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How to Handle Conflict at the Workplace?

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1 How to Handle Conflict at the Workplace?

2 Conflict management and resolution is a challenge that managers face in the corporate world

3 What is Conflict?

4 Conflict may be defined as friction between individuals due to differences of opinions, ideas, beliefs, values, needs or objectives.

5 Types of Conflict

6 Intrapersonal conflict

7 Interpersonal conflict

8 Functional conflict

9 Intergroup conflict

10 Why does conflict arise?

11 No two people are alike

12 See things differently

13 Different ideologies

14 Different approaches to problem-solving

15 Poor communication channels

16 Competition for limited resources

17 Differences in goals and values

18 Organizational inter-department friction.

19 Effects of conflicts

20 1. Positive effects of conflicts

21 Triggers the need for searching for new facts and solutions.

22 Improves group cohesiveness

23 2. Negative effects of conflicts

24 Reduces productivity

25 Delays the decision-making process

26 How do you deal with conflict situations?

27 Negotiate

28 Solve the problem

29 Conceptual skills

30 Communication Skills

31 1. Listening 2. Asking Question

32 Assertive action

33 Manage emotions and tempers

34 Resolve the conflict in a healthy way

35 Be polite and respectful

36 Conclusion

37 “Conflict arises when a difference between two (or more) people necessitates change in at least one person in order for their engagement to continue and develop. The differences cannot coexist without some adjustment” Jordan (Courage in connection: Conflict, compassion, creativity)

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39 Thank You

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