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Extend the hand Suddenly you stop and realize that their front is a vast sea, seeming to have no end.

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2 Extend the hand

3 Suddenly you stop and realize that their front is a vast sea, seeming to have no end

4 how to move forward? How to stop this endless ocean? I think I'll quit... you are looking and wondering desperately

5 What is your sea? How big is it? What is your sea? The sea of unemployment?The debts?Separation? Disease?

6 God speaks to you today: Extend your hand over the sea... No matter what your size or sea

7 Extend your hand and God will open this sea is in your life and prevents you from following

8 God will make your sea on dry land and you'll get through it and gain the victory, the long-awaited blessing

9 And if his enemies are behind you knows what will happen? God closes the sea and all die by drowning, because you are a child (a) the living God.

10 Stretch your hand now and say aloud: Lord in Jesus' name I open this sea of struggles that are in my life And I'll cross it on dry land, until my victory

11 Get this word and cross this sea, for the angels of the Lord is with thee. glorify God in this moment, thank you (the) Father

12 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord dragged the sea and made it into dry land... The waters parted and the Israelites crossed through the sea on dry land, with a wall of water right and one left ( Êxodus14:21- 22)

13 When you feel that nobody cares you and that there is love, this is the time to sit back in the arms of the Lord and find there a sea, that sea that passes all understanding. When you get discouraged and feel hopeless, soak in His wonderful face, and see that He is smiling at you because he truly loves you the way you are. When you feel worried or frustrated, run to Him, for He alone is your perfect companion. If you feel that nobody can understand the difficulties they are experiencing, this is not true, because he always understands everything you're going through and feeling. He is interested in you and cares about each of their problems, wants to help you solve them. This is the time to run to Him, tell of their struggles and sufferings, after all that worry and upset your heart, tell their anxieties. And He, only He can give you the solutions, which will remove all your pain and anguish.

14 Trust in the Lord God. He is the God of all earth and heaven, before His perfection and His love, His works of the size and greatness of His power, He alone can extend their hands and take the right paths. We just have to thank Him for the care and concern for the individual, which our Lord has for each of us. Prepare this special moment for you so you can talk intimately with the Lord, and pour in His wonderful presence. He's with his arms outstretched to you, let it be harvested by His hugs, the everlasting arms of a wonderful Father and trembling. In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God, and He, his temple he heard my voice and my cry reached his ears. Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because he was angry. (2 Samuel 22.7-8)

15 Believe it... Have a blessed day Credits: Formatting : Wesley Simões (Brazil) Text: Extend thee hand Music: In the mirror – One man’s drean - Yanni P/contact: (Clique aqui)(Clique aqui) More posts: (Clique aqui)(Clique aqui)

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