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What’s New at Texwrap.

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1 What’s New at Texwrap

2 ePack Overview ePack models E145LS orbital lap sealer
E145SS- orbital side sealer E1407LS- box-motion lap sealer E1407SS- box-motion side sealer

3 ePack Common Features Smaller footprint Lower cost
All center-line machines All servo Easy access, lift out doors Super operator-friendly Competitive replacement opportunity

4 E145LS Servo orbital head lap seal machine
Speed- as fast as 205LS- 200 fpm belt speed Top-mounted film carriage w/ dual roll capacity Tool-less, easy-change plow Film splicing option Can replace Conflex CW 160

5 E1407SS Servo box-motion side seal machine Left hand flow standard
Same 140 fpm belt speed as 1809SS 40” shorter Can replace Shanklin F5 or HS3

6 E1407LS Servo box-motion lap seal machine Left hand flow standard
Same 140 fpm belt speed as 1809LS 41” shorter 1407LS requires no air

7 T1522L Spartan

8 2219 Spartan $31,600 $19,750

9 914OVS Vertical orbital sealer
Allows wrapping of products directly off filler without laying them down Only machine on the market this fast Orbital head is patented Bottom seal is true cut-and-trim- not a lap seal Competitors use box motion heads which drastically reduce throughput speed and increase maintenance requirements Gusset eliminates dog ears

10 914OVS

11 Product Orientation System
High speed system to rotate and align products so that all face the same direction. High speed vision system Servo spinner head moves with product Wheels grab products and rotate into position

12 Hot Applications and Other News

13 Poly Bagging Eliminates inner folding cartons “Green” winner
Makes shelf stocking faster Does not require box knife to open Reduces waste at store Full-enclosure bundling Wal-Mart initiative to have no store disposables Will be featured at Pack Expo Las Vegas

14 Automatic On-the-Fly Splicing System

15 Texwrap Newsletter Critical for our communication with you
Monthly or more often if needed New products New tools Time sensitive communications Pricing changes If you are not receiving it, please let us know Always available on the distributor website

16 New Brochure Format

17 New RFQ Form Simpler, easier to use
Easier to understand what information is asked for in each cell Separates single and multi-pack info- includes diagrams Gathers better information the first time Avoids back-and-forth phone calls Speeds up the quoting process

18 New Quote Format Documents all info upon which the system is quoted
Addresses the application more specifically Documents all info upon which the system is quoted More informative- eg system description Simplified pricing page on Word quote

19 New Expanded Demo Room

20 New 3-Year Warranty

21 Texwrap Custom Capabilities




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