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03 – 16 August 2008 MAZURY LAKES partners: Sustainable Water Management The course was organized as an international IP summer course by Technical University.

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1 03 – 16 August 2008 MAZURY LAKES partners: Sustainable Water Management The course was organized as an international IP summer course by Technical University of Lodz with cooperation with the Baltic University Programme The course is funded by the EU ERASMUS INTENSIVE PROGRAMME and the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LODZ

2 Intensive Program ERASMUS Technical University of Lodz The Baltic University Programme Project partners: MAZURY LAKES 2008

3 Participants

4 no.namecountryuniversity 1Dovile VegelyteLithuaniaKaunas University of Technology 2Edvinas KruglyLithuaniaKaunas University of Technology 3Tadas PrasauskasLithuaniaKaunas University of Technology 4Marius SulgaLithuaniaKaunas University of Technology 5Mantas KarciauskasLithuaniaKaunas University of Technology 6Veronika ZedníkováCzech RepublicTechnical University of Ostrava 7Lucie KollárováCzech RepublicTechnical University of Ostrava 8Vojtech OlbrechtCzech RepublicTechnical University of Ostrava 9Deniss MaloshevEstoniaTallinn University of Technology 10Anna SvenssonSwedenUppsala University 11Martin EdborSwedenUppsala University 12Magdalena SolarekPolandAdam Mickiewicz Univ, Poznań 13Maria GałązkaPolandUniversity of Warsaw 14Monika ŚwiątekPolandUniversity of Warsaw 15Wojciech SamborPolandUniversity of Warsaw 16Marcin JurczakPolandPoznan University of Economics 17Dorota BłędzkaPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz 18Byczek SzymonPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz 19Zagrodny BartłomiejPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz 20Marcin TyfaPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz 21Michał PytaszPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz Students: Participants

5 Teachers: Magdalena SuchoraPolandUniversity of Life Sciences in Lublin Ryszard KornijówPolandUniversity of Life Sciences in Lublin Krzysztof CiesielskiPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz Witold KubiakPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz Agnieszka TrzupekPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz Grzegorz KiernerPolandTechnical Univ of Lodz Organizers:

6 Universities: partners: Participants Sweden - Uppsala University Finland - Åbo Akademi Latvia - Latvijas Universitate Estonia - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool Lithuania - Kauno Technologijos Universitetas Czech Rep - Vysoka Skola Banska – Technicka Univerzita Ostrava Germany - Technishe Universität Hamburg-Harburg Poland - Akademia Rolnicza, Lublin Akademia Gorniczo Hutnicza Akademia Pedagogiczna Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu Uniwersytet Warszawski Uniwersytet Slaski Politechnika Lodzka

7 MAZURY LAKES 2008 General everyday routine during the cruise: 7:30 wake up, breakfast preparing, cleaning the yachts 9.00 – 11.00Lectures, presentations 11.30 – 16.00 sailing through the Great Mazury Lakes trails - collecting water samples by crews from appointed places. - measurements on the lakes, - discussion of the influence of external factors on water quality. - Learning of sailing and safety rules on board. - Sightseeing, histories of the visited sites during the cruise 16.30 – 18.00 Lectures, presentations, water samples quality analysis 18.00 - 19.30 Cleaning the yachts, bosum’s works, cooking a meal 19.30 – 22.00 Integrating activities, bonfire, free time partners:

8 MAZURY LAKES 2008 Scientific program:

9 MAZURY LAKES 2008 1.The Baltic Sea region -introduction to inshore water management -The Baltic Sea region – general overview (history, environment, society, economics, political sciences) - The Baltic Sea as a factor which shape contemporary region -Comparison of the system for water quality classification (parameters, boundary values of classes) - Measures to improve water use and protection - Political systems of Baltic Sea Region - Water management in the Baltic Sea countries - Chemical and biological water quality - Eutrophication of surface water - Flood risks, flood prevention - Hydropower - Coastal zone management Sludge management - The influence of agriculture on water quality - Buffer zones of water bodies - Impact of forestry on water resources - Impact of soil erosion on water - Impact on land erosion - Water conflicts - Green technology - Implementing the EU Water Directive Scientific program:

10 MAZURY LAKES 2008 2. Lakes in the Baltic Sea region - Types of lakes, genesis of lakes - Differences between deep and shallow lakes - Plants and animals as indicators of lakes tropism - Trophic classification of lakes (TSI) - Temperature and oxygen as factors ruling lake functions - Functions of small rivers and lakes - Ecological zones in lakes - Threats to lakes and their restoration - Influence of fishery on lake water quality - Function and ways of lakes restoration - Tourism in the lake region - Regulations for limited settlement on lake and sea coasts - Regulations on coastal region management - Lakes in selected countries (description, comparison) 3. The Great Mazury Lakes - Origins of the lake district - Mazury Lake District - Histories of sites visited during the cruise - Mazurian channels - Information on water purity in the Great Mazury Lakes District - Description of selected lakes - Mazury seen by economists Scientific program:

11 lectures

12 WOPR Station Giżycko Visiting places


14 Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki Visiting places

15 after lectures


17 final exam end of the cruise



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