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T-76.115 Project Review Sotanorsu PP Iteration 30.10.2003.

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1 T-76.115 Project Review Sotanorsu PP Iteration 30.10.2003

2 T-76.115 Project Review 2 Agenda Project status (15 min) - achieving the goals of the iteration - project metrics Used work practices (10 min) Completed work (5 min) - presenting the iteration’s results Plans for the next iteration (5 min) Comments and questions (5 min)

3 T-76.115 Project Review 3 Status of planned goals of the iteration Specified in the project plan: making the first version of project plan - OK define project practices - OK build up infrastructure for forthcoming phases - OK now - problems with CVS and TWiki familiarizing oneself with the project problem domain - OK making requirements specification on general level - OK Other goals stay in schedule - the project was about one week late start personal SE assignment work - three already presented make a hardware list - OK - need to know compatible products

4 T-76.115 Project Review 4 Status of planned deliverables of the iteration Project PlanOK - the rest of the personal SE assignments missing - hardware list is incomplete: Requirements specificationOK Other documents (Twiki) - Meeting minutesOK - Personal assignmentsOK

5 T-76.115 Project Review 5 Realization of the tasks - lectures were quite unpopular requirements took more time than expected travelling took time from other activities workload of ”writing project plan” was underestimated

6 T-76.115 Project Review 6 Working hours by person Simo’s role as a project manager took more time - also built infrastructure no dramatic differencies RealPlanDiff Aleksi 47,550-2,5 Jussi 18,525-6,5 Kirsi 3635+1,0 Simo 5040+10,0 Esa 32,530+2,5 Eiri 30,530+0,5 Essi 32,540-7,5 Total 247,5250-2,5 Realized hours in this iterationPlan in the beginning of this iteration PPI1I2I3DETotal Aleksi 503040 30190 Jussi 2540703025190 Kirsi 3540653020190 Simo 40306030 190 Esa 3020704030190 Eiri 3025654030190 Essi 403040 190 Total 2502154102502051330 Latest plan (inc. realized hours and other updates) PPI1I2I3DETotal Aleksi 47,53042,54030190 Jussi 18,543,5703325190 Kirsi 3639653020190 Simo 50305030 190 Esa 32,52067,54030190 Eiri 30,524,5654030190 Essi 32,53042,54540190 Total 247,5217402,52582051330

7 T-76.115 Project Review 7 Changes to the project Original idea was to use WLAN for PDA connection This was changed to bluetooth

8 T-76.115 Project Review 8 Risks Eiri Valanto is responsible for risk management Main risks in the project plan All risks are in control ”Internal deadlines are not met” is actually realised New risks? Architecture design starting Requirements Specification

9 T-76.115 Project Review 9 Work practices mandatory practices: time reporting switched from Trapoli to plain text files personal SE assignments team organization communication practices architectural design Bug reportation will be started in phase I1.

10 T-76.115 Project Review 10 Results of the iteration Project plan Requirements specification

11 T-76.115 Project Review 11 Project plan  Background of the project  Project organization  Project goals  Project resources  Project practices and tools  Iterations

12 T-76.115 Project Review 12 Plan for the next iteration Goals design architecture of both subsystems implement core architecture implement basic functionality in both subsystems plan and start testing have the rest of personal SE assignments ready

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