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How To Fill In A Householder Planning Application Form

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1 How To Fill In A Householder Planning Application Form
The next few slides will show you how to complete and submit a planning application for a simple domestic extension or alteration. If you still have any questions, please bring the forms into Ebley Mill any week day between 10am and 4 pm and one of the planning team will go through the form with you. Hello, and welcome to a short video on how to fill in a

2 The planning application form is standardised across the whole of England, with ours branded with the Stroud Logo and contact details. Page one asks the basic questions: Who are you? Are you using a designer or architect? What do you want to do to your property?

3 Sections 1 and 2 asks you about your contact details and that of your agent, if you are using one. These details will appear on your decision notice and used to post it to you.

4 Mrs Paula Smith 4 Acacia Avenue Newtown Gloucestershire GL5 9ZZ If you want us to deal with you directly you only need to fill in section 1… leave section 2 blank. Your name will be used as you write it here. If you only want to use initials… that’s fine, but your address and post code is very important.

5 Mrs Smith Great Plans Ltd 1 Care of agent Commercial Court High Street Newtown Gloucestershire GL4 9ZZ If you use an agent, perhaps an architect, you can either include your name and address, or have it “care of” your agent. If you do not want your name on the decision notice, this is your best option.

6 Section 3 asks you to tell us what you want to do to your house.
Be brief and to the point. Your description should be plain and include what it is you want permission for.

7 Two storey rear extension
“Two storey rear extension” is to the point and includes enough information so the Council and your neighbours know what you are proposing to build. Other common descriptions include: Two storey kitchen and bedroom extension Detached garage in the rear garden Loft conversion Side conservatory

8 Page 2 asks for more details about your application.
Here we ask you: Have you already started work? What is the address, it may not be where you live? Tell us about roads and paths around your property Have you spoken to us about your plans? Are there any trees on the site About parking Are you a Councillor or employed by the Council

9   If you have not started, just tick both of the “No” boxes
It is not illegal to start work before you have permission. However, if you start construction without permission, you may find it’s expensive to alter things, or even knock it down if it’s not acceptable. If you have started we ask you to provide us with photographs. Without photographs we may refuse to accept the application. If in doubt please contact us to discuss. If our enforcement team is involved because you have already started, we will continue with the enforcement action whilst your application is considered. If you obtain permission the enforcement action will cease. If your application is refused you will be free to appeal against the enforcement notice and the refusal at the same time, saving you time and expense.

10 As in section 1 In section 4 simply write the postal address of the property concerned. If it is your own address, just say “As Section 1” So we can consult the right people, we need to know if you are changing The drive way How you would get to the property by foot, new paths or steps Any PUBLIC footpaths or bridleway. You may need separate approval for this from Gloucestershire County Council if you affect a public footpath or bridleway.

11    Drawing number 2010/SP/001 Mrs Jones S.2009/1234/PREAPP
Discussed the size of the extension and that there shouldn’t be any windows on the sides so my neighbour’s privacy is maintained. In section 6 please let us know if you have already had discussions with one of our planners. It will help us to allocate the application to the right planner. In section 7 tell us about trees in the site, these should also be shown on your block plan. If any are to be affected by your proposal, please give details.

12 Section 8 asks about parking spaces. This also includes garages, so if you propose to convert your garage, you will lose a parking space, and we need to know about it. If you are going to build over your drive, this will also affect parking. If you are a councillor or member of staff you will need to declare it. It is vital for transparency that very one knows if you have connections to the planning service. The application will be dealt with in the same way as any other. Under the Council’s own rules you MUST also inform the Head of Planning and the Council’s Solicitor (Monitoring Officer) if you are a Councillor or member of staff and the applicant is a close relation.

13 Page 3 concentrates on the fine detail of what materials are to be used.
You need to give some basic details about the existing construction and that you want to use. Walls Roofing Windows Doors Fences Drives and hard standings Lighting (external) Other materials

14 Reconstituted Stone Reconstituted Stone to match existing Artificial stone tile Artificial stone tile The wall and roof materials are VERY important. If you don’t tell us what you are using we will add a condition to any approval requiring you have these agreed BEFORE you start. Not only will this delay your start, it will also cost you at least £25 to get that approval. If you have more information on a specific drawing, please give details.

15 The law governing planning applications insists that you let us know who owns the land. You MUST sign ONE certificate If you are the only owner of the property you must sign Certificate A If you don’t own of the property outright, for example if you are a tenant, or you own the property with someone else, you should give us details and sign Certificate B There are two other certificates C and D. These are only used where you don’t know who the owner is. This very rare with householder applications. Before signing Certificate C or D you should discuss this with a planner.

16 Page 7 starts with Certificate D, but also includes another certificate you MUST fill in and sign. The Agricultural Holding Certificate. Section 12 is a checklist of what you need to include in the application pack. If you have any questions on what to include, Please ask one of our staff. Section 13 is where you get to sign off the application. In all you will have signed three times. Certificate A,B,C or D Agricultural Holding Certificate Section 13 Declaration

17 The last three sections deal with contact details
The last three sections deal with contact details. These are not mandatory, but will help us to contact you. Please note that this section WILL be shown on our website. We visit every site within the first two weeks. We will only contact you if we can’t see what we need from normal views.

18 What’s in an application pack?

19 Site Location Plan This plan must be based on an ordnance survey map. It is used to locate the property. You must draw a red line around your property so we know which is your land. If you own other land in the area, for example a garage block outline this in blue. This plan must be to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500, You also need to provide a block plan. This is to a larger scale (1:200 or 1:100) and shows all the buildings, trees and other features inside the red line.

20 We also need to see what your property looks like now, and what it will look like afterwards.
You will need to provide elevations for all those affected. These should be at 1:50 scale. We also need floor plans for all affected floors. It is usual for existing walls to be shown in solid black lines, with new work as construction lines. Floor plans should also be at a scale of 1:50

21 And the fee - £150 Cheques should be payable to “Stroud District Council”

22 Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill Gloucestershire GL5 4UB Narrated by Philip Skill Head of Planning © Stroud District Council 2010 Hello, and welcome to a short video on how to fill in a

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