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Wikis at Dresdner Bob Coulter Alan Hurt Mike Mueller.

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1 Wikis at Dresdner Bob Coulter Alan Hurt Mike Mueller

2 What is a Wiki? Ability to create and edit content within a Web environment without the need to download any special software Use of a simple markup language which is designed to simplify the process of editing entries Ability to easily create and edit content, often without need for special privileges

3 Wiki Applications Public websites - enable end users to easily contribute information Education - provide an opportunity to learn about team working, trust, etc. Research - make it easier to develop collaborative documents e.g. the FOAF Wiki Intranet - departmental administrators with minimal HTML experience can manage content. Wikis can be used at events for note-taking e.g. in discussion groups

4 Why Wiki? Pros and Cons Minimal setup required – simple interface and remote application Promotes a culture of sharing information and working together Useful for joint working when there are agreed upon, shared goals ProsCons Power Issues – Whos in Control? Accuracy of information Copyright / Legal issues Lack of vision Lack of consensus Needs Momentum

5 About DrKW Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) is the international investment banking arm of Dresdner Bank. DrKW is headquartered in London and Frankfurt and has offices in New York, Paris, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. DrKW provides a range of capital markets and advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions assistance listing companies that wish to go to market providing structured finance for the funding of large scale projects treasury and capital markets transactions and risk management solutions.

6 The Advent of Wikis at DrKW Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum and Media Surface were used to publish information, but limiting and created silos In 1997, DrKW installed it's first Wiki for internal use within the IT department In 2004, DrKW installed Socialtext's Wiki application, branded "DrKWikipedia In 2005, DrKWikipedia launched to the broader business (beyond IT) In 2006, WYSIWYG feature added

7 Rollout and Adoption Adding content in advance of rollout Rollout Tools: One page 'cheat-sheet', FAQ document, best practice guidelines, screencasts User Support: Live chat rooms, centralized email address Word of mouth/organic growth WYSIWYG - 'What you see is what you get' formatting Tight integration with e-mail Be directive on how to use Early uses that demonstrate the power of Wikis

8 Popular Wiki Uses at DrKW Refining documents Record ongoing discussions Internal mini-wikipedias Repositories for files Brainstorming Publishing and Updating Training Schedules Creating presentations

9 Usage 2,500 of the 6,000 employees use the Wiki One in ten visitors makes an edit

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