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Learning: Re-Imagined

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1 Learning: Re-Imagined
Re-Inventing Learning at Motel 6 Debbie Ascenzo, Sr. Manager, eLearning © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

2 Accor Accor Hospitality Accor Services 4,000 hotels worldwide
Economy to full scale Accor Services In 40 countries around the world Benefits Rewards & Loyalty Expense Management © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

3 Accor Hospitality © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

4 Motel 6 Then Founded in 1962 Original price per night $6
© SkillSoft Corporation 2003

5 Motel 6 Now © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

6 Academie Accor North America
Member of Academie Accor Worldwide Network of 16 local Academies Strategic facility to increase employees’ skills and performance ANA Headquarters - Dallas, TX Supports Motel 6 Regional Training Centers Dallas, TX Phoenix, AZ Contact Center – Columbus, OH © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

7 History of eLearning at Accor
2002 – 300 Motel 6 General Managers Creation of Académie Accor Online Customized portals by brand 2005 – Certification implemented Académie Australia/New Zealand 2007 – Southeast Asia 2009 – 25,000 Online University Enrollees © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

8 Looking for a New Vendor
Outgrew current vendor Needs Better reporting LMS more flexible and cost effective Learning programs Consultative approach with vendor Better ILT functionality © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

9 Changes at Motel 6 Grow our network to 1100 locations by 2010
Update all locations to match our “Phoenix” Prototype Build new corporate and franchise prototypes Changing General Manager (GM) profile © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

10 Training meets Business Demands
Issues Enhance MIT training to encompass changing profile of GM MIT Training currently saturates trainees Solutions Training in three phases Utilize technology SMEs will deliver at all phases of the training © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

11 Previous MIT Training Program
Two Training Facilities Dallas Phoenix Four Training Managers Six week training program OJT Classroom Property Management Experience Property Takeover Over 300 GMs trained yearly © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

12 Re-invented MIT Curriculum
Phase 1: OJT Classroom Property takeover © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

13 Re-invented MIT Curriculum
Phase 2: Long Distance Learning Trainee responsible for enrolling in sessions Provide reports to AMs © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

14 Re-invented MIT Curriculum
Phase 3: Long Distance Self-Development Completion © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

15 Blending with Online University
Create Advanced Group for Motel 6 © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

16 Blending with Online University
Create MIT accounts Move custom content to OU © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

17 Blending with Online University
Create hard skills assessment for OJT © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

18 Blending with Online University
Select SkillSoft content for internal promotes © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

19 Blending with Online University
Create Learning Programs Create Dialogue sessions for SMEs Set-up registration for Dialogue sessions Train SMEs on synchronous training © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

20 Blending with Online University
Release Management Knowledge Center © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

21 Motel 6 Learning Growth Model
© SkillSoft Corporation 2003

22 Benefits of Blending Reduced classroom time
Employee has more responsibility for their training New GM able to apply learning before moving on Phase II & III couldn’t happen without self-enrollment Improved reporting to Area Managers Lower MIT turnover Savings $220,000 per year © SkillSoft Corporation 2003

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