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Metsä Fibre Summary and closing remarks Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen, Metsä Fibre Oy 1 20.11.2013.

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1 Metsä Fibre Summary and closing remarks Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen, Metsä Fibre Oy

2 Metsä Fibre FIBIC Seminar :00Welcome Christine Hagström-Näsi, FIBIC 09:10Value through efficient fibre supply and new pulp mill concepts Program manager Pauliina Tukiainen Industrial view: Ilkka Hämälä, Metsä Fibre Oy 09:50Resource efficient fibre web technologies Scientific coordinator Erkki Hellen Industrial view: Heikki Ilvespää, UPM-Kymmene Oyj 10.30Break New Cross Cluster Opportunities Program manager Jaakko Jokinen Industrial view: Päivi Paakkarinen, Neste Oil Oyj 11.40Future Biorefineries Program manager Annaleena Kokko Industrial view: Reetta Strengell, Kemira

3 Metsä Fibre FIBIC Seminar Lunch 13.30New Cellulose Products and Process Technologies: Program manager Anna Suurnäkki Industrial view: Kalle Ekman, Stora Enso Oyj 14.10Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions Program manager Kaisu Leppänen Industrial view: Kasperi Karhapää, Fortum Oyj 14.50Coffee break "Not Apportioning but Integrating Knowledge: Semi-Open Practices for Collaborative Innovation"? Liisa Välikangas, Aalto University 15.40Summary and closing remarks, Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen, Metsä Fibre Oy

4 FIBIC’s UPDATED STRATEGY FOR Strategy September draft Strategic performance indicators a.BUSINESS –IMPACT indicators b.COMPETENCE PLATFORM ATTRACTIVENESS - indicators c.SCIENTIFIC SIGNIFICANCE - indicators Strategic Objectives: 1.Research program portfolio is changed to match Fibic Bioeconomy strategy. Programs and projects create and develop Competence Platforms which facilitate industry renewal. 2.The programs and projects are steered to utilize best available funding to ensure comprehensive execution of the Competence Platform. 3.New research programs include contributions of new partners. 4.The overall research volume is maintained. The number of business led consortium programs is substantial. FIBIC‘S VISION IS TO HAVE STRONG AND ACKNOWLEDGED POSITION IN BIOMASS - CENTRIC RESEARCH BY 2015

5 Metsä Fibre Conclusions ‒ FIBIC has an updated strategy and a well-defined vision in the field of bioeconomy ‒ Competence platforms are a great achievement and an essential part of SHOK ‒ We need various types of funding to exploit the competence platforms comprehensively ‒ IPR issues are slowing down program building ‒ Open discussion is needed to tackle the obstacles and to reach our targets ‒ 2014 research volume will probably be smaller than 2013 ‒ High quality of research will be maintained ‒ Business impact of results is an important performance indicator which should be communicated both internally and externally

6 Metsä Fibre Thanks!

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