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Private Organization (PO) Program 90th Force Support Squadron 90 FSS/FSRB Pam Cypher ext.4226.

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1 Private Organization (PO) Program 90th Force Support Squadron 90 FSS/FSRB Pam Cypher ext.4226

2 PurposePurpose Briefing is an annual requirement Policy and procedures

3 Authority to Operate POs operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the installation commander Authorization may be withdrawn: –When no longer making a positive contribution to the installation –For not complying with requirements of AFI 34-223 (Private Organization Program) or other applicable directives –For any other just cause

4 DefinitionsDefinitions POs are self-sustaining special interest groups set up by people outside the scope of their official position in the federal government. POs are not federal entities and are not to be treated as such Unofficial activities/organizations are small groups of individuals who are not required to be formally established as POs because their monthly assets do not exceed an average of $1,000 over a 3-month period

5 Refreshment Centers Should limit their operation to items which are traditionally sold in vending machines (sodas, candy bars, cookies, chips, packaged snacks, etc.) Cannot become so large as to compete with AAFES, Force Support activities, or any NAFI Only precooked/prepackaged items can be sold; preparation of raw food is prohibited Charges must be limited to those necessary to offset cost of items sold and to sustain the fund. The intent of refreshment centers is to simply allow people to pool their money for the common purpose of providing snacks. Refreshment centers must be approved prior to operation

6 CategoriesCategories Official POs Unofficial Activities Refreshment Centers Official ----------------------------------------------$1,000.00 assets average over a 3-month period Unofficial Activities / Refreshment Centers

7 Responsibilities Installation Commander Designates FSS/CC to monitor, advise and administer the PO program The following responsibilities have been delegated to MSG/CC - Authorize POs and unofficial activities to operate - Approve requests for fund-raisers

8 Responsibilities 90 FSS/CC Serves as advisor for PO Program Maintains a file on each PO Oversees dissolution of POs and disbursement of their assets Monitors and maintains list of unofficial activities (snack bars, morale centers, booster clubs, etc.) Coordinates fundraising requests

9 Responsibilities - Unit Commanders Monitor all unofficial activities under their command Establish procedures to ensure members do not achieve personal monetary gain Ensure snack bars/refreshment centers/morale centers are not manned Ensure no continuous resale activities Ensure no alcoholic beverages sold Ensure compliance with state, federal, and local laws Ensure unofficial activities annual letter of compliance is on file with 90 FSS - due NLT 15 Feb

10 Responsibilities - POs Must be self-sustaining and furnish their own equipment, supplies, and other materials Must not discriminate, haze, or harass Must not use in its title or letterhead the name, abbreviation, insignia, seal, logo or other identifying device of the installation, DoD or DoD component Must not receive direct financial assistance from appropriated and nonappropriated sources Must submit written request to disband Must comply with audit requirements Must submit documentation as required

11 Audit Requirements Over $250,000 –CPA audit required annually Over $100,000 but less than $250,000 –Accountant review, annually Over $5,000 but less than $100,000 –Commander may require audit/financial review –Submit annual financial statement reviewed by 90 FSS/FSRB Under $5,000 –No audit required - must submit annual financial statement for review by 90 FSS/FSRB POs responsibility to pay for audits

12 Tax Exempt Status Is the responsibility of PO to acquire if eligible and desired Federal information can be obtained from the Regional IRS Office State information can be obtained from the State Taxing Authority

13 Required Documentation Official POs Constitution By-Laws Insurance (or waiver) Tax Information Financial Statements Minutes (monthly) List of Officers Annual Validation Unofficial/Refreshment Ctrs Establishment Request Insurance waiver Point(s) of contact Annual Validation

14 RemindersReminders NLT 15 Feb 09: Update list of officers/POCs 15 Feb 09: –POs submit financial statements –Unofficial activities/refreshment centers submit annual validation letter For calendar year 2009 Notification will be sent to all POs, unofficial activities and refreshment centers of missing or outdated documentation requirements

15 LiabilityLiability - Ensure PO members are aware they are jointly and severally liable for the debts and obligations of the PO to which they belong. (AFI 34-223, IC 99-1, para 10.11) This means: If your PO incurs a debt it is unable to pay, the members of this PO are liable for this debt. Creditors can sue one or more of the PO members (their choice) to recover any money owed by the PO.

16 FundraisingFundraising Governed by: - AFI 36-3101, Fund-raising Within the Air Force - AFI 34-223, Private Organization Program - Joint Ethics Regulation Fundraising constraints during Combined Federal Campaign (October) and Air Force Assistance Fund (March) Fundraising is not an official activity (to be approved must be registered in PO program; few exceptions)

17 FundraisingFundraising General Rules: - All fundraising events must receive prior approval - No more than two fund-raisers per quarter (IC 99-1) -- Applicable whether conducted on- or off-base - Fundraising events may not duplicate or compete with AAFES, Force Support activities, or NAFIs - May not sell alcohol at fundraising events

18 FundraisingFundraising General Rules (Continued): - DoD members are prohibited from selling items to subordinates and others who do or seek to do business with the DoD - PO fundraising events may not receive or imply DoD endorsement - May not hold fundraising events in the workplace, but is permitted in public entrances, support facilities, personal quarters, or other non-duty areas - DoD may not participate in fundraising events during duty hours

19 Solicitation and Donations POs are prohibited from soliciting cash, merchandise, or other means of support on- or off-base Unsolicited donations may be accepted in limited situations Only Force Support (MWR) programs may use the commercial sponsorship benefits

20 AdvertisingAdvertising Cannot use Government resources (except E-mail, subject to approval) Do not advertise event before approval –Submit Staff Summary requests to 90 FSS/FSRB a minimum of two weeks prior to event for the approval process Do not advertise for or direct support from base organizations

21 Questions?Questions? Comments?Comments? Concerns?Concerns?

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