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Ways to Save Time & Money and Increase Your Overall Effectiveness on the Show Floor Presented by: Ted Merich, George Hanson, Delores Mootz, & Monica Haskin.

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1 Ways to Save Time & Money and Increase Your Overall Effectiveness on the Show Floor Presented by: Ted Merich, George Hanson, Delores Mootz, & Monica Haskin

2 GoToWebinar Tips Click to hide or display the control panel on your screen Type your question into the Question and Answer Panel. The moderator will notify the presenter of submitted questions

3 Today’s agenda Material & Machinery Handling Tips Exhibitor Services Ordering Tips Frequently Asked Questions Exhibitor Service Kit Booth Design Ideas Open Q&A

4 Save Money in 2013! Negotiated Material Handling Rates and Options International Carwash Association has negotiated sliding scale rates for crated and machinery material handling. Meaning that all exhibitors will experience “flat” to overall reduced material handling rates.

5 Material Handling Rates Weight (lbs)2013 1 – 4,000$55.35 per cwt 4,001 – 8,000$53.45 per cwt 8,001 – 12,000$51.65 per cwt 12,001 – 16,000$49.90 per cwt 16,001 – 20,000$48.15 per cwt 20,001 – 30,000$46.55 per cwt 30,001 +$44.80 per cwt * Make sure to ship your entire shipment together to avoid additional Material Handling Charges.

6 Machinery Handling Rates Weight (lbs)2013 1 – 2,000$30.05 per cwt 2,001 – 4,000$29.05 per cwt 4,001 – 8,000$28.05 per cwt 8,001 – 15,000$27.00 per cwt 15,001 and over$26.00 per cwt *Make sure to ship your entire shipment together to avoid additional Material Handling Charges

7 Things you can do to Save Time and Money 1.Read your exhibitor manual via Freeman Online. 2.Order all services in advance to save 40% or more. This includes (labor, carpet, furnishings, etc.). The advance deadline date is March 29, 2013. 3.Sands Specialized Event Services (SES) handles all catering, electrical, air, water, plumbing, internet, and telecommunication services. Save money by submitting your orders with full payment (21) calendar days prior to the show opening date – April 1, 2013. 4.Please make sure that SES has received your electrical booth layout.

8 How to Properly Label your Shipment Make sure all machinery is clearly marked with a machinery label. Use the labels provided in your online kit. This is especially important if machines are in crates so that the proper rates are applied to your shipment. Ship machinery on blocks, skids, or in crates. One time spotting is included, but you will be charged for additional rigging and spotting. All loose machinery and uncrated material must be shipped directly to show site.

9 Sample Bill of Lading Separate machine weight from exhibit weight on your bill of lading to avoid improper invoicing. This can be done by indicating the contents of your shipment in the description section. THIS MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE DISCOUNTED MACHINERY RATES!

10 Tips Have a company representative present for offloading and spotting your machinery. Load trucks systematically (backwards) last in, first out. Load carpet last so materials can be placed correctly the first time without additional material handling charges. Obtain a tracking number and phone number from your carrier so you can track your shipment. Make sure to instruct your driver to call you immediately if they experience any delays.

11 Tips Meet your assigned target move-in date and time to avoid off-target charges. Label the “ front” of the machine (if possible) on shrink-wrap or the crate. Weigh your shipment and obtain a certified weight ticket, this will save time in the marshaling yard when your carrier checks in for delivery.

12 Tips Properly complete your Material Handling Agreement (MHA) at show site and drop it off at the Freeman Service Desk before leaving. Never leave your Material Handling Agreement (MHA) in your booth or attached to crates. Arrange to have your assigned carrier check in the marshalling yard no later than 8am on the last day of move out to avoid re- routing of your show shipment. Check all bills against orders. Do not sign anything in question and bring up all questions to the Freeman Service Desk immediately while on show site.

13 Frequently Asked Questions Q: By what method should I ship my materials? A: There are several options… Common Carrier/Motor Freight Air Freight Van Lines Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Preferred Carrier

14 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do I need insurance? A: Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to insure their materials from the time the materials leave their facility until the materials return. You can usually obtain a rider to your existing company policy. Show management provides 24-hour peripheral security guard service. However, it is important to INSURE your exhibit material and equipment at all times.

15 Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can I figure out what my estimated material handling costs will be before the event? A: Use the Freeman Online service kit link sent to you via email to access the material handling estimator calculator tool or visit and click on the Order Show Services tab.

16 Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the best way to handle last minute shipments? A: Make sure detailed show information is written on the shipment and keep a copy of the tracking number. You will be charged material handling for all small packages you receive. You can save money by consolidating packages into one shipment.

17 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are there any special procedures I need to follow if I’m using a flat bed trailer? A: There is no additional charge to unload equipment from a flat bed as long as the equipment is blocked, has lifting points, or on a skid. Flat beds are treated as a normal box or closed truck.

18 Frequently Asked Questions Q: What if I need to change my target move-in date or time? A: Please contact the following Freeman personnel: Ted Merich – 702.579.1708 George Hanson – 773.491.2162

19 Exhibitor Service Kit For help navigating the Online Manual, refer to the Resource Guide posted on the Exhibitor Training & Education website. This includes information on the following: Email verification of warehouse freight arrival Easier for exhibitors to manage all Freeman orders via the account summary tab Material Handling Estimator calculator tool Key date reminders when logging in Order history stored across shows making the shopping experience more simplified Reminder of complementary products to ensure exhibitors do not forget to order products they will need

20 Booth Design Freeman offers an extensive exhibit rental program that allows each exhibitor to make a lasting impression. Our turnkey exhibit solutions provide convenience and affordability. Freeman’s exhibit services include: Turnkey rental exhibits designed to convey your marketing message. Audio Visual presentation Graphics Production Truss and Rigging services Overhead Hanging Signs Install & Dismantle Labor Services

21 Booth Design Ideas




25 Need Further Help? The International Carwash Association wants you to have a successful and cost-effective exhibitor experience. Our expert staff is always ready to assist you. If you’d like a one on one consultation with Freeman, please contact: Exhibitor Services – Phone: 702.579.1700 Exhibitor Sales – Phone: 702.579.1426 Freight Questions: Ted Merich – Phone: 702.579.1708 George Hanson – Phone: 773.491.2162

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