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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

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1 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
By Ambrose Bierce

2 Plot We meet a man who is about to be hanged
He is a 35 year planter who is also described as a gentleman In the second part of the story we find that he is being hanged because he sabotaged a bridge after he was fooled by a Federal Scout (in disguise) In the third part the man imagines escaping when the rope breaks He swings side to side with a broken neck at the end of the story

3 Conflicts Being Hanged Thinking of his wife and children
Thinking of his escape Thinking if his death Should he help by interfering with the bridge

4 Setting A Bridge in Northern Alabama

5 Major Characters Peyton Farquhar (the man being hanged)

6 Minor Characters Mrs. Farquhar Federal Scout

7 Author Background Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?)
Wrote most of his stories about his experiences in the Civil War He was a very cynical man Moved to Mexico in 1913 and was never heard from again It is believed he was killed in the siege of Ojinaga (Mexico was in the midst of a civil war when he moved there) He wrote during the literary period of American Realism

8 Symbols The water symbolizes the freedom Farquhar imagines as he thinks of his family (can also symbolize his imagination) His watch symbolizes his impending death as well as his final seconds of life as they are ticking away The noose also symbolizes his inescapable death

9 Theme The powers of the imagination in times of tragedy
The relativity of time can make seconds seem like hours and hours like seconds

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