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AD-Series At the Door. Retrofit 3 Cylindrical Door Prep.

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1 AD-Series At the Door

2 Retrofit

3 3 Cylindrical Door Prep

4 4 Retrofitting the ND-Series ND Prep AD-Series Prep ND +AD- Series Prep

5 5 Retrofitting the CM5100 CM 5100 Prep AD-Series Prep CM5100 +AD-Series

6 6 Retrofitting the WA5200 WA5200 Prep AD-Series Prep WA5200 +AD-Series

7 7 Mortise Door Prep

8 8 Retrofitting Mortise L/LV-9486-ESCUT L/LV-9486-ESCUT Prep AD-Series Prep L/LV-9486-ESCUT +AD-Series

9 9 Retrofitting Mortise CM/CL CM/CL Prep AD-Series PrepCM/CL +AD-Series

10 10 Retrofitting WA5600 WA5600 Prep AD-Series Prep WA5600 +AD-Series

11 11 Exterior Lock Footprint AD-Series CM/ CL/ VIP BEST Basis CM / CL MOD Sargent Profile

12 12 Short, Medium or Tall Decorative Plates Available Finishes 630, 605, 643e Short plates cover: CM CL VIP Tall plates cover: WA Modular CM Modular CL Sargent Profile (Separate Component) Medium plates cover: WA BEST BASIS / IDH Max /Wi-Q Alarm Lock Trilogy

13 Exit Components

14 14 Exit Trim 993 On the exterior Exterior Trim Mounting Plate – Works with all of the compatible exit devices – Covers retrofit holes – Protects RX wiring for networked locks – Provides mounting surface for the reader module Longer levers will be provided to maintain the half-inch return.

15 15 Exit Trim 993 On the interior Maintains the same aesthetics as the other AD-Series inside escutcheons. Uses a spacer for the surface vertical rod versions

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