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CENTRO LINGUISTICO DI ATENEO (CLA) 18/01/2011 Erasmus Staff Training Week.

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1 CENTRO LINGUISTICO DI ATENEO (CLA) 18/01/2011 Erasmus Staff Training Week

2 Aims Support for the teaching of modern languages and Italian as a Second Language at Padua University and promotion of research in the field of language teaching. Provision and management of multimedia laboratories and materials for teaching, research and organizational purposes. Organization of: courses and other teaching activities; self-access facilities and materials; tests of language competence at all levels.

3 Users undergraduate students post-graduate students Erasmus exchange students - in/out academic staff teaching staff technical staff administrative staff

4 Activities 1.Facilities and materials 2.Language teaching and testing 3.Online resources 4.Italian as a second language 5.Research

5 1. 1. Facilities and materials Laboratories Programmes and software Multimedia materials

6 Where are we?

7 Facilities at Palazzo Maldura

8 Facilities at ex FIAT

9 Software



12 The Multimedia Library Materials Two collections: materials for teaching and materials for research (often overlapping) Video library including rare audiovisual materials Software for language teaching and testing Language corpora (for local consultation) including multimedia corpora NBM (non book materials): collection of non-published materials created at the CLA Reference service and information sheets on materials for the English language Database of information sheets created by teaching and language centre staff Support for authors and creators of teaching materials with regard to copyright issues

13 The Multimedia Library

14 2. 2. Language Teaching and Testing

15 Language courses at the CLA Helping students to exploit the resources offered by the CLA Scaffolding of self-study to foster autonomous learning Blended courses In class with teacher In lab with teacher Self-study

16 Language courses at the CLA Basic language skills courses (institutional courses for faculties) DIY courses (paid courses for university students and staff) Courses of Italian as a Second Language

17 Basic language skills courses 2010/2011 Semester and year-long basic language skills courses English: Faculties of: Engineering; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences; Pharmacy; Education. Degree courses in: Veterinary medicine; Medicine; Languages. German: Faculties of: Law; Education; Arts and Humanities. Degree courses in: Languages. French: Faculties of: Education; Arts and Humanities. Spanish: Degree courses in: Languages.

18 Testing TAL (test di abilità linguistica) language tests created at CLA Online materials to prepare for TOEFL and Cambridge exams Assessment for language degree students Moodle placement tests

19 TestingTAL Tests for: English, French, German, Spanish Benchmarked to levels of CEFR Four skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) Reading, listening and writing tests delivered online Reading and listening tests corrected automatically Database of versions

20 Testing TAL English Reading and listening tests available for levels A2, B1, B2, C1 Writing and speaking tests available for levels B1, B2, C1 Testing team for item writing Item analysis to ensure validity of tests

21 TestingTAL

22 Tandem Learning


24 Conversation groups

25 3. 3. Online materials

26 Claweb

27 Dynamo(t)s

28 Learning Links

29 DVD project AIMS: 8 LANGUAGES: LEVELS : Development of teaching materials to encourage the use of the CLA’s self-study resources English, French, German,, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish A1- C2 (CEFR)

30 4. Italian as a Second Language

31 Italian as a Second Language: 2000/2011 2001-2003: Computerized placement test (levels A1-C2) 2001-2005: CERCLU listening test (levels B1 and B2) 2003-2006: Syllabus development 2003-2011: Online course (A1) Padu@it-web with the support of the film A spasso con Virgilio 2003-2009: Christmas Concert 2005-2008: Explics: case study La Cina si avvicina 2005-2008: Multimedia CD Racconti italiani 2010-2011: New placement test using Moodle (levels A1, A2)

32 Italian as a Second Language: courses Courses for over 700 university students from more than 50 countries Since 2000 Socrates/Erasmus Since 2005 Marco Polo Since 2006 Mundus Non-Italian undergraduate and post-graduate students enrolled at University of Padua Academic staff on exchanges

33 Italian as a Second Language: courses

34 Italian as a Second Language: courses

35 Italian as a Second Language

36 Italian as a Second Language


38 Padu@it-web Il corso online di lingua italiana per studenti universitari stranieri in scambio Centro Linguistico di Ateneo


40 Other activities Argentinean tango course Christmas Concert

41 Awards

42 5. Research

43 European Language Portfolio (ELP)

44 EXPLICS Coordinators: Carol Taylor and Maria Teresa Musacchio (Padua) and Johann Fisher (Würzburg) Participants: 15 higher education institutions in 12 European countries Aims: increased language competence in 11 European languages Method: creation of Internet case study and simulation templates 

45 Seminars

46 Publications

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