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Comparing Fractions and Decimals Grade 5 Created by April Ferrell.

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2 Comparing Fractions and Decimals Grade 5 Created by April Ferrell

3 Lesson Objectives SOL 5.2 The student will: a) recognize and name fractions in their equivalent decimal form and vice versa; and b) compare and order fractions and decimals in a given set from least to greatest and greatest to least.

4 Unitedstreaming Video Clip There is a great video clip that can be used with this lesson. To use it: 1.Log into Unitedstreaming – 2.Do a search for this Movie: – Discovery Math: Number Theory (3-5) Discovery Channel School 3.Then choose this clip: – Relations Among Numbers

5 Fractions and Decimals Discovery Math: Number Theory (3-5) Discovery Channel School

6 Lets Review Comparing fractions Converting fractions to decimals Comparing decimals Converting decimals to fractions

7 Comparing Fractions In order to compare fractions, the denominators for each fraction need to be the same. Find the Least Common Multiple Make equivalent fractions

8 Comparing Fractions , 5, 20 4: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 5: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 20: 20 LCM = 20

9 Comparing Fractions Now order these fractions from least to greatest. = = =

10 Comparing Fractions Order these fractions

11 Comparing Decimals When comparing decimals, you have to look at the whole numbers. If the whole numbers are the same, then look at the decimal in the tenths place. Keep looking at the digits until you can identify which is the greatest or least.

12 Comparing Decimals Practice Time ! Order from least to greatest Problems Answers 1.134, 1.341, , , , 3.63, , 1.134, , , , 3.93, 3.963

13 Converting Fractions to Decimals Think about how you say the fraction. How many TENTHS are there? The 6 goes in the TENTHS place..6 = =.08 How many HUNDREDTHS are there? The 8 goes in the HUNDREDTHS place.

14 Converting Fractions to Decimals If the denominator is not a tenth or hundredth, you will need to make an equivalent fraction using a 10 or 100 as the denominator = 8 10 =.8

15 Converting Fractions to Decimals == Lets try a few! = = = =

16 Converting Decimals to Fractions Converting decimals to fractions is the opposite of converting fractions to decimals. Once again, read the fraction. What do you hear? Tenths or hundredths?

17 Converting Decimals to Fractions Think about how you say the decimal. Read the decimal. The 6 is in the TENTHS place, so the denominator is = =.08 What place is the 8 in? The HUNDREDTHS place. The denominator is 100.

18 Converting Decimals to fractions or= Lets try a few! = =or

19 Comparing Fractions and Decimals In order to compare fractions and decimals, you have to use all of the skills you have learned and reviewed in this session. You can not compare fractions and decimals. You have to convert them all to either fractions or all to decimals.

20 Comparing Fractions and Decimals Compare and order these fractions and decimals

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