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What is VEKAdeckTM PRO? Homeowners, architects and builders are all seeking an attractive, high performance low maintenance deck product. Recognizing the.

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2 What is VEKAdeckTM PRO? Homeowners, architects and builders are all seeking an attractive, high performance low maintenance deck product. Recognizing the limitations of composite materials, VEKA pioneered a new category of deck board that is rapidly growing. VEKAdeckTM PRO is a 100% cellular Processed PVC deck board designed to be one of the best performing boards available. Visit for additional information

3 Satin Woodgrain Finish & Deeper Traction Grip
New Improved Features Satin Woodgrain Finish & Deeper Traction Grip “Hard Coat” Impact Shell Co-Extrusion Technology Advanced Cellular Core Technology provides strength and integrity

4 Khaki 5 Attractive Colors Choose from any of the five distinct colors to complement the style of your home. Almond Mocha Gray Visit to see our color selector: White

5 Specification Details
ASTM/ ICC Test Results Product Dimensions Test Results 1” 250 lb. -20°F + 120°F Pass 5.5” 250 lb. -20°F + 120°F Pass 75 psf Wind Uplift Pass 36 ft./lb. Blunt Impact Pass Installation Details Wet/Dry Slip Resistance Pass 16” On Center 12” On Angle ICC # ESR-1469

6 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Formulation Most popular deckboards are comprised of various scraps of waste product and wood fibers. This composition is not the ideal performance material. VEKAdeckTM PRO is manufactured with a unique formulation of 100% virgin PVC, performance modifiers and color pigments. Brand X This blend of quality materials assures that VEKAdeckTM PRO will provide years of low maintenance performance. 100% Virgin Vinyl

7 Moisture / Weather Resistant
:: Professional Grade Decking :: Moisture / Weather Resistant Unlike most wood fiber composites, VEKAdeckTM PRO does not absorb water and therefore resists mold growth and decay. Brand X Deck samples placed in water for 4 weeks VEKAdeck absorbed 0 water and did not leech color or any other agents into the water. The competition absorbed excessive water and released pigment and tanic acids and other agents into the water.

8 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Brand X 126°F 188°F Heat Build-Up On hot sunny summer days most deck surfaces can get very hot, so hot in fact that shoes are required. VEKAdeckTM PRO was designed to remain comfortable even with bare feet on a hot summer day. A heat build up test was conducted in the VEKA Innovations Training Lab shows that VEKAdeckTM PRO is 62 degrees cooler that its’ competition.

9 :: Next Generation Decking ::
Safe, Splinter-Free The attractive wood grain appearance will not splinter, flake or peel and provides a slip resistant, stain proof surface that kids can safely play on. Heat absorption (Heat Build Up) is among the lowest in the industry. Walk comfortably with bare feet on a hot summer day!

10 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Stain Resistance In everyday use a deck is exposed to several staining agents such as barbeque sauce while grilling, etc. VEKAdeckTM PRO’s superior composition will not stain like most other deck boards. Wood Brand X In the demonstration several different types of sauces were dropped onto the surfaces of many leading deckboards including VEKAdeckTM PRO. Using household cleaners we then tried to remove the stains. VEKAdeckTM PRO wiped completely clean while the others absorbed oils and the surface appeared discolored.

11 :: It’s Not A Composite ::
After 8 Weeks of Outdoor exposure Fade Resistance VEKAdeckTM PRO’s unique cellular PVC formulation assures a long lasting beautiful appearance. Unlike wood and wood composites, VEKAdeckTM PRO will resist fading and retain its color longer. No Noticeable Difference Northern Industrial Simulated weathering over several seasons. Brand X Miami Phoenix

12 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Slip Resistance VEKAdeckTM PRO has a 2-stage embossed attractive wood grain pattern on its’ surface. This allows for exceptional traction even in wet or slippery conditions. Some popular composite deckboards do not use an embossed pattern and thus increases the risk of slipping. Brand X

13 Installs Like Traditional Lumber
:: Professional Grade Decking :: Installs Like Traditional Lumber VEKAdeckTM PRO installs with traditional hand or power tools and easily accepts nails, screws, or hidden fasteners. It can be sawn at any angle and is self counter-sinking so board will not mushroom. VEKAdeckTM PRO Brand X Cuts Easily On Any Angle No Special Screws Needed! No Pre-Drilling Necessary Accepts Hidden Fasteners Brand X

14 Hardness / Surface Durability
:: Professional Grade Decking :: Hardness / Surface Durability When it comes to strength and performance, VEKAdeckTM PRO is at the top of the industry. Due of heavy traffic, most deckboards surface patterns wear out quickly. However, Because of its superior surface strength, VEKAdeckTM PRO’s beautiful wood grain pattern will withstand years of traffic and stay beautiful throughout the life of the product. .…………………………….. 75 Oak …………………………………….. 70 Composites …...……………………….. 65 Pine ……………...…………………….. 50

15 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Impact Resistance VEKAdeckTM PRO is one of the strongest deck materials available on the market today. VEKAdeckTM PRO Challenge: This demonstration is VEKAdeckTM PRO’s unique impact testing method displayed at various trade shows. A 16lb. bowling ball is dropped from above to simulate how well a plank will withstand impact (of say a potted plant being dropped, etc.). A single VEKAdeckTM PRO plank shown above has withstood over 200 consecutive bowling ball drops and still no sign of bending, cracking, or breaking. While testing competitors decks, their product simply snapped right in half upon the first drop. Brand X

16 :: Professional Grade Decking ::
Shipping Weight VEKAdeckTM PRO is also one of the lightest deckboards available. This cost saving benefit shows up when it is time to ship the product. Shipping VEKAdeckTM PRO is more efficient than shipping most other deckboards.

17 Dimensionally Stable, Fire Resistant
:: Next Generation Decking :: Dimensionally Stable, Fire Resistant VEKAdeckTM PRO’s proprietary all vinyl formulation has a low expansion and contraction. (See Installation Instructions for details.) VEKAdeckTM PRO also self extinguishes in the event of fire. VEKAdeckTM PRO will not warp or twist and will not pull out the screws due to hot or cold weather conditions.

18 Durability and Versatility
High performance characteristics make VEKAdeckTM PRO the best choice for residential and commercial decking applications.

19 Water Resistant VEKAdeckTM PRO does not absorb moisture and is impervious to salt water which is perfect for marine applications.

20 Environmentally Friendly
VEKAdeckTM PRO is manufactured from recyclable PVC that helps save our precious forest resources and has low energy requirement to produce

21 Value Added, Built In With VEKAdeckTM PRO, Your Investment can last as long as the memories enjoyed with family on your deck!

22 Tested and Certified VEKAdeckTM PRO has been evaluated by ICC (ESR-1469) and complies with IBC, IRC and UBC Building Code standards

23 Engineered For Performance
No matter what the installation, VEKAdeckTM PRO is up for the challenge!

24 Thank You VEKA Innovations 100 VEKA Dr. Fombell, PA 16123
Feel Free To Ask Any Questions VEKA Innovations 100 VEKA Dr. Fombell, PA 16123 VEKA

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