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Canning Rules & Regulations Tips to avoid penalization for improper canning.

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1 Canning Rules & Regulations Tips to avoid penalization for improper canning

2 Steps for Registering a Location Storefronts o Utilize the call script provided, be sure that you obtain the contact information for the store manager, and fill out all of the required paperwork. o These can be found under “Students” then “Documents” on o Each store may have different rules and regulations, make sure that you are following the expectations that the manager has set out. Intersections o Utilize the call script when contacting the borough/municipality in the area you would like to can. o If a permit is required, make sure that individuals canning in that area have a copy o Some areas will request an approximate number of canners; have this information before making a phone call.

3 Canning Violations Standing in medians, paved or unpaved, and standing in the street o It is strictly forbidden to stand on medians or in the street while canning. All intersection canning must take place from sidewalks on the outside of traffic lanes. o Canning at traffic circles or highway off-ramps is also prohibited. o Please see appendix B of the THON Rulebook and/or contact with any questions. o Appendices F and G of the Rulebook will provide clear examples of misconduct and penalties associated therewith. Unregistered canning trips o All canning trips must be registered on THINK by 11:59 pm the Friday of the canning weekend. The ability to register trips will be disabled after this time. o When registering trips, make sure that the trip leader and THON chair information is updated. If a trip leader is not designated, the primary chair will be contacted. o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions o Canning violation penalties are outlined in Section of the THON 2014 Rulebook

4 Canning before/after sunset o Canning can only take place during daylight hours. o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions o Canning violation penalties are outlined in Section of the THON 2014 Rulebook Canning at questionable/non-FTK storefronts o Canning in front of liquor stores, bars, adult themed venues or any other location of the like is strictly forbidden. o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions Canning without permits o Many locations require permits. It is the responsibility of the organization to obtain permits where necessary. o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions Canning Violations

5 Canning with non-approved materials o Only approved canning materials distributed by THON may be used. Homemade signs, can wraps or other media are forbidden o Materials Distribution takes place Wednesday through Friday the week before each of the four Canning Weekends o Signing up for a Materials Distribution timeslot is required on THINK prior to registering Canning Trips o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions o Please see section for penalties associated with illegal canning materials Canning without organization’s name displayed o All signs must have the FULL organization name displayed and visible at all times o Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions and associated penalties

6 Potential Repercussions of Unsafe Canning Pennsylvania Police have the right to take any canner from out of state into custody if they are found obstructing traffic o Canning IN the street is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania o Failure to comply with state law can and will result in a citation of $95 minimum

7 Rights to Shared Canning Locations If a permit is required for location: If both groups have permits, the first group to arrive at the location has exclusive rights to that location. HOWEVER, sharing of intersections/storefronts is highly encouraged. If only one group has a permit, that organization is given exclusive canning rights If a permit is not required for location: Any group who has a permit has exclusive rights to the location, even if another organization arrived first. The first organization to arrive has exclusive rights to location if neither organization has obtained a permit. Please see section of the THON Rulebook for questions

8 Remember that you are representing Penn State, your Organization, and THON; act accordingly Always remain calm and humble—nothing will ever be solved by yelling or getting upset If you would not say or do something in front of a Four Diamonds Family then do not do it while canning Alcoholic beverages or similar substances are STRICTLY prohibited while canning Any Organization found in violation of this will have a meeting with members of the Executive Committee Canning Etiquette

9 Canning is not a competition Share locations when possible It is NEVER acceptable to harass other Organizations or members Canning. Remember that you are all working For The Kids If there is a serious issue, please contact the THON Office. Canning Etiquette With Other Organizations

10 It is NEVER acceptable to harass a potential donor for a donation ALWAYS be cordial and polite If a potential donor asks a question about THON, be prepared to answer knowledgeably! EXAMPLES: 96.5% of funds raised in THON 2011 went directly to THON’s sole beneficiary: The Four Diamonds Fund Since pairing with the Four Diamonds Fund in 1977, THON has donated more than $101 million In THON 2013 alone, $12.37 million was raised THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world More than 15,000 students and more than 370 Organizations fundraise for THON SAY THANK YOU! Canning Etiquette With Patrons

11 Be polite and calm and cordial Introduce yourself and explain that you are a member of a student organization raising funds on behalf of the Penn State Dance Marathon If the Police Officer suggests that there is a problem, listen to him/her and comply with any directions If the Police Officer would like to speak with someone at from THON, provide the # on canning signs If the Police Officer asks you to leave, do so immediately If you are issued a citation or are told that the municipality does not allow canning, please contact the THON Office immediately Canning Etiquette With Police

12 If you have any questions, please us at We are also willing to help educate your organization's members, so please let us know if you’d like us to visit a meeting! All individuals who are canning must understand the guidelines in order to avoid violations. Thank you for your continued cooperation and all of your hard work. Together, we will make a difference in the life of a child. Contact Us

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