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2 Why do objects keep moving without being pushed or pull?
Objects keep moving without being pushed or pulled is the Newton's first law .Another reason an object keeps moving without being pushed or pulled is by adding force to your movement and by doing work.

3 How can we measure all kind of motion
The way we measure all kind of motion is by measuring its speed, and by using a time

4 Comparing speed and Accelaration
Speed is distance/time That’s the way you measure speed, and you can also have speed without having acceleration. And acceleration ischange in speed/ time interval.. You do not measure speed and acceleration the same way because there are two different things but there both deals with force.

5 Acceleration This an example of acceleration as you can see the speed increased and that is acceleration, an increase of speed.

6 Speed For average speed= distance/ time interval.
This graph could also be acceleration because its change in speed.

7 How do object speed up , slow down or change direction.
The way objects speed up, slow down or change direction is by force you got to give the object a head start and then it slows down when the force decreases and then it finds its direction .

8 Why cant we see forces? How do we know when they are acting.
the reason we can’t see force I guess its because its part of air. The way we know when their acting is by seeing their effects. Just like if you apply force to a ball it will go in which direction you apply the force to. And when you apply force to cheerleading so they can jump and when they do jump they jump in the direction you throw them and they come down in the same direction.


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