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jetStamp 790E / 792E the economic eggstamp 15.10.2003.

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2 jetStamp 790E / 792E the economic eggstamp 15.10.2003

3 The Question Can we stamp on eggs ?


5 But this way !

6 By means of inkjet stamping and a positioning pad it works perfect The solution

7 Important requirements have been solved The Ink The Imprint

8 What is an Egg - Sorting - Machine ? How does it work ? How does it look like? How do we respond ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

9 The automatic Transport of Eggs The right area to mount a jetStamp 792E is just before the weigh station weigh station Transport of Egg

10 Design For a two line egg conveyor

11 The two line stamping unit „in action“

12 Devices for three lines of eggs are also possible

13 As you can see Short movie is loaded

14 What do we do with semi – automatic single track sorting devices ?

15 This is the answer...

16 ... mounted to the sorter Short movie is loaded

17 A simple test device for stamping Short movie is loaded

18 There are a lot of ideas how to take the challenge. This comes from Austria... Stamp above second egg in row Mount for jetStamp bent to be screwed to table Metal strip to be bent and used as mount for jetStamp Microswitch triggers when egg is lifted up Released to be copied

19 ... and this is an advertising spot Short movie is loaded

20 How to safe cost on consumables The Refill – Set for Ink cartridges of 790E / 792E

21 Short movie is loaded

22 Our special ink for egg shells has been tested and approved to be used on egg shells and food packaging

23 The certificate

24 Thank you for your interest in REINER eggstamps

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