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T : +44 (0) 8446 697 995 E : W: A Look at the Technology Behind Oracle BI Apps Mark Rittman, Director, Rittman.

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1 T : +44 (0) E : W: A Look at the Technology Behind Oracle BI Apps Mark Rittman, Director, Rittman Mead Consulting

2 T : +44 (0) E : W: Who Am I? Oracle BI&W Architecture and Development Specialist Co-Founder of Rittman Mead Consulting Oracle BI&W Project Delivery Specialists 10+ years with Discoverer, OWB etc Oracle ACE Director, ACE of the Year 2005 Writer for OTN and Oracle Magazine Longest-running Oracle blog Chair of UKOUG BIRT SIG Co-Chair of ODTUG BI&DW SIG Speaker at IOUG and BIWA events

3 T : +44 (0) E : W: Rittman Mead Consulting Oracle BI&DW Project Specialists Consulting, Training, Support Works with you to ensure OBIEE and Oracle BI Applications project success Small, focused team OWB, Oracle BI, DW technical specialists Clients in the UK, Europe, USA

4 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle BI Training Days, London October 22nd - 24th 2008 Three days of intensive BI Developer Training - OBIEE, BI Apps, Essbase, DW 10% Discount for attendees of this SIG Meeting, ask me for more details

5 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Packaged set of ETL mappings, dimensional data warehouse and pre-built reports and dashboards Financial Analytics HR Analytics Marketing Analytics Order Management Analytics Sales Analytics Service Analytics Contact Center Analytics Supply Chain Analytics

6 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle BI Applications Core Proposition : Financial Analytics

7 T : +44 (0) E : W: Part of Oracle Business Intelligence Technology Stack

8 T : +44 (0) E : W: Estimated 5x Development Productivity Boost

9 T : +44 (0) E : W: Prebuilt Dashboards and Reports

10 T : +44 (0) E : W: Prebuilt OBIEE Repository

11 T : +44 (0) E : W: The Oracle BI Applications Business Model & Mapping Layer The Business Model and Mapping layer contains the complete, integrated logical data model for the OBAW Divided in to core and application-specific business models Coverage of the business model is determined by the products selected at installation time

12 T : +44 (0) E : W: Demonstration The OBIEE Repository, and Pre-built Dashboards & Reports

13 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle BI Applications Architecture

14 T : +44 (0) E : W: Predefined, Integrated Dimensional Data Warehouse Integrated, conformed dimensional data warehouse Allows modular deployment Lowest grain of information Prebuilt aggregates Deployable on Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB/2 and Teradata History tracking Indexing

15 T : +44 (0) E : W: The Oracle BI Applications ETL Process Oracle BI Applications comes with a set of pre-defined ETL routines Currently written using Informatica, in future also provided via Oracle DI Extracts data from Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, Siebel, SAP Universal Adapter available for non-supported sources Controlled and orchestrated using the Oracle Data Warehouse Administration Console

16 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle Data Warehouse Administration Console Control panel for running the OBAW load process ETL packaged into Execution Plans Tight integration with Informatica Run jobs, monitor progress The added value on top of the OBAW and INFA mappings

17 T : +44 (0) E : W: Informatica PowerCenter Informatica PowerCenter is a complete ETL toolkit Very much like Oracle Warehouse Builder, but applies to all sources and targets Uses an ETL hub to process and distribute data Server supported on Windows, Unix, Linux Client is Windows-only Five Key Informatica Client Tools Informatica Designer Informatica Workflow Manager Informatica Repository Manager Informatica Workflow Monitor

18 T : +44 (0) E : W: Oracle Data Integrator A future release of the Oracle BI Applications will support ODI as the ETL tool Initially EBS to Oracle only, future releases will support all sources/targets Oracle heterogeneous ETL tool Acquired through Sunopsis Acquisition ELT approach Part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Customers can adopt either Informatica or ODI, Informatica will continue to be supported

19 T : +44 (0) E : W: Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Although the OBAW comes with many star schemas and many ETL routines, you will probably wish to extend and customize it to meet your neds Include flex-field data Adding data from a custom source Adding new facts, dimensions, hierarchies Data can come from many sources Sources with adapters and existing load routines you can customize Sources with adapters but no load routines (source unsupported for subject area) Unsupported sources (using the Universal Adapter)

20 T : +44 (0) E : W: Customization Types OBAW customizations can be divided in to three categories Category 1 are where you add an additional column to an existing star schema Category 2 are where you add a new fact or dimension table Category 3 are where you add additional rows to an existing fact or dimension, from an unsupported source

21 T : +44 (0) E : W: Customizing and Creating New OBAW ETL Routines Whichever type of customization you perform, you will be working with two mappings per target fact or dimension An SDE (Source-Dependent Extract) map to extract data from the source system An SIL (Source-Independent Layer) map to load data into the fact or dimension Category 1 mappings involve customizing existing SDE and SIL mappings Category 2 customizations involve creating new SDE and SIL mappings from scratch

22 T : +44 (0) E : W: A Typical Informatica ETL Mapping Data extracted from sources using Mapplets, encapsulated business logic Data transformed using custom and pre-defined transformations Standard keys, tags added to data as it passes through ETL process Standard processes for adding surrogate keys, performing currency conversions etc Mapping is then run and executed from the DAC Console and repository

23 T : +44 (0) E : W: Demonstration The Oracle BI Applications ETL Process

24 T : +44 (0) E : W: Summary The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are a packaged DW + Analytics solution for ERP and other data The base install of the Oracle BI Apps provides a pre-built set of data warehouse facts and dimensions, ETL routines, RPD metadata and control routines for a number of ERP modules You can extend and customize these mappings to bring in data not covered by the pre- built routines More details can be found on our website or in our Oracle BI Apps Developer Course

25 T : +44 (0) E : W: Further Reading Other Presentations available on our website, Automating Business Decisions with Oracle Real-Time Decisions Data Modeling Techniques using Oracle BI Server Extending and Customizing the Oracle BI Applications Data Warehouse ODTUG Essbase Symposium Part 3 : Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition We offer an intensive, three-day developer course on Oracle BI Applications 7.9.5, ask for more details Oracle BI Training Days, October 22-24th 2008, London Contact me at Thank you for attending, please dont forget to complete the online evaluation

26 T : +44 (0) E : W: A Look at the Technology Behind Oracle BI Apps Mark Rittman, Director, Rittman Mead Consulting

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