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For a “Change” Differentiate

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1 For a “Change” Differentiate
Presented by: Assistive Technology Facilitators from the Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative

2 To provide appropriate supports, we must determine the types of difficulties the student is experiencing.


4 Types of Math Difficulties
Calculation Visual-spatial skills Organization Problem Solving

5 Types of Math Difficulties
Calculation Skills Memorizing basic facts and formulas Remembering simple rules and definitions Following the proper order of operations Visual-Spatial Skills Seeing the book, worksheet, or board Seeing the book accurately Recording on paper so it can be understood

6 Types of Math Difficulties
Organization Skills Interpreting problems correctly Grouping the skills necessary to solve the problem Performing steps in order Problems Solving Skills Identifying and selecting appropriate strategies Using the strategies correctly Generalizing strategies to other situations Applying acquired knowledge and skills to solve problems

7 Remediation of Deficit Areas
Strategies and skill based instruction is needed to improve deficits areas. Assistive technology can play a role in remediating skills.

8 Compensation of Deficit Areas
Generally, assistive technology serves to compensate for deficit areas by enhancing access to and success in completing instructional tasks which require students to read and comprehend instructional materials and to demonstrate understanding of math concepts.

9 In order to produce quality work, the student must have an appropriate environment and access to the proper tools to compensate for difficulties that they are experiencing.

10 Grade 3 Math Unit 3: Time is Money Activity 4: A Dollar Is a Dollar!
Comprehensive Curriculum Louisiana Department of Education

11 Curriculum Activities
Read the poem Smart by Shel Silverstein. Provide students with opportunities to make proportional trades with money amounts. Provide opportunities for the students to solve problems.

12 Smart by Shel Silverstein
My dad gave me one dollar bill 'Cause I'm his smartest son, And I swapped it for two shiny quarters. 'Cause two is more than one! And then I took the quarters, And traded them to Lou. For three dimes -- I guess he don't know, That three is more than two! Just then, along came old blind Bates And just 'cause he can't see. He gave me four nickels for my three dimes, And four is more than three! And I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs, Down at the seed-feed store, And the fool gave me five pennies for them, And five is more than four! And then I went and showed my dad, And he got red in the cheeks, And closed his eyes and shook his head-- Too proud of me to speak!

13 Student Supports

14 Use symbol supported software to rewrite the “Smart Poem”.
Writing With Symbols Boardmaker 6.0 Pixwriter Clicker 5 Create a pocket mod

15 Use a sequencing voice output device to retell the “Smart Poem”.
Sequencer Step by Step Tech Talk or other multi-location device

16 Create adapted worksheets.
Writing With Symbols Boardmaker Number and Money Stamps Print answers lightly on an adapted worksheet, for added support Support non-readers with symbolized text

17 Use money representations to create dollar amounts.
Felt boards Magnetic boards Puzzles

18 Use electronic devices or software to match and solve problems.
Coin-U-Lator Coin Abacus Money Calc See & Solve Calculator Dollars & Sense Software

19 Use alternative ways to access computer software.
Intellikeys Touch Window Switch and Interface Trackball Joystick Head Mouse

20 Use alternative ways to identify coins.
Eye Gaze board 4 location device with tactile overlay Document camera

21 Use reference books to identify coins.
Coin Flip Book Money Identification Book Coin Book Cue Pocket Mod

22 Program a device with vocabulary so students can participate in proportional trades.
Tech Talk Teach Speak Super Talker Partner Four

23 Use a communication device to allow student to call out classmates names.
Tech Talk Teach Speak Super Talker Partner Four

24 Play virtual math games on the web. Elementary- spelling and counting games- several. Farm Stand Math Buying items from market animals and produce. Gamequarium: Money Math Several different games counting, money, change etc. Mathplayground Fun, games, go to the mall, etc. Play Millionaire. Fact Monster - Math All grades- Money facts. Good 4 science too. Math Slice Online games.

25 Use online Math worksheets.
Busy Teacher’s Cafe Elementary- printable. Counting money (photos). teAchology Elementary-counting money Counting Money Worksheet Maker Elementary- Cartoon counting money. Billy Bear 4 Kids Elementary- Cartoon color counting spelling. Dositey Elementary- Shopping and buying.

26 Math Teaching Ideas Money Math Money Advise Pocketmod
7-9- Lesson on budgets 6-8- Cooperative learning Money Advise 6-12- Developing a budget Pocketmod With the PocketMod, you can carry around the days notes, keep them organized in any way you wish On-screen Talking Calculator Free on-screen talking calculator Cool Math 4 Kids Helps struggling students with learning the basics of math.

27 Create online tests. Test Me Score Me! Classroom Suite

28 Questions & Comments

29 LATI Regional Centers Region 1
Renee Spratt & Katherine Shea Region 2 Anita Lee Region 3 Sharon Edwards & Kristie Stapler Region 4 Charlotte Ducote & Tammy Dupre Region 5 Kay Bolen & Anissa Parker       Region 6 Charlotte Ducote & Laura Gamburg Region 7 Kristie Harvill & Tim Daniels Region 8 Amanda Tull

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