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Overview of Funds for Environment in Poland Fundetec Public Funding Workshop Eniko Artim Project Manager REC

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1 Overview of Funds for Environment in Poland Fundetec Public Funding Workshop Eniko Artim Project Manager REC

2 Financing Environmental technologies in Poland 2007-2013  National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management  EkoFund  Bank Ochrony Środowiska: preferential pro-ecological credits eg. for investments in the agriculture production.  Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego: technological credit to purchase new technology or modernize own one

3 National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management Information received from : Mr. Piotr Ruciński

4 Environmental protection and water management funds were established in 1989 by the Environmental Protection Act National Fund  National Fund  16 provincial funds  373 county funds  2489 communal funds

5 Sources of financing environmental protection and water management in 2004

6 Environmental funds` revenues come from:  Fees for exploitation of the environment  Penalties for exceeding pollution limits Fees and penalties are collected by provintial authorities and then distributed among the funds.

7 Forms of financing environmental protection  Loan financing (loans, credit lines)  Grant financing (grants and subsidies to commercial credits)  Capital investments

8 Receipts and expenses of the National Fund in 2005 in mln EUR Receipts Fees and penalties 130,8 Loan repayment 216,3 Interest37,3 Other16,9 TOTAL401,3Expenses Loan financing 256,6 Grants financing 155,5 Capital investments 23,5 TOTAL435,6

9 Supported areas  Water protection and water management – 41%  Air protection – 17%  Land protection – 6%  Nature protection and forestry – 4%  National environment monitoring – 7%  Avoidance and liquidation of serious failures – 3%  Geology – 5%  Mining – 5%  Ecological education – 2%  Other – 10%

10 Cohesion Fund budget for period 2004-2006 - 1,8 bln EUR Beneficiaries: Local governments and their associations, municipal companies or other public entities Supported projects: Improvement of surface water quality Improvement of drinking water quality and distribution Waste management and protection of land Improvement of air quality Anti-flood security

11 Structural funds (ERDF) Budget for period 2004-2006 - 155 mln EUR Beneficiaries: Private sector companies Supported projects: Adjusting companies to certain environmental standards (BAT, sewage, air, waste)

12 Challenge for period 2007-2013 - Programme „Infrastructure and Environment” Environmental priorities  Water and sewage management  Waste management  Ecological safety  Adjusting companies to environmental standards  Wildlife protection and ecological restoration CF and ERDF budget for environmental priorities: 4,2 bln EUR

13 THE ECOFUND FOUNDATION  Established in 1992  Administering the funds from Polish debt-for- environment swap scheme  Money derived from the conversion of a part of the foreign debt of Poland into a fund intended to support environmental protection projects  Agreements with USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Norway.

14 Priority environmental protection sectors of the EcoFund (air protection  Reduction of the transboundary transport of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and elimination of the low sources of such emissions (air protection); (water protection  Reduction of the pollutant inflow to the Baltic Sea and protection of drinking water resources (water protection); (climate protection  Reduction of the emissions of gases that cause global climate changes (climate protection); (nature protection  Biological diversity protection (nature protection); and (waste management  Waste management and contaminated soil reclamation (waste management).

15 Revenue  1992 - 2005, the receipts from the Polish-debt-for- environment swap scheme totaled about 400 million US dollars ;  banking operations and donations.

16 Providing Grants The average amount of a grant PLN 1.6 million; Average grant covers 21% of the project cost

17 Competitions announced:  energy savings in municipal heating systems;  nature protection in landscape parks;  increasing the small retention in forests;  protection of the declining species of flora and fauna;  protection of water and marshland areas;  protection of the avian areas of the NATURA 2000 EU Nature Conservation Network in Poland

18 Subsidy conditions -No co-finance of EU Cohesion Fund, Integrated Operational Program for Regional Development, EEA (Norwegian Fund). -Technology transfer promoted from USA, Switzerland, Norway and/or European Union Countries; -Advance payments available - subject to negotiation -Minimum amount of grant = PLN 50 000 For typical technical non-commercial projects: Entrepreneurs Up to 30 % Self- governments 30- 60 % Others Up to 50%

19 “Fast path” grant awarding Products of similar nature is generated, for instance:  Solar collectors  Solar collectors; max grant/unit :1 000 PLZ; Annual limit: 10 000 000 PLZ; Grant limit of up to 40% of project costs  Wind power plants  Wind power plants; max grant/unit: 700 000 PLZ; Annual limit: 35 000 000 PLZ; Grant limit of up to 15% of project costs The grant limits in the competitions are individually specified in the announcements.

20 Innovatory projects  promotes the use of the most recent engineering achievements for environmental protection purposes.  The rules of the subsidizing are more favorable  The maximum share of a grant is raised by 10 % compared to grants for typical projects  No “fast path” awarding applies  No competition procedures applies

21 Thank you for your attention Eniko Artim Project manager Environmental financing and economic instruments Environmental Policy Programme Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

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