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Take out 1.Pen 2.Highlighters. Homework For Tuesday Night 1.Read: Science and Midcentury (pages 754-757) 2.Message Board Question: Ch 24 Science and Midcentury.

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1 Take out 1.Pen 2.Highlighters

2 Homework For Tuesday Night 1.Read: Science and Midcentury (pages ) 2.Message Board Question: Ch 24 Science and Midcentury 3.Quiz: Chapter Ch 24 Science and Midcentury

3 Auguste Comte A.Develops the idea of Positivism. B.States that Human thought developed in 3 stages. 1.Theological 2.Metaphysical 3.Positive C.Father of Sociology 1.Positive laws of social behavior could be discovered in the same fashion as laws of physical nature.

4 Auguste Comte Intellectual Activity Advanced through predictable stages First Stage – Theological/Fictitious (Religious) – God imposes itself on object? What does this mean? Explains phenomenon as being due to the will and action of divinities. – Need this stage to get to the last stage


6 2 ND STAGE: Metaphysical / Abstract A.Natural (nature) Phenomena explained as being due to some force within the object itself 1.Happens because that is how life is 2.Man relates effects (results) to abstract (something you cant see), but is poorly understood causes 3.Deals with ideas and not based off experience or evidence (LIKE MANY OF YOUR MESSAGE BOARD ANSWERS) 4.Transition from stage 1 to 3 5.The 2 nd stage is needed to understand stage 3


8 3 rd Stage: Scientific / Positive A.Man understands the scientific laws which controls the world B.People apply science to reasons


10 3 Stages Intellectual progression applied to: – Physics – Chemistry – Society

11 Applying Positive Methods Sociology would soon discover the eternal laws of human relations Result: – Allow social scientists to impose conformity and well being on less enlightened citizens.

12 Video Clip on Comte 2 nd Video Start Time: 3:30 min

13 Apply the three Comtes 3 Stages of thinking to the question below Why are there wars?


15 Vocabulary Cont. Charles Darwin – British scientist (naturalists) Wrote: On the Origin of Species – Argued that all life had evolved from one thing into whatever they are today » Included Human beings » Theory of natural selection Survival of the fittest Strong and intelligent will survive strong pass on their traits to their offspring or children weak die out

16 Social Darwinism – Peoples belief that the race that is more successful in business and life, is the best race Encourage Racism – The belief that one race is superior to another, which leads to hate and discrimination – It will lead to the strong belief that the White race is the superior race – The Theory of Social Darwinism will be applied to countries

17 Evolution?

18 Evolution of Man?


20 Evolution of Video Game Characters



23 The Descent of Man A.Applied evolution by natural selection to human beings. B.He argued that humans 1.moral nature 2.religious sentiments 3.physical frame a)developed through nature, because of the concept of survival of the fittest.

24 Problems with Social Darwins Theory of Survival of Fittest. A.Darwin's theory was attacked by Religious and Scientific communities. B.Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection… 1.Contradicted the Churchs belief of the Universes creation and design. 2.Argued against the existence of a God. C.The idea that physical and organic nature might be constantly changing allowed people to believe that society, values, customs and belief should also change. D. Darwins Theory of Natural Selection would not be accepted and applied until the s

25 Science and Ethics- Social Darwinism A.Bridge between biology and human behavior. B.This is accomplished by examining the cultural and biological feedback systems that inspires the evolution of social rules. C.Philosophers applied the concept of the struggle to survive to human relationships.

26 Herbert Spencer A.British Philosopher B.Advocate of Evolutionary ethics. C.Coined the phrase Survival of the Fittest. D.Believed that human society progressed through competition. E. If the weak received too much help from governments, everyone else would be the loser. 1. There would be no competition.

27 Herbert Spencer 1.Justified not aiding the poor or working class. 2.Justified the domination of colonial peoples. 3.Justified aggressive competition among nations. F. It became morally important for human beings to struggle/ compete against each other to improve ones life. G. Spencer and Social Darwinist – Popular with middle class

28 Thomas Henry Huxley A.He was hesitant to agree with Darwin. B.He was also a great defender of Darwin C. He declared that physical evolution was at odds with human ethical development. 1.That struggle with human nature only showed how human beings should not behave D.Social Darwinism influenced thought in Europe and U.S.

29 Social Darwinism

30 The end

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