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Cluj-Napoca, 14 – 15 septembrie 2011 Opening Conference of BIA project.

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1 Cluj-Napoca, 14 – 15 septembrie 2011 Opening Conference of BIA project

2 Between 14 and 15 of September 2011, „Septimiu Mureşan” Police School Cluj-Napoca hosted the official launch of the project “Setting – up the center of excellence for initial and continuous training on professional stress management and duty weapons using tactics, based on transfer of innovation from partner countries (BIA Project)”

3 At the Conference took part representatives of the 3 partners: General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – deputy of General Inspector of Romanian Police, chief superintendent Mr. Alexandru TANCO; Bereitschaftspolizeiprasidium Baden-Wurttemberg –chief superintendent Mr. Hans-Jorg BARTH – coordinator of German experts; Ministero dell’Interno – Dipartamento della Pubblica Sicurezza – Direzione Centrale Instituti d’Istruzione şi Direzione Centrale di Sanita – quaestor Mr. Edoardo MARCELLI – coordinator of Italian experts, dr. Francesco DE MARCO – shooting expert and dr. Daniela GIUSTI – stress management expert, as well as representatives of the project direct beneficiary, which is our school: chief superintendent Mr. Laurenţiu STOICA – Director/coordinator of project team, chief superintendent Mrs. Simona Daboc – chief accountant, senior inspector Mrs. Mădălina GREAB – legal adviser, senior inspector Mr. Cristian COBLIŞAN – acquisitions expert, inspector Mrs. Alina RAUS - dissemination and visibility. Also we were honored by the presence of Mr. sub-prefect of Cluj county, professor dr. Vasile COZMA, as well as of many local personalities, police personnel among territorial units, but also from educational institutions of MAI, with local media representatives.


5 On the occasion of this Conference, took place on the 14 and 15 of September, also two meetings of the working groups regarding the BIA Work Plan, the project management and implementation.

6 The target group for the activities which will run in this project, is represented, on short term by: police constables and teachers from all the police schools in Romania, and on long term by: police officers and students from educational police units from partner countries. This project financed by Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo DaVinci subprogram, aims both increasing the safety level of the community in the context of Police operational staff missions/actions and the safety degree of the Romanian police operational staff during their missions.

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