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Basic information Range Target group Profile Description of programmes Communication strategies Programme offers.

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2 Basic information Range Target group Profile Description of programmes Communication strategies Programme offers

3 TMT Television is a Polish satellite channel transmitting programmes using digital technology. The first programmes were transmitted on the 23rd May 1988. The channel is transmitted from Poland via the Amos1 satellite to viewers throughout Europe and to cable TV subscribers throughout the country. We have two broadcasting licences for both cable and satellite. for more information see Basic information

4 We are received by cable TV subscribers throughout the whole country. Our programmes reach decoders in homes throughout Europe via the Amos satellite. We are present in over 3 million Polish homes – a number which is steadily growing. Presently TMT Television reaches almost 12 million viewers. for more information see Technical range

5 Daily 546 124people Weekly1 911 846people Monthly3 103 933people TMT – avarage ranges Our channel reaches Source: AGB Poland

6 Range map Cities with TMT in cable TV systems according to numbers of subscribers: over 10 000 5 000 – 10 000 1 000 – 5 000 up to 1 000

7 Viewing figures Viewing figures for selected channels Source: AGB Poland

8 Income structure TMT viewers according to income Source: AGB Poland up to 1000 PLN above 2500 PLN 1001 - 1400 PLN 1401 - 2500 PLN

9 Viewer structure Source: AGB Poland TMT viewers according to location village city up to 50 000 city 50 000– 100 000 city 100 000 – 200 000 city above 200 000

10 Viewers Source: AGB Poland Daily viewing figures

11 TMT – viewer profiles TARGET GROUP Aff index 4-15115 30-44126 45+106 top management151 middle management150 women 106 income 1400-2500 pln 111 town>50,000 people 160 50,000-100,000 people 124 100,000-200,000 people 184 over 200,000 people 163 without further education 115 with further education106 other education 115 Source: AGB Poland

12 TMT television programmes are aimed towards: the young (aged 15 - 30) active urban residents those interested in new trends those seeking modern entertainment independent those seeking mental challenges those seeking to learn new things and develop themselves for more information see Target group

13 TMT Television is an entertainment channel The majority of programmes are made by Polish producers and film companies for TMT Television Our aim is to educate the viewer through entertainment for more information see Channel profile

14 TMT Television is a general thematic channel Our programmes can be classified as follows: 1. Films 2. Topical programmes 3. Children’s programmes 4. Music programmes 5. Documentaries for more information see Viewing schedules

15 Films comedies family entertainment action dramas thrillers In dark places Tarzan and the lost city First 9 ½ weekCold night into dawn Marco Polo

16 STUDIO TMT – This is a programme which looks at new developments in the arts and in other areas. Interesting guests appear in each episode with informative interviews and unusual events. Saturdays at 17.00hrs General Entertainment

17 About Us – This is a selection of the best programmes from local television. The best news, the best reports and the best interviews from local television. In December award- winning and nominated programmes from the About Us competition. This hour is produced in cooperation with OIGKK. Saturdays 11:30hrs. Against The Wind – This is a new interactive programme for young people made by young people based in local television studios. Each episode features discussions in which experts appear, news of social events and entertainment, reports and interesting interviews. Sundays 17:30hrs for more information see General Entertainment

18 The Music Studio – programme for music fans, who can see their idols not just from videos but also from ‘studio” interviews where they get to find out interesting private information, about their dreams, what they like and don’t like. Each episode features the SMS charts. Saturdays 21:30hrs. In Time – this is a real mine of information for everyone involved in professional music. It features the latest instruments, technology and sounds. This programme can bring out the artist in every viewer. Saturdays 16:30hrs. for more information see General Entertainment music programmes

19 General Entertainment for more information see motoring programmes Two Wheels – Featuring the latest motorcycle models, accesories and expert opinions on the subject of the relationship between quality and cost. It also follows the latest events at race tracks in Poland and abroad and also spectacular cross-country races. Tuesdays 22:30hrs Motor Club – the programme for vehicle lovers in which are presented not only the latest and fastest models but also historic vehicles. Wednesdays 22:30hrs

20 General Entertainment for more information see motoring programmes V6 – Expert advice, comprehensive road tests and news on the latest technology are all brought together in an original programme format. This is the only programme in which we answer questions from viewers about cars and driving. Thursdays 22:30hrs Car Plus TV - this programme is a regular guest at European car showrooms. It relates events from all the Polish motor shows. It surprises viewers with news and developments from the field of car equipment. Fridays 22:30hrs.

21 for more information see sports programmes General Entertainment Arm Power – Arm-wrestling is a traditional combat sport which is dynamic and spectacular. Fights last from a few split seconds to a few minutes. From November on TMT there is a new programme called Arm Power dedicated to arm- wrestling. Tuesdays 22:00hrs Moto-Sport - The stars of this programme are among others Leszek Kuzaj, Bruno Tiry, Tomasz Czopik and others from the world of rally. Dynamic and skilful racing from spectacular events are the main characterstics of this programme. Tuesdays 22:00hrs

22 General Entertainment Woman’s World – those behind this programme undertake to answer questions asked by woman of all ages – how to be beautiful, pretty and fashionable. Sundays 16:00hrs Seasons – this programme shows viewers how to adapt their bodies and environments to enable proper functioning through the seasons. Saturdays 12:45hrs for more information see information programmes

23 Travel notes – in this programme viewers can see the most beautiful parts of the world without leaving their own armchairs. It takes us to unusual places, where we get to know their history and their customs. Mondays 18:30hrs for more information see General Entertainment information programmes Your dentist advises – medical programme discussing the latest methods of dental care. Sundays 09:00hrs

24 Children’s Films – TMT Television is also a co-producer of children’s films, such as The Story of The Enchanted King, The Adventures of Sindbad the Sailor according to Bolesław Leśmian produced by Studio Miniatur Filmowych. for more information see Stories for children – hourly programmes showing Polish cartoons for children. Colourful, cheerful, entertaining cartoons open and positive to life and the world, watched by not only children but adults too. Mondays to Fridays 10:00hrs, 15:00hrs and 19:00hrs Weekends 07:00hrs, 10:00hrs and 19:00hrs Children’s programmes

25 Music programmes Now Music Television – under this common name are music video programmes showing different types of music broadcast three hours daily on TMT television. Mondays to Fridays 07:00hrs, 12:15hrs and 18:00hrs Weekends 15:30hrs and 18:30hrs for more information see

26 Documentaries Documentaries – interesting documentaries from different countries showing their culture, history, modern life, customs and tourist attractions. Every day 09:30hrs and 17:00hrs for more information see Documentary series Interesting facts from Japan Modern Britain America in perspective Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 20:00hrs

27 The active broadcasting of programmes by way of weekly programmes: TeleWeek, Tele World, Around and About, TV Courier, Television Gazette, Tele Viewer. The placing of specially selected programmes in television guides. The promotion of features programmes in general interest magazines and newspapers: Żagle, Voyage, Playboy, Auto Moto, Życie Warszawy. Promotion of the new appearance of the channel in special interest magazines. Broadcasting strategies for more information see

28 Morning programme schedules

29 Afternoon programme schedules

30 Evening programme schedules

31 We thank you for your time and attention. TMT Television ul. Ostrobramska 101, 04-041 Warszawa tel.: +48 22 465 65 20 fax: +48 22 465 65 24 e-mail:

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