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Liberty National Life Classroom Training

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1 Liberty National Life Classroom Training
Day Two

2 Day Two Objectives Three Components of Success Rapport Building
Rapport Building Laptop On Demand Role-Play Rapport Building No-Cost and Referral Collection Laptop On Demand No-Cost Presentation Role-Play No-Cost and Referral Collection Full Presentation

3 Objective One The Three Components of Success

4 Three Components of Success
Rapport Needs- Based Closing Transitions and Tie- Downs

5 Three Components of Success with the Laptop Presentation
Rapport Building Establishing trust and respect with the client Transitions and Tie-Downs Using the script effectively Needs-Based Closing Selling based on the need rather than the price

6 Objective Two Rapport Building

7 Rapport Building In our sales driven society, people buy because of:
Advertising Reputation Word of Mouth, etc. At Liberty National, people buy because they like you FIRST!

8 The Sales Process The typical sales process has 4 steps to it:
Step 1: Build and establish rapport Step 2: Expose and establish a need Step 3: Present a product that fills the need Step 4: Close the sale of the product The Diagram on the next slide illustrates the importance of rapport in the sales process. The more rapport built, the less closing is needed. The less rapport built, the more closing is needed.

9 The Sales Process and the Balance of Human Element and Technology
Rapport 40% Establish Need 30% Product 20% Closing % Agent 50% Laptop 50%

10 Rapport In order for someone to want to work with you, they must first: Trust You Anything you say produces tension or trust Go slow, create trust Be sincerely interested in helping their family Respect You Be an insurance professional Speak with confidence Knowledge is power, arm yourself with insurance knowledge

11 3 Parts to Rapport in the Presentation
Interaction with Videos Be excited to watch the videos every time Client is half as excited as you are Be an Insurance Professional People buy from Agents they trust People buy from Agents they respect Strong Warm Up Shows you’re a professional Shows you care about them

12 Objective Three Laptop On Demand Rapport Building

13 Complete Rapport Building Video Training
Today, we will see rapport building explained and demonstrated in a laptop presentation.

14 Objective Four Role-Play Rapport Building

15 Role-Play Rapport Building
Follow your training manager’s instruction and role-play rapport building

16 Objective Five The No-Cost Presentation

17 No-Cost Presentation The No-Cost portion is vitally important for 3 main reasons: It’s how we collect referrals It introduces the client to the computer and gets them used to a laptop style of presentation It introduces ‘cause and effect’ sales Video presents a problem, i.e. every 4 minutes someone dies from an accident, and provides the effect, or solution, a No-Cost ADP policy.

18 The No-Cost Videos Collect More Referrals
Use the videos to ask for referrals Use the script to keep it simple More referrals come from using the Laptop in the No-Cost section Establish Cause and Effect Sales Problem-Solution Problem: Every 4 minutes someone dies from an accident Solution: No- Cost ADP Cause and Effect Sales Is used in sales universally Happens 3 separate times in the No-Cost section Is the same structure from the Survey to Close

19 Always remember, “Who’s first” and “who’s next?”
Asking for Referrals As you can see, we are trying to extend these benefits to the people in your circle of influence who you know can use it. Ask “Who would you like to sponsor FIRST?” Get your first sponsorship and ask “Who would you like to sponsor NEXT?” Always remember, “Who’s first” and “who’s next?”

20 Referral Collection Tips
“Who’s first …” is much better than “Can you think of anyone …” Always ask “Who’s next?” Even if they say they can’t think of anyone else, bring up another option; a sibling, relative, neighbor, or coworker and they will think of another then say, “Who’s next?” Be suggestive: “Most people just look through their phone to think of people.” Use competition: “Most people sponsor 10, but the most I’ve seen someone sponsor is 27, if you want to try and set the record!” Overcome an objection: “Whenever the Company sends out a claim check, the family receiving it never sends the check back, they always cash it. Who do you want to help first?”

21 Objective Six Role-Play No-Cost and Referral Collection

22 Role-Play the No-Cost Presentation and Referral Collection
Follow your training manager’s instructions and role-play the No-Cost and Referral Collection

23 Objective Seven Full Situational Presentation

24 Full Presentation Referral Lead Type
Married family with 2 kids and a mortgage

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