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Staying Safe Away from Home Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol.

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1 Staying Safe Away from Home Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol

2  Always let someone know where you are going – even if you are with a group of friends  Always let someone know if you are meeting someone for the first time  Tell your friend the new person’s name and EXACTLY where you plan to be and at what times!  If you change plans or locations, check in with your friend!

3  When you are out, especially at night, walk with friends or people you know and trust, whenever possible  Never split up, especially after dark or in unfamiliar places

4  Be alert  Be aware of your surroundings  Know where you are going  Make eye contact with people you pass  Be watchful for suspicious persons  If it feels wrong, it probably is! Get out of there!

5  If you think you are being followed, DO NOT GO HOME!! - Walk into the nearest open business and call 911  Don’t wait until it is too late – if you even THINK you are being followed, TAKE ACTION!!

6  NEVER walk alone at night! If it is a must, be extremely alert - Don’t text or read while you are walking - Keep your head up and look confident  DON’T TAKE SHORTCUTS  Stay out of alleys and off of unpopulated roads  NEVER, EVER HITCH RIDES or accept rides from people you do not know  Stay away from dark doorways and shrubbery

7  MAKE NOISE – LOTS OF NOISE  Blow a whistle or scream as loudly as you can  Do whatever you can to attract attention  Get to a safe place as quickly as possible

8  Learn Self Defense – take classes only from licensed instructors  Know where telephones are along your route – you may forget your cell phone or the battery may die  Have some extra cash for the bus or a taxi, just in case  Have change in case you need to call a friend – MEMORIZE emergency phone numbers  Remember 911 calls are FREE from all payphones and most cell phones

9  Avoid verbal confrontations – if someone provokes you, ignore them and keep moving – Verbal confrontations usually lead to physical fights – Just WALK AWAY and go some place SAFE

10  Always carry your ID – If something happens to you, emergency personnel need to know who you are  If you have medical conditions or take medication, keep a list in your purse or wallet  Keep a list of emergency contact numbers in your purse or wallet

11  Never walk alone  Know your route ( payphones, danger areas like dark doorways, shrubbery, etc.)  Walk Confidently  Stay alert – no texting while walking – be aware of your surroundings  If you are threatened – MAKE NOISE AND GET TO SAFETY!!

12  Memorize Important Phone Numbers  911 calls are FREE from ALL payphones  Even if you run out of minutes on your cell phone, you can still call 911  Memorize at least one taxi cab number (I like 619-444-4444 which is Yellow Cab)  Stay away from strangers – only get into a car with someone you know AND trust – or a taxi

13  Why should friends know where you will be?  Why should you tell friends the name and description of someone you meet for the first time?  Why should you call a friend if you are delayed and will be returning late?  Why should you travel with friends?  Why should you never split up once you have formed a group?  Why should you avoid going home if you are followed?  Why should you make lots of noise if you are threatened?  Why is it unwise to text or read while walking alone?  Why should you not take shortcuts?  Why should you never hitch rides or accept a ride from strangers ?  Why is it important to learn things about your route (i.e. payphones, open businesses, etc.)?  How much does it cost to call 911 from a payphone?  Why should you ignore someone who is provoking you?  Why should you avoid a physical confrontation?  What is the best way to avoid a physical confrontation?  Why should you carry at least one form of ID on you while you are out?  Why is it important to have a list of emergency contact numbers written down and carried with you?

14 The tips contained in this presentation are based on Safety Tips from the San Diego Police Department Prevention Tips: & Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol

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