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E-books at CUNY LACUNY Cataloguing Roundtable November 5, 2009.

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1 E-books at CUNY LACUNY Cataloguing Roundtable November 5, 2009

2 Overview Questions to ask before buying Vendor issues Reviewing records MarcEdit demonstration Submitting a load request Removing records from the system

3 Questions to ask before buying Is this a subscription or purchase? Will the vendor provide valid MARC records? Do the records contain unique ID numbers, preferably in the 035 field? What is the total size of the record load? Will there be future updates or deletions? Is the vendor website OpenURL compliant? Do I want these records added to OCLC?

4 Cataloguing overview: vendors Provider neutral records for e-books Vendor neutral records to appear in OCLC Add URLs and vendor information locally Check the wiki for known problems with vendor-supplied records Cataloging-Known-%22Problems%22 Cataloging-Known-%22Problems%22

5 Cataloguing overview: LDR/06 Position 6 = File type a = language materials Nonmanuscript language material, microforms of nonmanuscript language material and essentially textual electronic resources. m= electronic resources Use code m only for these general classes of electronic resources: computer software, numeric data, computer-oriented multimedia and online systems or services. This revised definition stipulates that catalogers code electronic resources for the significant aspects of their content, as opposed to their carrier Example: Serials Solutions records are incorrectly coded as 'computer files' in the leader

6 Cataloguing overview: LDR/07 The Leader/06 determines which 008 code (Fixed-length data elements - General information) is used and the appropriateness and validity of other fixed data elements in a record. Leader/07 (bibliographic level) indicates whether language materials are monographs or serials

7 Cataloguing overview: 006 field 006/00 = Form of material m = Computer file 006/09 = Type of computer file d = Document

8 Cataloguing overview: 007 field 007/00 = Category of material c = Computer file 007/01 = Special material designation r = Remote

9 Cataloguing overview: 856 field Permanent URL resides in 856 $u The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, provides electronic access data in a standard syntax OLS recommends that libraries set up their local website and proxy configuration file to proxy the catalog Replaces previous practice of appending local EZproxy prefix to the beginning of each URL

10 MarcEdit MarcBreaker Breaks a MARC record into MarcEdit's mnemonic file format (*.mrc), the Library of Congress's MARCXML Schema, and Dublin Core Use this function to move vendor records from *.mrc or *.dat formats into the *.mrk format used in the MarcEditor MarcMaker Make MarcEdit's mnemonic file format back into MARC (*.mrc) from the MARC Tools dialog and the MarcEditor. Use this to convert completed and saved *.mrk files back into the *.mrc file format used in record loads

11 MarcEdit MarcEditor Allows users to interact directly with their MARC records, use this function for viewing and editing The file types *.mrk and *.mrk8 are associated with the MarcEditor function Editing functions include: Get field counts Add and delete fields Edit indicator data Edit subfield data Swap field data Create and assign constant data Validate MARC records

12 Submitting a load request Send in an e-book form Collection codes Public notes Location display Load into training Review Load into production

13 Removing records from Aleph Complete sets by system number range Delete items by unique identifier Need for identifier, preferably in the 035 OLS will centrally delete from Aleph only in batches of 50+ records

14 Resources OLS ebook page Cataloging electronic resources: OCLC-MARC coding guidelines dcat/cataloging/electronicresources/default.htm dcat/cataloging/electronicresources/default.htm OCLC bibliographic formats: fixed fields Use of fixed fields in CONSER records

15 Resources MarcEdit it/html/index.php it/html/index.php iew=ViewFolder&param=MARCEdit iew=ViewFolder&param=MARCEdit

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