month and day from the dropdown menus. Hire Date: For display on your company Dashboard. Format as 01/01/2015 Display Public: Make sure this box is checked if you want people to be able to find you and see your qualifications. Unsubscribe: If you check this box we cannot (ever) send you notices of any kind. You will not receive notices of your listing expirations, Watch List Properties, News & Announcement entered by your firm, etc. We strongly suggest that you do not check this box.

16 LOGO Save Your Work Don’t forget to save your work by clicking on the “SAVE BUTTON” in the upper right hand portion of the screen.

17 LOGO Uploading Your Picture Click the red “Upload Picture” button in the upper right hand area of the screen.

18 LOGO Browse Your Hard Drive & Double Click Your Photo

19 LOGO Picture Notes Your Photo will upload automatically when you double click on your photo choice. Pay attention to the picture constraints indicated above the “Browse” button Ideal image size is 200px wide (@72 dpi) Not following these constraints may result in your picture being distorted and/or blurry. Pictures that look great in “thumbnail” size, may not appear professional when blown up.

20 LOGO Profile Complete Congratulations! You’ve finished editing your profile. Remember to keep your profile up to date. Check every quarter – at least – to make sure it’s current. Have a new picture taken every couple of years or so.

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