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T.A.S.C. Reception Class Dosbarth Glas. Activity To design a playground.

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1 T.A.S.C. Reception Class Dosbarth Glas

2 Activity To design a playground

3 Following points taken into consideration: Age and abilities of children Progression of skills Resources available

4 Early Years & Key Stage 1 Overview ClassMaterials NurseryClay ReceptionSmall World Objects Year 1Junk Year 2Construction & Junk

5 Reception Every afternoon over the course of one week given over to T.A.S.C. Basis for decision

6 Day One Whole class visit the school playground to look at furnishings T.A.S.C wheel activity carried out Playground revisited to plan and discuss – WE HAD A RETHINK!



9 Day Two-Five Resources selected Initial task with most able children Reminder of T.A.S.C wheel Looked at and discussed available objects Children given opportunity to plan out their playground WHAT NEXT?





14 Conclusion Very intensive week Careful preparation required Implement at least once every half term Identify curriculum opportunities for T.A.S.C. Benefit to group working evident Independent skills facilitated

15 Quotes Reception You cant put it there it will block the drains If its in the middle of the yard people will run into it Trees and plants will need soil for them to grow


17 Juniors Different years did different activities Including:- Brainstorms Booklets Designs Brochures Building of the grounds Invites to openings

18 Year 6 Web of different colours of the activity Things to do Layout plan of existing yards Computer design of playground Opening invitations Building the yard from recycled objects

19 Quotes Although my shopping centre is a great idea, I dont think it will fit in the space My design for the football pitch when looking at the yard will be too big for anything else to fit in We are pleased with our design in an ideal world but perhaps the safety would be a bit of a problem

20 Project success Each teacher felt that it was a success Got to see a side of some children not seen before All enjoyed All thought the rethink was a great idea Teachers have used process to develop other areas in the curriculum






26 Identified the need to make our limited areas in the playground more attractive

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