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Kuali Budget Construction Training Catherine Maddaford KBC Administrator.

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1 Kuali Budget Construction Training Catherine Maddaford KBC Administrator

2 KBC REPORTS Kuali Budget Construction

3 Salary Reports There are no separate salary reports currently for KBC because we designed the Salary Export Worksheet to double as a report. To get a “report” you would run the salary export in the same manner as you would if exporting the worksheet, but you would select “Report” as the format option. When you select report you will see just the column headers without the notes and instructions for each column. Your format options are only Excel and CSV.

4 BI- Budget Reports Budget reports are available only in Cognos for KBC. Only BC processors can run the budget reports. Each BC processor is set up in a special group to allow them access to the KBC Reports portal, which contains the links to the reports.

5 Variance Reports Variance reports are reports that are designed to compare your allocated budget to your control budget. Your control budget is from TBO, with the categories converted to object codes for KBC. The only way to view your control budget by object code and by org code is to use the BI variance reports for Budget Construction.

6 Reports 1 and 2 Reports one and two are variance reports that include MFS codes, object codes, and org codes. Report one sorts first by income object codes and then expense object codes, and breaks on income and expense for subtotaling. Report two sorts by object code and then MFS code, with no break on income and expense. Reports 1 and 2 will display control totals ONLY when the controls match the same level as allocated. (see next slide)

7 Level of Control totals It is important to understand how KBC “rolls up” the control totals and the allocated totals by organization code and object code. – Control totals are entered only at the 5-digit org code level, or at the 7-digit org code level. – If entered at the 7-digit level, the control totals may not be entered for every 7-digit org code you have, so your allocations may not match how your controls are entered. If there is not a one-for-one match between the org codes with allocations and the control total org codes, then the results will differ by report.

8 Finding the reports When you are logged in to Kuali, click on the Business Intelligence button on the top right to connect to Cognos. If you are prompted to log in, use your regular USCNetID and password as you would for Kuali. The Budget Construction Reports have their own portal page, and are not included on the regular portal page where you see your ASR’s and other reports. You need to navigate to the EDW Budget Construction tab, if you have it. To find your tabs you need to click on the Home icon in BI.

9 Which report? Reports 3 and 4 are designed to correctly display the control totals, but you must select the one applicable to your center. Select report 3 if your controls are entered at the 7- digit level and your allocations match at the same level. Select report 4 if your controls are entered at the 5- digit level. You can view reports 1 and 2 to see the allocations split by org code, but the controls will not display if they do not match the org codes used for allocated budget. You can run the reports to see the results to better understand.

10 Budget Construction If you see the EDW Budget Construction tab, you can select that tab and it will open the KBC portal page, as shown in the next image.

11 Selection criteria Allocated only, not allocated, and ALL – This refers to whether you are selecting accounts that contain allocated budget or all account. – If you are running a variance report, select ALL. – If you are running report 5, account detail, select allocated only, or you will see all non-budgeted accounts. Subtotals – If you select subtotals, the report will sum columns at the various levels. – If you select no subtotals, nothing will be summed.

12 Selecting Format Once your report displays, then you can choose the format to download the report, if needed. If you email the report it embeds the report inside your email even though you choose attachment. Your options are: – HTML – PDF – XML – Excel – with two options, data or format. Excel Options – Data gives you just the data without the report “look” and fancy headers. Excel format gives you the file in Excel, but it includes the report logo and report header.

13 Missing BC tab? If you do not see that tab, select the Public Folders tab. Under the list of public folders you will need to search for the Budget Construction Folder. You may need to toggle through your pages of folders to locate it.

14 Searching for folder If you don’t see the Budget Construction folder on the first page, you need to use the toggle arrows to go to the next page. Once you locate the Budget Construction folder, click on the yellow folder icon to open the folder. Within the folder you should find the file EDW Budget Construction. If you click on that file name link, it will open the KBC reports portal, as shown previously.

15 Accessing Reports Each of the reports listed are links to open and start the reports. If you are familiar with Cognos already, you should be able to run these reports with little assistance. If you follow these steps and cannot find the correct tab or folder, confirm that you have the BC processor role. Contact the KBC Administrator if further assistance is needed.

16 Adding BC tab If you can access the BC folder and get to the portal page and run the reports, then you have access. If you want to add the EDW- Budget Construction tab for easier access, follow the instructions for Cognos Preferences on the following slides.

17 Cognos Preferences My Preferences can be accessed by clicking on the “Person” icon on the Cognos toolbar. There are four choices when you pull down the list from the person icon, and you want to select My Preferences for these changes. 17

18 Preferences – Portal tabs Select Portal Tabs on the Set Preferences page. You want to add the EDW Budget Construction portal page so that it will appear as a tab. The default setting includes only My Folders and Public Folders. 18

19 Add the Portal Tab Click on the link Add… to add tabs. My Folders and Public Folders should already be selected if they are appearing as tabs. Open the Public Folders link to find the correct BC folder. 19

20 Open the Budget Construction folder, shown here as a yellow folder. Locate and select EDW Budget Construction link, as shown previously. 20 Locate folder and link

21 Add the tab Select the EDW Budget Construction file on the left of the screen and then the green arrow to move it to the right under the selected entries section. Select it on the right as well. Click OK when finished.

22 Tab Sequence If you wish to modify the sequence of how the tabs appear on your screen. Select the folders you wish to move. Click on the links to move them up or down. Click ok when finished. 22

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