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Email Deliverability @ Eloqua Providing Industry-Leading Email Management Tools.

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1 Email Deliverability @ Eloqua
Providing Industry-Leading Management Tools

2 Eloqua’s Deliverability Solution
Deliverability Cloud Service Products Integrated Testing & Management Tools Bounceback Processing & Reporting Automated List Management Access to Best Practices Whitelists, Blacklists & Feedback Loops Industry Leadership, Partners and Certifications Industry Expertise – Deliverability Officer & Team

3 Deliverability Cloud Service Products
Standard Enterprise Premium SPF Branded Bounceback up to 3 domains up to 5 domains Branded reverse domain name service (rDNS) DKIM support up to 3 “from” addresses up to 6 “from” addresses Mailbox Monitor Test (Seed List Sending Only) Basic: 5 Standard: 10 Enterprise: 15 35 Inbox Preview Tests (monthly) Branded Images and Links Dedicated IP Address 1 3 Delivery program assistance 1 per year 3 per year Available special configurations (Auto BCC, Routing through external servers) N/A

4 Value of Deliverability Product Components
Feature Benefits Branded Bounceback Domain Establish Domain w/ ISPs Full Branding of All Headers Distinction from Shared Range Domains 1 Dedicated IP -Establish distinct sender reputation -Protection from shared range IP issues Branded DNS -Protection from shared domain blocks -Isolate brand from everyone else Branded Images & Links -Comprehensive content branding -Consistent branding across content & headers (avoid certain spam tests/filters) Domain Keys / DKIM Support - Up to 3 “From” Addresses (Standard) - Up to 6 “From” Addresses (Enterprise & Premium) -Identity/Brand Protection against forgery & authentication with ISPs/ESPs -Access to Accreditation programs -Access to Yahoo! Feedback Loop Deliverability Program Assistance - 1 Event (Standard) - 3 Events (Enterprise & Premium) -Delivery tracking, whitelist and feedback loop management, ISP relations, consulting services related to deliverability, reputation repair, mail filtering issues and/or technical details of sending bulk -Leverage industry knowledge and connections of Deliverability Officer to resolve larger deliverability issues 3 Dedicated IPs -Fallback IPs in events of false-positive spam-flagging -Lower volume per IP (less likely to trigger volume spamblocks)

5 Integrated Testing & Management Tools
Partnered with

6 Bounceback Processing & Reporting
Automated processing & categorization of bounceback messages Comprehensive reporting Bounceback History with Messaging Bounceback Overview Spam Unsubscribe

7 Automated List Management
Global Suppression List Managed by Eloqua (regular updates) Automatically prevents sending to some known bad domains & spamtraps FCC Wireless Suppression lists Automated Subscription Management Campaign or Site Level Customized Exclusions By address or domain

8 Access to Best Practices
Documentation User Groups General Consulting Marketing Coaches Deliverability Program Assistance (Based on Deliverability Product)

9 Whitelists, Blacklists & Feedback Loops
Blacklist monitoring In all major whitelists and feedback loops

10 Industry Leadership, Partners and Certifications
Most widely accepted accreditation program to certify senders – Special benefits for Eloqua clients Essential certification for transferring any data from the EU to data centers in the USA 3rd Party Privacy Monitoring to Ensure compliance and best practices Industry Memberships

11 Industry Expertise: Deliverability Officer and Team
Dedicated to optimization of deliverability through product, services, and consultation standard creations (DKIM) Membership & leadership on all major /privacy based coalitions, and alliances First tier relationships with anti-spam solutions and ISPs/ESPs 20+ years combined and anti-spam experience Worked for major ISPs abuse/security

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