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2 As the alternative school for CCSD, Career Prep High School offers students who otherwise may not graduate high school a different environment. This chart shows the distribution of Career Prep High School senior class of 2012 by the year they first entered high school. Only 27% (11 students) are graduating after 4 years of high school (2008-2009). The largest percentage of our students (34%) are graduating high school after 5 years. Two students are graduating after only 3 years of high school. The remainder (14 students) first enrolled in high school 6, 7, or 8 years ago. The chart on the next slide may explain why Career Prep students are taking more than the traditional 4 years to graduate high school.

3 The column on the far right is the number of 2012 graduates at Career Prep. The middle column is the number of 2012 graduates who at one time were high school dropouts. (66%) The column on the left is the number of teen parents in the 2012 graduating class. (37%)

4 GRADS DaycareClassroomPATSBHCAdmin.

5 GRADS Daycare Laurinda Classroom Bunny PAT Teri SBHC Dez Admin. Joyce

6 S CHOOL B ASED H EALTH C ENTER Partnership between CPHS and NNMC School Nurse – Dezbah Benally IHS Physicians/PAs – 2 half days Teen Life Counselor Visiting Student Physicians through IHS Serves all students and daycare children

7 SBHC & GRADS Well Baby Clinic Birth Control Sick Baby/Sick Parent Services Pregnancy Services Medicines Workshops/Presentations Daycare visits SBHC Nurse attends GRADS trainings

8 2011 – 2012 SBHC GRADS A CTIVITIES Oct. 27Shiprock Fire Dept. delivers fire prevention information and practices to daycare parents Nov. 7Fetal Alcohol information provided to GRADS students Nov. 17Seasonal cold care talk for GRADS students by Lucy Gassaway Nov. 21 Breast Care Prevention talk by SJRMC Dec. 1Breast Feeding information with Angie Smith, RN Jan. 26Sharing labor and delivery experiences

9 2011 – 2012 SBHC A CTIVITIES Health & Wellness meeting with all students Zumba & Yoga classes Childsight Vision screenings – 37 pairs of glasses Natural Helpers program Substance abuse group sessions – B. Yazzie Healthy Holiday Snacks prepared by students SBHC tours for new students Diabetic awareness talk with M. Denetclaw Power walk during lunch

10 2011 – 2012 GRADS C LASSROOM Sexual Reproductive Health Guest Speaker: Dr. Chan (Health Care Provider) Parenting Styles Parenting Influences Guest Speaker: Liz McGrath (Pegasus – Lawyer) Teen Father Video and Presentation Parenting Philosophy Ruby Payne Training: Classism Money Management Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships Guest Speaker: Clint Frazier

11 2011 – 2012 P ARENTS A S T EACHERS Parents are their childrens first and most influential teachers. 60 minute monthly personal visits - Parenting support - Parent/child interaction - Family receives a childrens book every visit - Case manage Grades & Attendance Resource Referral Developmental Screening Parent/Child Lunchtime Literacy Interaction 4 times a week Parents who dropout or graduate will be introduced to a PAT parent educator of the community they live in to continue PAT services.

12 2011 – 2012 D AYCARE Provide childcare during the school day for teen parents Help students apply for CYFD assistance Provide parenting advice and classes Facilitate a parent/child reading program during lunch Assist with after school daycare for tutoring and GRADS activities

13 2011 – 2012 A DMINISTRATION Handle all fiscal responsibilities of the GRADS grant Facilitate meetings Attend trainings Grant writer for the GRADS program Handle PR with district administration

14 I came to Career Prep because I wanted to finish high school and get my diploma. CP helped me get my diploma. The daycare has been a really big help. It made it possible for me to finish school. I want to get a degree in Early Childhood. I plan on taking some online classes next year. I will work until November when my twins are due, then stay home for a while with my children. Other students that need help with day care should come to CP. They will help you earn your credits.

15 Career Prep High School P.O. Box 3514 Shiprock, NM 87420 Phone: (505) 368-4980 Email: Joyce Rock, Principal

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