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2  Annie Ellis/Wendy Roberts/Crystal Walker Payroll Schedule located in your book (Beginning – Ending - dates for time keeping) Payroll Schedule located in your book (Beginning – Ending - dates for time keeping)  Pam Watkins ( PM Session)

3  Most everything we talk about today is in Notebook  Reference this book first before calling anyone  Find links to weather sites  Forms located in Notebook

4  Garage 634-3275  Pat Wray - Direct No. 634-3986/ or 74206  Lisa Burroughs 634-3275/74210  Angela Cox 634-3275/74212  NCDOT Barbara Allen 634-5609

5  EC Driver has to communicate with parents on regular basis  Consider monitors lift 50 pounds  Be able to complete a Physical Performance and Medical Evaluation

6  Sign-in sheets - both morning and afternoon routes - separate sheets for each run.  Requirement of NCDPI, legal document used to verify that pre and post-trip inspections are being performed.  Number of students must be accurate & drivers can not sign in for another driver.  Used to verify that reported repairs have been made, and to check the headcount for the day.  Use outside mailboxes in parking lot (Just a suggestion)  You can find this sheet on the web site for the Transportation Department.

7  Purchase from transportation  Property of school  Driver turns in at the end of the year  Keep as a set – don’t separate

8  Designated by the TIMS Department  One AM and one PM  EveryInfo used to Request/Bus Pass  Only extreme emergency when a child can ride with out Bus Pass  Employee children – no elementary/high school, no deviation, no stop added, 1 st child off the bus if overloaded.

9  Drivers must follow TD-29  Out of district students can only ride to an existing stop for in district student.  Only TIMS can add bus stops.  Only EC Dept. can assign students to EC Buses  GPS used to compare actual to TIMS  5 day rule – add students– off bus  Transportation Review Request Form - filled out to request a change

10  Students should not ride the first time without an EveryInfo Bus Pass. The first day am run is exempt from this policy.  Students should contact school designee for bus pass when needing transportation.  Students not enrolled are not eligible to ride.  Driver’s non-school aged children are not allowed to ride the bus.

11  Parent fills out form  Do not have them call transportation  Mail or fax to the transportation department  Reviewed by Director and TIMS  Copy returned to school and parents when decision is made

12  Sweep buses daily, empty trash  No De-icer, tire club, signs, cleaning products (any items labeled as harmful to children)  Activity bus must be clean before left or pay a fine of $100 to Jessica Isley.  Driver should not get incentive pay if bus is found dirty

13  Call garage to request before 9 am  Must be returned before 1 pm  One spare per mechanic  No HD no camera  You pull you pay to replace  If not put back correctly it will not operate

14  Very big problem  Transportation can not pay for vandalism  Schools responsibility to stop vandalism  Assigned seats & video cameras can tell you who was sitting there when the offense occurred.  Drivers need to check bus daily and report damage.  Damage should be reported to transportation daily on sign-in sheet.

15  Drivers are not allowed to use CD Players, Walkman, iPods and cell phones.  It is up to the principal if students can use them. Students must use headphones so as not to distract the driver.  No band instruments, unless they can hold it in their lap or between their knees.  No athletic equipment.  Refer to NCDMV Driver’s Handbook as well as the Rockingham County Schools Transportation Handbook.

16 Bus Driver Issues  Unattended engine idling…..should only be during pre or post trip inspections.  Bleeding brakes down with foot pedal  Keys remaining in ignition while buses are unattended  Cars parking in bus parking lot  Observe all traffic laws on school property  Drivers are not to bring food or drinks on bus  (Students) Electronic equipment on buses such as students using cell phone am before daylight which is distracting to driver, wearing ear buds crossing road/entering bus.

17  Driver’s responsibility to put problems on sign-in sheet.  School gets sign-in sheet and notifies garage of any problems reported.  Please call in repairs as quickly as possible when the buses have returned to the school. (before 9 am)  Try to get clear and concise information. (brake light, headlight, right, left, etc..)

18  The driver will develop a plan in the event of an emergency and go over it with the students within 5 days of school starting. They will point out to the students the emergency exits and which to use whether it be the front, rear, window, or roof exit.  Drivers are instructed to write on sign-in sheet the day this was completed  Must practice 2 times per year.

19  Drivers must have a seating chart on the white and yellow bus!  If they have an accident they will be required to make a seating chart before the bus will be allowed to move.  Be prepared!  Rosters can be obtained through EveryInfo  Seating charts are on the web site:

20  School Personnel are advised to do the following: Dispatch School Principal/Assistant Principal or designated person to the accident scene.  Make certain the personnel answering the phone at the school are aware of the most current accident updates.  If children are injured, have a school person accompany the children to the treatment facility. If several children are injured, they may be taken to multiple facilities so that treatment may be administered quickly. You may need to send more school personnel to the various medical treatment facilities to assist and comfort the children and parents.

21  Be certain that the parents/guardians of all children are notified immediately by the school personnel.  If the accident produces injuries or produces no injuries but results in costly property damage notify our Superintendent.  Make preparations to send a relief driver to the accident scene if deemed necessary.  We advise all school personnel not to make statements or comments about liability and responsibility until the investigation is complete.  If a replacement bus is needed, school is responsible. Transportation will advise.

22  Check School Web Site for weather procedures  Have contact numbers for drivers – delays - early dismissal - 2 hours means – 2 hours later/earlier than normal  Driver can determine if some roads are too hazardous to travel – they should notify garage and school of any deviations  Weather alerts – WXII, WFMY, FOX 8, Channel 14, recommend text or email alerts sent to your phone

23  Driver contacts supervisor if unable to clock in  Keep up with sick or AL  Only 10 min pre and 10 post for each run – monitors do not get this time  Keep transportation informed about any changes in driver or assignments  Drug test/ CDL renewal – Community Driver & Child Nutrition will be paid by transportation

24  For each driver to receive Incentive Pay they must complete the following: 1. Be at work everyday. 2. All reports requested of driver will be submitted accurately and on time. (Head count, Stop Arm Violation) 3. Proper use of Inspection Flag where applicable 4. No accidents that month (that includes not taking out any mailboxes) 5. No cell phone use violation 6. Follow TIMS route as assigned by TIMS 7. Maintain a clean bus $1.00 AM $1.00 PM $2.00 Per Day

25  Must be completed by sub or regular driver  10 mins. pre and 10 mins. post  Safety Procedures

26  Documentation of Pre & Post  Example in Notebook  Booklets will be checked periodically  Booklets are on each yellow bus

27  HOUSE BILL 183 The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: At no time can a bus driver use a cell phone while driving a bus. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: At no time can a bus driver use a cell phone while driving a bus. This applies to sending or receiving text also. This applies to sending or receiving text also. RCS Zero Tolerance RCS Zero Tolerance Safety First Zero Tolerance

28  If the bus receives a call, driver should pull over to a safe location before responding.  School should wait for response  Phones can call 911

29  Trip sheets are printed from web site. Inspection sheet must be attached.  Destination address should be the actual physical address.  Only drivers that have attended the orientation can drive for RCS. (Drop down menu with all approved drivers in EveryInfo)  By July 1, 2015 all drivers must have a white school bus drivers pocket card.

30  Gives the user the ability to check students assignment, times of stops, and request student assignment.  Increases communication between school and transportation  Only way to get student assigned to a bus.  Not for EC Transportation.  Students can not ride without a bus pass obtained from EveryInfo starting pm the first day of school.

31  Notify PowerSchool or designee if student has change of address or bus stop and then submit new request in EveryInfo.  Please read your comment section.  Print bus roster for open house.  Print bus pass for parent at open house.  The name of the student must mirror PowerSchool.

32  Most Important  September  Turn in to Jackie Terrell @ Transportation  Accurate  Driver compensated by pre and post trip and incentive.  Signed & Dated  Each driver (am & pm) turns in a sheet

33  New form submitted every year.  Regular buses are used to meet needs then EC Buses  Contract Transportation (Parent, Vendor)  Please notify Pat Wray when they no longer need transportation

34  Trips Out of State  List of approved carriers on web site  Complete form and acquire signatures  Charter bus inspection

35  Arrive to pick up a bus early so that if it will not crank or it is dirty, steps can be taken to restore the bus to the condition you expect to find.  Mileage starts at the bus pick up point and ends when the bus is parked at the school where it is assigned.  Very important to always complete a pre and post-trip inspection.  The trip sheet must be shown to the school staff at the pick up location. You must also present your license before getting the key to the bus.

36  Make prior arrangements with AD to pick up the key if leaving before 7:30 am.  Trips must be cancelled on or before the day of the trip. If not you will be billed an estimated mileage for the trip.  If your trip was cancelled, you must contact the Transportation Department. *Contact Angela Cox with questions/concerns.

37  No out of state trips with the exception of Va. Counties in athletic conference and Carowinds.  All requests should be put into the system two weeks in advance.  Always return the bus at the time requested. Often the bus will turn around and go back out on another trip. Elementary - Athletic  All forms and information about Activity Buses can be found on the Transportation Department’s web site.

38 All of us at the Transportation Department hope you all have a safe, rewarding school year. All of us at the Transportation Department hope you all have a safe, rewarding school year.


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